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Now I’m sure everyone is looking for some way to cut costs in the midst of this global recession.
Step2:  Go to the email setup application from your blackberry and add an email address (if you havnt already) preferably Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. An extra step you can add is to go to your Blackberry account on the web and change you signature to tell the receiver not to reply to the number the sms text came from. I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.
I dont know… There is a sms gateway for claro brazil and peru so i guess there should be one for Jamaica.
A simple SMS solution - send SMS Messages via the internet!Great for business to business text messaging, SMS Marketing and Integrating SMS into software applications. SMS Messages can be sent using a variety of methods.Email is a simple and effective way to send text messages.
Customer ConvenienceThe recipients of your text messages will receive your notification in their own time and can reply to it at a time that suits them. Fast delivery to the mobile phone with full Delivery Reports advising whether the text message was sent successfully. Personalisation Support, allows each individual recipient of a bulk text to receive personalised text messages.
Efficient and reliable delivery to Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2Degrees, as well as Australia, the United Kingdom and other worldwide mobile networks.
But what if you need to get your recipient to not only read your message but respond to it … now? Unless otherwise noted below, all instructions and screenshots are for Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows.
Even if your work e-mail isn’t hooked up to Microsoft Exchange Server, you can still send text messages via Outlook. Setting up SMS service in Microsoft Outlook is actually pretty easy, depending on which service you subscribe to. If you’re not currently subscribed to an SMS service, Outlook will start a Wizard to guide you through the process.

The website gives you a list of Microsoft-approved SMS providers that are compatible with your wireless carrier. Because SMS stands for Short Message Service, you’re limited to a certain number of characters. You can send email messages, faxes, pages, and wireless messages from within your Siebel application. You might not have access to send functionality, depending on the configuration of your application. Using the Send Email command, you can send email messages from any context within your Siebel application. Your Siebel application supports individual user choice regarding the software used for Send Email. Depending on the view you are in, data associated with the record might be inserted into the email.
The Pick Recipients dialog box might appear, depending on the screen you are in when you invoke the Send Email command. If you attach multiple documents to the email (either literature items or documents), only the last item you attached appears in the Attachments field.
They are received on-the-go, allowing the recipient to respond quicker than email and with less distraction than a telephone call.With high attention rates and personally owned mobile phones, you can reach the audience you intended! Its as easy as sending an email - we convert the email into a text message and deliver it to the mobile phone.Recipients can reply to the message, which will be delivered straight into your email inbox!Learn moreWeb allows for single messages or bulk SMS campaigns and broadcasts to be sent via our Web Portal. This means New Zealand SMS messages are received with the New Zealand local time, while messages you send to other countries will be received with their local time displayed. Just go back to the New Items drop-down on the Home tab and choose Text Message again, and you’ll be presented with a text message form, similar to an email message form but with fewer (and different) features. One feature you might want to consider using is found on the File tab of the message form above.
You can set up Outlook to send you SMS messages to alert you to upcoming calendar events, send you a summary of today’s schedule, and forward specific e-mail messages (based on a Rule) for immediate attention.
The record that is active when the Send command is executed determines what information will be sent and what options are available.

Allows you to send a message to another person's wireless device from your Siebel application. Depending on how the Siebel administrator has configured the application, you can use context-specific email message templates to improve efficiency and standardize replies for types of communications that occur frequently. The choice of software is determined by the value of the Email Client user preference setting in your Siebel application. You can select a template containing predefined text for the email from the Body drop-down list. Launching the email from an attachment record automatically attaches the file to the email. This formatting will be visible to the email recipient if the recipient's email client software supports HTML.
When an sms text arrives to a phone via email, a default number is normally seen example 555 or 444.
Our stable delivery platform can deliver your messages at a high rate while maintaining reliable delivery via our On-Net platform.Real-Time Reporting can be viewed inside the Web Portal, displaying the rate of delivery, successes and failures and more!Learn moreHTTP APIs are available for integration into existing software platforms. Virtually everyone (and his grandmother) has e-mail, so your recipients are so overwhelmed by the volume of e-mail they’re getting, your chances of getting a quick response to your message are slim to none. You may find, as I did, that the SMS provider also automates the process of integrating SMS service with Microsoft Outlook so you don’t have to struggle through the process of setting up the messaging account in Outlook. If you click on Properties, you’ll get a dialog box that, among other things, allows you to schedule the message for future date and time. If your address book in Gmail contains your contacts’ mobile phone numbers, you can simply click the More drop-down on the far right and choose Send SMS. Figure 11-1, "Example of Send Email Dialog Box" provides an example of the Send Email dialog box.

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