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It's the first and most important question every would-be entrepreneur asks themselves: Should I quit my day job to start my own business?
When you hate your job the idea of jumping ship to start your own business seems like a no-brainer. But if you have a well-paying job you actually like the question becomes a little more tricky.
I think my problem is trying to juggle too many things at once, if I focused all my efforts on one, I think I could succeed.
Lolly Daskal is a leadership development and CEO coach and consultant and founder of Lead From Within. Without having much detail on what kind of venture, it is hard to help you think through the best solution in your particular situation.
As a business consultant I always coach my folks never to leave one job or business before their new venture is successful and lucrative.
Ask yourself questions to make sure you’re thinking about the right key business decisions and are on point about what you are creating. What differentiates my business idea and the products or services I will provide from others in the market? Every successful venture has a business plan, a written description of your business's future. Measurable: Know how you will demonstrate and evaluate the extent to which the goal has been met. Until you are able to establish a solid stream of income from your side business, you don’t really want to quit. Everything worth having takes time, and patience, passion, and perseverance are important foundational elements for an entrepreneur. Lay out a plan to build up your side business into a full-time gig, and highlight the specific date you want to quit on your calendar. Make quitting your current position happen sooner than later, not with a risky leap but by following a great plan with smart goals and bold implementation, with help and patience.
Elizabeth Gore is the first-ever entrepreneur-in-residence at the United Nations Foundation. When you are lying awake at night and you can't stop thinking, or sitting at your current day job, craving being your own boss, how do you channel that anxiety into strategic questions for how to move forward? Do you have enough cash flow to pay the costs of your business, your bills, and to buy food? Leo Widrich is the cofounder and COO of Buffer, a social media management tool with millions of users.
How do you go about quitting your job, quitting college, or anything else to go on doing that thing that you always wanted to do?
When we look at things in detail, I found that there are often a few other factors at hand too. When we look at our lives, we often have a huge number of different commitments, that aren't tied to paying the bills.
So, how can you make sure that you don't let go of the old vine, if the new one isn't quite supporting you yet? If you still feel that you need to really go all in on your idea, things I've seen work with others before are a sabbatical for a few months.
Maybe you live from weekend to weekend, eking out your sanity between blissful moments of constructing towers of cake and dreaming of the first wedding that one of your confections will grace. Maybe you have a network marketing business that you run for a few hours a week, but you want to build a team and turn it into something bigger. Whatever your dream, there comes a moment when the pull of that dream is stronger than the pull of the security of the known. On the one hand are the doubters, telling you that you’re aiming too high and it will never work. Get Indiepreneur training and a free book!Claim your FREE gift - 1 of the bestselling books EVER for entrepreneurs - now! I have the dream, AND I still have my job because I do like to eat and pay my rent on a consistent basis.
Honestly though, I totally agree with your message, though I wonder if your 1 2 3 (with the first two being duplicates) was intentional or not. When I was working full-time I was doing the first but two years ago, I had no choice but to write full-time as I was made redundant. Now, it’s a moot point because my business is doing fine, but I could have saved myself from a few headaches along the way. I think people who actually keep their job while building a business are in a great position. This is a good question, and believe it or not many people actually seem to ask themselves this just like you are. I say this because people all have different situations that could cause the should I quit my job question.
I personally have asked should I quit my job many times when I was slaving away at regular jobs I have had in the past. Now if you have had enough like I have, or even if you haven’t and you simply have to leave the job you are at you will need to be aware of somethings. I say this all because if you are going to make the move to quit your job and leave your current situation behind are you prepared for the future?

