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The time has come for us to prepare our smartphones to communicate during the next cell phone service outages. If you find yourself in a crisis, make your way to a location with WIFI to send your SMS text communications over the new SMS text app you are using. If you are proactive and want to ensure you can find WIFI when it matters most, install a free WIFI finder on your iPhone or Android. They all have their own requirements and features including the number of users on their network, cost, group SMS text messaging, free photo text messaging and video sharing.
Finally Analysis: This small change to your smartphone communication strategy during a crisis situation is akin to keeping canned goods, extra batteries, and a flashlight in your house in case of an emergency. They send text messages, but generally only to themselves (in both clients using the same app) when sending a message over mobile data or wifi.
Not true, go sms works in place if stock messenger (can be set as default or launched when needed), and it can send mms over WiFi.
Even in 2015, one of the worst parts about buying a smartphone in the US is the associated wireless plan. Our TextNow testing was performed over about two weeks in Southern California using a first-gen Moto X loaned to us by the company. Using the device at my own house, which Sprint states is a 4G LTE-covered area, I find myself on 3G 99% of the time; once in a while, I get kicked up to one or two bars of LTE. Most of the account management you’ll do –as well as text messaging and calling– is in the TextNow application. One of the coolest parts about TextNow is that there’s a web companion app, where you can send and receive text messages as well as take and make phone calls. How is stockpiling water in our homes for superstorms and extended power outages different?
This is about keeping you texting during a crisis, something our wireless carriers have been unable to do in our time of need.

You will be able to communicate with friends, family & loved ones with these alternate SMS text messaging applications without relying on the cellular networks. For what it is worth, I use Google Voice and WhatsApp, both of which use Data or WIFI to communicate.
Oftentimes, that plan can work out to even more than you pay for the smartphone itself – and even if it’s not, it represents a huge reason why many have stayed away from purchasing a smartphone. For perspective, my AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones all receive strong LTE signal in my area. You can make changes to which plan you have, see how many credits you have remaining (as well as how much data you have used in the month so far), as well as send and receive text messages and phone calls. Everything worked very smoothly, and keeping the TextNow tab open on my laptop throughout the day made life a lot easier on the connectivity side; I no longer had any need to have my phone out for a quick couple text messages.
TextNow’s rate plans begin at just $19 a month, which will net you unlimited talk and text across the US and Canada, as well as 500 MB of high-speed data.
Is having a reliable web interface and a cheap rate plan worth dealing with a slim phone portfolio and inconsistent coverage? We all know the cell phone outages will occur during the next terrorist attack or natural disaster. This is incredibly important during a crisis when the cellular networks see a spike in traffic. Coverage will vary widely based on where you live, but from my results in San Diego, I’m not that impressed. The app experience itself is quite neat and easy to sift through – I didn’t find many quirks with the experience. This is a luxury even a lot of the big carriers won’t afford to you – it easily made my experience with the service a lot nicer.
If this is all you need, beating TextNow is a terribly hard proposition for other carriers; a comparable plan from T-Mobile will run you $50 (and more with tax – the TextNow figure has tax already accounted for).

By now, we should have all learned our lesson: during times of crisis, when we need our smartphones most, the cellular networks will collapse underneath the weight of the situation they find themselves.
Do you trust the cellular networks will handle the spike in traffic when we need them during the next major crisis?
Smartphones will always utilize your WIFI connection to send data instead of the cellular network if it is available. There will be no shortage of help from Americans the next time our great country is in need. Going with T-Mobile, easily the most affordable of the bunch, still has you paying at least $50 a month even if you’re not using much of the allotted minutes, text messages, and data. The plans go up in pricing from there, in four separate tiers bizarrely named after the drink size selections at Starbucks. I am pretty sure you will find a home or store willing to let you access their WIFI network to send a text message. A couple times, though, I ran into an issue where a certificate error popped into my notifications for a couple minutes (notifying me of a connectivity error), but this looked to be an isolated incident. An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) has always represented one of the better options, and we took TextNow Wireless for a spin over a couple weeks to see how it stacks up.
But for an older person I know, or perhaps a young student, the combination of price and features would make it a quick recommendation.

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