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If recipients also enable group messaging, then everyone can have a massive group chat together at the expense of only one text message sent, regardless of the amount of users! If you don’t have an unlimited texting plan, this is without a doubt the cheapest way to send a massive amount of texts between you and your friends. Oh and by the way, this is for TEXTING, as in SMS – if you do group texting with imessage it does not incur the SMS fees because it uses the Apple iMessage service instead. The way you have done group messaging before sends out an individual text message to each person and they do not see the list. And this is carrier dependent, Apple does display or hide the feature based on carrier profiles. I’m in Africa and using iPhone 4 but this option is not available on my settings also, please can some1 help its really annoying.

Joe , u r exactly right i wish we could add the whole group of names with one click and NOT adding one by one names , sucks .. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
But I was always able to select more than one person to whom to address a new SMS, even before this.
Each person who receives a group MMS message and has this feature turned on will see all of the people on the text list and their reply will go to everyone on the list – for the price of a single message. Each recipient can only reply to the originator, a group reply would require them to add all the other names. If you want to send a text to more then 10 people then you must disable group messaging or it will fail.

After “everyone” telling me I needed to upgrade from Blackberry to iPhone, I was very disappointed not to be able to send a group text message as easily (without an app) as I could with my Blackberry! Ultimately, it falls to Apple to give users a way to block unwanted text messages (and, for that matter, calls).

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