Just know in the end it could always be worse, and someone always has it worse then you do. Every professional is faced with this same question sometime, but when is it truly time to move on? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the even numbered questions, it might be time to look for new opportunities.
Unfortunately the wrong drivers like a bad manager, one missed promotion, temptations of a short-term hike in pay, long commute etc. Learning in any job tends to peter out over a period of time, but alternate role assignments within the same organization can provide new challenges. Not sure if this is true for all of us, but the intangible aspect to our jobs in organization called ‘culture’ plays a large role in my feeling to get to work every Monday morning. As you decide to leave, make sure the next one you pick meets all the three criteria else you will be out again in the market looking for yet another place…. Sometimes, the most effective posts are not the most used, but this is great in my own book. What are some of the criteria you should put on your list when you think you want to quit your job?
For the first six months you are likely to get on board, the next six, figure out the people, process, systems, and then you have the next 12 months to start making solid contributions. Of course there are exceptions to this two year rule, for example, you know deep inside you just made the wrong choice of company. Work is totally different from what you had expected.
Do not expect work to bring you happiness if other aspects of your life are just plain unhappy.Quitting your job in this case will not work.
Many people out there quit because of their  bosses – specifically, stupid bosses that provide toxic leadership. So much so, even with a job description – you are no longer clear about your role and responsibilities.
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For this week's question we turned to leadership coach Lolly Daskal, Leo Widrich, the cofounder of social media app Buffer, and resident entrepreneur at the United Nations Foundation (and Most Creative Person) Elizabeth Gore.
But in general, for a person who is trying to start a new venture and wondering if they should quit a current lucrative position, my short answer is no.
But working hard every day and taking action one bold step at a time will bring you steadily closer to making it happen. Holding on to your steady corporate paycheck can help give you funds to hire a coach to help you with time management, business planning, and preparing you for the ups and downs of entrepreneurial success. When you’ve got a few months of expenses stashed away in the bank, you can feel freer and not as fearful about moving forward.
When you deal in patience, you can take steps every day to work on doing something to improve, build, and construct your new venture. Give yourself an incentive to have your new venture up and running by the date you’ve picked. Whether you are bootstrapping, have investors lined up, or are lucky to have funds from your family—build a budget before you jump. Timing is everything and is driven by the public ability to pick up a new technology, product, or behavior. At Buffer, he loves to think about how to create a better and easier way to keep up with social media and build a company that focuses on company culture, transparency, and positivity. The question is probably one of the hardest one to go about finding a suitable answer to that doesn't sound outright crazy. Starting with reducing some of these first, might be a better way to go, instead of axing your job.
But I wholeheartedly agree with your sensible assessment that quitting your job and doing the work to build your business will not make you rich overnight. It’s a blessing when the moment to switch from the first two to the last one is presented to you. It can sometimes be a blessing when the boats and bridges are burned for you, but it’s tougher! I do so enjoy eating and my writing is in the process stages, my network marketing at present has had to take to the back burner. My main reason was I simply wasn’t happy, and I knew I was destined and meant to be more than the standard worker.
My learning has stopped: One of the core reasons we continue to spend a large part of our days at our workplace is to realize our potential as human beings. As long as I have variety in my own responsibilities, or can learn through observing others around me, my learning needs are taken care of. I am not contributing enough: While I continue to burn the hours and manage the clock, I don’t seem to be increasing my level of contribution back to my organization. Monday mornings are getting hard: While everything else is good, I just can’t make myself get out of home on a Monday morning to get to work.
I have observed this Monday morning syndrome start to develop after a few years of being with the same organization as the culture of the organization starts to shift. Not in the way your role has changed, in the way everything has remained the same but demands have increased with fewer resources.
You have no social life, you do not like any form of exercise, you have no religious inclination, and you do not even have a hobby.

The work is no longer challenging for you and you get a feeling that you are rotting at work.
Assuming money is tight and you have a lot of financial obligations, your best plan maybe is to stick it out until you get an offer. I believe you can use your current day job as a springboard to your new venture if it is done right. You might have the greatest idea and enough funding—but what is the appetite of the world around you? If you have five different hobbies that you want to all keep up with, it might be worth letting go of some of these, to make some time to work on your side project that could eventually turn into your company or new job. They may be people you know or they may be people who’ve succeeded in your chosen endeavour. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Even if not many of us have asked this before or atleast thought about should I quit my job.
Basically I am saying you need to fully evaluate what you are planning, and make sure if you quit your job that you have a plan and goal for afterwards. Hell if the job isn’t that bad and no real terrible reason you have to leave, I say fight through it and make it work. Let’s see if we can be more logical about this decision that should pay big dividends in the long run. Of course, there are the material needs that a steady income satisfies, but once that hygiene is taken care, our more intellectual needs take over. In my experience, this probably happens with organizations that are in the growth phase where priorities shift from the customer, employees to investors and hence all corresponding behaviors get dictated by that. He has been in multiple functions like delivery, implementation, account management, pre-sales, business development and as Business Unit Head responsible for P&L. If you have and there is nothing the management is doing, perhaps it is time to rethink your situation.
Colleagues are not close, bosses fight against each other; it’s just a cutthroat and back-stabbing environment. It is even difficult to get clear goals, you have no proper feedback and you have lost control of how work progresses within your roles and responsibilities. You know the company is doing well and others are getting an equitable increment except for you. It ended up not working out, but now I am wondering what I should do: Stay the course in my current career or jump off the ledge and commit fully to doing my own venture? It’s a real gift to the community that you share this passion so freely, and it is a testament to your wisdom that you understand how hard it can be.
Maybe it is a boss giving you issues, a co worker issue, home life problems or even you simply just are not happy.
So being on the bottom of the workforce totem pole and making someone else rich made me ask this quite often. Well you need to fully evaluate the situation as well as pros and cons of your should I quit my job question.
You never know what is or isn’t waiting for you if you do not stick around to find out. While the job is good, I like my team, my own role but there is something wrong that I cannot put my finger on that bothers me every Monday morning.
His last role in the corporate world was with Mu Sigma as a Sr VP responsible for all of India delivery. Think new ideas, meet new people, learn new perspectives and develop a new business mindset.
There seems to be a breakdown somewhere and you cannot seem to pinpoint it, even after discussing it with your immediate superior. But it is important to understand consumer trends, competition, and the overall status of the economy and industry you are in. I just was tired of it and grew sick of my current situation in the standard boring old workplace most of us have experienced in life. I strongly suggest this, as it will make sure you will be ok and always have options left open for yourself. Ask yourself if this is truly why you feel the way you feel – change for the sake of changing.
Finances and cash flow can be the most stressful part of both your business and personal life—so think this through deeply. You cannot fight true feelings and emotions no matter how hard you try or ask should I quit my job. If you make this move with nothing to fall back on, a job waiting or some type of plan b this may not be wise. You do not want to put yourself in a financial burden or sacrifice your well being over it.

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