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There are many Android apps that let you send out mass texts (even the default message app lets you do that). Let's suppose for a minute that a few times each month you have a movie night where you invite a group of friends over to watch a movie with you. Once you have set the time variable it will allow you to send out your message after verifying the message is how you want it. March 15, 2013 By Chad Leave a Comment So you want to tell a bunch of people the same thing? FB Messanger probably makes the most sense because most everyone has an account, but I still have a group of friends that aren’t on FB.

GroupMe is also great because you can send someone a message that might not have the app and it will still deliver it and let them know that they can download the app for additional functionality. You can see the review I did on the app here, or just download the new app from the Google Play Store. The problem is when you want to send out a mass text repeatedly to the same group of people or when you want to send out a text for a recurring event.
People like seeing their names and when a text like this is sent, they might think that you wrote to them individually (having recently graduated from college, there is a big difference in the probability of me going somewhere if I get a mass text rather than someone just sending me a message).
So for hours sometimes days everyone else gets responses from numbers they don’t recognize or from people they do recognize, but there is no context since they are answering the original message.

When you go to send out your message, the app will ask you what you want to set for the time.

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