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Certificate mass action block gives you options to conduct bulk actions with certificates whose check-boxes are selected. Before any of the mass actions is executed you need to confirm a JavaScript dialog that you approve it. You can have unique codes and PIN numbers generated for you automatically if you input simple patterns. To purchase multiple gift certificates in one order, all you need to do it add them to cart as any other product. On product details front page, customer has the option to purchase certificate to To myself or Directly to someone else. By default gift certificates are considered virtual type of products and don't require to be shipped to make order complete. When buying certificate for someone else or sending physical copy of the certificate to him self, customer has the option to add unique message.
Goal of gift certificate is to give customer fixed amount of money which can be used to pay for products from your shop. Note that cart updates, a message with used GC code is displayed and amount of gift certificate is subtracted from cart total. Note: Using Gift certificate payment method is not a choice that can be made from customer.

In most occasions balance will be either full certificate amount(certificate not used) or empty (certificate used and its amount completely spent).
If customer has more than one gift certificate and wants to use them all for one order, he can. Sending mass mail with personal and friendlier touch is quite a tedious job as you need to change some of the variables in the mail content. This is where Mozilla Thunderbird and a little add-on of it – Mail Merge, excels at its best.
The first thing that need to be done before you can send out your mails is to create a CSV file. The first row of the spreadsheet is used to enter the variables you want to use, for example – first name, last name, mail and etc.
Under CSV section, for File, click on browse to locate the CSV file (spreadsheet) you did earlier. Unlike any other products, gift certificates are always special product with special price options. Doing so will add some input fields where customer can fill in details of receiving person.
Customer can fill in only email address or only physical address or both, but cannot leave both empty.
When physical address is provided, certificates are considered similar to simple products and they have to be shipped so that order is complete. On order review step on one page checkout you can once more make sure that gift certificate amount is deducted from order amount.

If however order amount is less then certificate amount, then remaining difference will show on this page. To create a CSV file you can use any spreadsheet tool, if you have Microsoft Excel, you can use that.
Each variable should be enclosed using the double curly braces, for example {{FIRST NAME}}.
Multiple certificates values will add up until customer stops entering codes or order amount is completely covered.
In order to do so, you need to send one mail at one time since you need to change the variables. Just create a spreadsheet and draft a mail, and let this two tools do the hardwork for you. Enter variable exactly the same as in the CSV file, this includes spelling, spacing and capitalization. Click on the mail and you’ll notice that your variables has been replaced with the values in your CSV file.
With this trick you can stop worrying about sounding automated when sending mass mail and sending personalized mail is no longer a tedious task. To add physical address to himself customer should check I want to order printed gift certificate(s) checkbox.

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