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Sending message at the very moment you want can be done if you have a cell phone but mobiles till date do not have a feature which allows you to schedule an SMS at  a particular time.
OhDontForget is a website + Service which solves your problem to almost anywhere in the world.
Supports ‘ported’ and non-US numbers: If you want to send a message outside US, just add number and select the service provider.
In case somebody is spamming you using this service, you can contact OhDontForget to know the number. They do not allow bulk SMS, but if you want to use it in of your application or professionally, they do have a commercial API. A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use computer. Despite services that charge for sending SMS, there are also ways for sending free SMS as follows. With the arrival of mobile phones, the complete picture of communication has taken a new change.
One way to send free text messages is by choosing a call plan that offers a free text messaging service.
You can send a SMS or Text Message Free to any Mobile Phone in US right from your desktop without using any Instant Messenger or Cell phone. With the Free Desktop Widget, you can make unlimited SMS & Unlimited Text Messages to US Cell Phones.
This is a great Free Desktop Productivity Tool for business, small business & home office.
Along with the Free Desktop Widget to Send Free SMS to Cell Phones, the other Productivity Widget Tool is the Free Virtual Assistant Desktop Widget. This is a Free Productivity Widget & you can see and listen to your mobile phone voicemail messages from your desktop with CallWave Virtual Voicemail. Here is a list of 3 free texting websites for teachers that let teachers send free text messages to students and teachers. These free texting websites let you send messages and various updates directly to parents or students just by one click. Teachers can use these free texting websites to inform students and parents about current updates, assignments, quizzes, exams, test scores, parents teacher meetings, students performance, and many more, just by single click. Kikutext is a free texting website for teachers to send text message to parents or students.
To start using this website, start by creating a free account, that lets you send up to 60 messages a month, setup up to 2 classes, and enroll up to 15 parents.

After that, you can easily send them text messages from this website and it will show up on parents’ phones as coming from your Kikutext number. Another interesting feature of this website is that you can schedule text messages for later. Remind101 is another free texting website for teachers that let you stay connected with students as well as parents. ClassPager is a free texting website for teachers that let you send unlimited messages to both students as well as teachers, just by sharing a code. All these free websites to send text messages to students and parents are extremely useful and come very handy in informing your students about upcoming events.
This is useful when you are aware that you might be busy a that very moment but not sending the text is not a choice. One is the free service which limits on the count of SMS that can be sent but useful if you are planning to use it once in a while without paying anything.
However, only if the user has used a premium service, a number can be detected.  Keeping this in mind, they can add your number in DND if you send out a request. I used to be a heavy user of ICQ unlimited web sms service, I was addicted and I have to admit it got me hooked, and if it wasn’t for the free online sms service, I would have abandon ICQ years ago for MSN messenger due to the usability of MSN, it was for the afford ability of sms as they lowered How to Send SMS Text Messages from Computer to Mobile Phone With Outlook Tech Guides About Us Work 21 Aug 2010 Send SMS Text Messages from Computer to Mobile Phone via Outlook How to Send or Receive SMS Text Messages from Your PC computer to any mobile phone number in the world ?
The forms of communication were not only verbal but could be written and sent to another person having a mobile phone.
You can download the Free SMS Desktop Widget & Install on either Windows PC or Apple Mac computers. Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use. Some of these free texting websites provide you text template, which you can use to send messages. The best part is that parents can even directly reply to those text messages and you can check them on your inbox style dashboard on Kikutext website.
This free texting website is simple and handy to use as it lets you create unlimited groups of both students as well as parents in a class wise pattern. This free texting websites allows you to create only one classroom group and lets you add up to 25 students to it. All these have decent free plans, that are good enough for small sized classrooms; and they come with not-so-expensive paid plans too, if you have bigger classes to manage. In just one step, you can ping your boyfriend to remind him about your gift or even wish your friend happy birthday, while you are attending a meeting. We use Microsoft Outlook 2007 with SMS Officer that gives you 10 SMS messages for free at the time of registration.

One that has been very popular is the Free Desktop to Cell Phone SMS & Text Messaging Widget.
Using this website, you an send messages and inform them about current updates, assignments, quizzes, tests, test scores, parents teacher meetings, students performance, and many more, just by single click. On creating an account, it generates a number and a code which is to be shared with both students and their parents so that they can subscribe and stay connected. Soon after creating an account, it lets you give a name to your class room providing you a unique code. Free SMS, Free Text Messages or the Free Virtual Desktop Phone Assistant does not work with International Phone numbers.
Like Kikutext, this free texting website also lets you schedule your messages for later so that you’re messages are sent on time. This unique code is to be shared with students and parents so that they can subscribe to reply and receive messages.
It is available to the user at a certain amount of charge for receiving and sending messages.
This free texting website has the ability to choose specific students and parents while sending messages, so you are not forced to send the message to the entire group. Similarly, you can also forward emails, pending tasks and calendar items from Outlook to your mobile phone via SMS. There are several ways of sending free SMS but it also depends on the telecom company or service providers. There are certain cell phone service providers which have the facility of email to SMS gateways that allow free SMS. Parents will need to send a text to your Kikutext number, wth that code, and they will be automatically added to your class.
If your message exceeds the 160 character limit, the extra characters are truncated and delivered as a separate text message. Once you exhaust the free limit, you need to pay for using the Outlook SMS service – payment can be made via PayPal.
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