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Not too long ago I wrote a post about cable and wireless Netspeak (VOIP) service, so I though if would be fair to write about Digicel webtext service. Webtext allows Digicel customers to log on to the Digicel website and send up to 30 messages free to other Digicel subscribers over a period of one month!, hey you dona€™t have to be a techie to communicate with anyone – no matter where in the world they are.
The service is not anonymous, when you send the message it will appear to be coming from your mobile number so the recipient knows exactly who has sent them a message and for some customers this could be a snag. Dominica 2 (Bradt Travel Guide) second edition offers practical information on the growing health and wellness holidays, weddings and yachting parties as well as extended coverage of the rich cultural heritage. Now I’m sure everyone is looking for some way to cut costs in the midst of this global recession. Step2:  Go to the email setup application from your blackberry and add an email address (if you havnt already) preferably Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.
An extra step you can add is to go to your Blackberry account on the web and change you signature to tell the receiver not to reply to the number the sms text came from. I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

I dont know… There is a sms gateway for claro brazil and peru so i guess there should be one for Jamaica. Ten-year-old Karyssa Lennon gets her eyes tested by Dr Silvia Diaz, optometrist at the Eyelite Optical clinic in Kingston. A delighted Karen Hall (left), and her10-year-old daughter, Karyssa Lennon, are all smiles along with Dr Silvia Diaz after a visit to the Eyelite Optical clinic in Kingston recently. Dr Silvia Diaz, optometrist at the Eyelite Optical clinic in Kingston helps 10-year-old Karyssa Lennon try on a pair of glasses after completing her optical examination. For Karen Hall, her biggest Christmas wish was getting her daughter, Karyssa Lennon, a new pair of glasses. After receiving multiple complaints from the 10-year-old about not being able to see the whiteboard properly in class, Hall tried just about everything she could to ensure that her daughter received a new pair of glasses before the new year. She added: "I was overjoyed when I received the call from Digicel saying that they were going to have Karyssa's eyes tested and give her the glasses for free. The Digicel Wish upon THE STAR initiative invites persons to send a text with a Christmas wish for themselves or someone else to 482-6700.

Or maybe the real reason for me writing this review is because of the thirty free webtext per month you get when you sign up for the service. After texting in her wish for her daughter to get a pair of glasses to the Digicel Wish Upon THE STAR promotion, Hall was delighted when her daughter received a full optical examination and a free pair of glasses for Christmas. I'm very grateful to Digicel, THE STAR and the staff at Eyelite Optical Jamaica for all their help this Christmas. Until this morning had no idea what webtexta€“ing is, but knowing that Ia€™m a sucker for a€?freeness”. When an sms text arrives to a phone via email, a default number is normally seen example 555 or 444.

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