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But what if you’re a Windows or Linux user, or you’re away on travel without access to the Mac you normally use? Essentially, Remote Messages replicates as much functionality of the Messages app as possible in modern web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 or later. File attachments: You can browse your computer and attach files or media of any type to your messages. Camera Roll access: Attach images from your Camera Roll to send in your messages, or view them full-size with the ability to save them to your computer. Drafts, Message Searching and Emoji: When you compose a message, it stays in the text field as a draft until you send it.
Typing notifications: When someone is composing a message to you, Remote Messages displays the same typing indicator bubble that you see in iMessage. Contacts and pictures: Remote Messages synchronizes with your native Contacts database, and can display their pictures, if enabled.
Wi-Fi, signal and battery: This is essentially your status bar in the browser, displaying your Wi-Fi strength, signal strength and battery status.
Overall, I was impressed with how seamless this tweak works between my iPhone and Chrome on OS X. Yea that would make sense, however in my case I work at a hospital so the WiFi that my phone is connected to is used for guests of the hospital and then all the computers are wired to the secure hospital network. You access your device using your iPad, notebook or any other device that have internet connection and send or receive that important message.
Because if you had your phone then you probably wouldn’t need a computer to send an iMessage. It has an experimental SSL option, but USB tunneling is far easier on the mind if you’re worried about security.

I wish there was a way to do this when not on the same wifi network, so I could use my work PC.
As soon as SBSSettings gets upgraded I am using wifiSMS and does the same thing but I like the hustle for charging $3. So, it just mirrors your messages app to your browser, your iPhone still needs to be within 6m (Wifi range)…how does it notify?
Apple then went on to release Messages for OS X Mountain Lion the following year, allowing Mac users to join the conversation.
The two main benefits of using Remote Messages over Messages for Mac is that it works on any operating system and lets you send traditional SMS messages.
If the person you are contacting has a supported Apple product, the message is relayed as an iMessage. I demonstrated this by sending a PDF file to myself, and it instantly showed up on my iPhone. A full set of emoji icons is available to include in your messages. You can also search for messages across your conversations.
You should be able to ping this IP address from your computer. Read how to ping in Windows or Mac OS X. The setup process is reasonable, the features are plenty, the connection was stable for me and it didn’t seem to impact my battery life too much.
The message itself is sent from the phone through iMessage (via HTTPS) & SMS using cellular network. Aside from any security concerns that may need to be thought about, this is going to be so useful! Does the sound come from your computer speakers or do you actually have to hear your iPhone?

I want to download this, but i dont want it to be a virus, did anyone resently download it. The popular jailbreak tweak developed by Beast Soft is a browser-based front end for the Messages app on iOS devices. I then attached a more obscure MobileIcons.framework file just to see if non-traditional file formats would send, and it worked too. If you have any trouble starting the server, a reliable solution is to simply reboot your device once. But the upside here seems to be more so for PC users, as Messages for Mac is capable of doing pretty much everything that Remote Messages can.
Please be advised that this package is hosted on the BigBoss repository, and the developer notes that any other copies of this tweak on Cydia could cause problems.
Plug it into a charger, grab you public ip, and using that, you can access the gui from anywhere in the world. If you like the tweak then track the developers progress on it (currently doing that with the Apex tweak). Having an app like this is awesome, especially when the phone is docked and tucked away charging, because you can still text without grabbing your phone constantly.

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