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Sometimes when you're having a bad day, all you need is a funny sign to turn things around around. August 14, 2014 by Toulouse 63 Comments The kids are back in school today, FINALLY, so next week I’ll at last have a chance to write something new for you.
The things I used to talk about were probably a lot more interesting than the things I talk about now. This is the sign I made around the 10th time he took some Excedrin and didn’t put it back with the other pain relievers.
Now: A The things I want to do to him when he makes one of his signature long-cooking dishes, the pot gets major crud burnt onto it and is left in our sink to grow new strains of fungus not yet known to man for 10 days to 2 weeks. I’m getting the feeling that I should start an etsy shop with all my loving sayings to my husband stitched on pillows for all to purchase. After you stab him, I hope the pain reliever will be in the right place so he can easily find it. Is your hubby like mine and if he does do something I ask, or he takes the time to do something like vacuum or clean the kitchen then he expects praise and god forbid if you mess anything up there is hell to pay. I'll give you full credit on the page (unless your idea is so embarrassingly funny that you wish to remain anonymous). Imagine your friend's surprise when they see themselves featured in a realistic-looking newspaper article!
Creating the spoof article is easy - just upload a photo into our newspaper generator and write some text.

Do your part to stop the insidious trend of people taking Christmas far too seriously ;-) Many people feel stressed out at Christmas time - why not lighten things up with one of these Christmas gag gift ideas.
With much thought, deliberation and giggling, my husband I put together a collection of printable gag gifts for you to enjoy :-) All free to download, of course!
Funny certificates are great for office parties, school-leaver parties or other occasions when you'd like to humorously embarrass someone :-) Click the heading above to see my range of Microsoft Word certificate templates. Easy step-by-step instructions for how to make novelty personalized fridge magnets with mix-n-match body parts.
Those are all the homemade gag gifts I have for now - I hope they gave you some good ideas! A In the meantime, here’s one of my more popular posts about my husband and his annoying household habits. Well, I DID NOT eat the sticky note… She still uses them sometimes, but only for stuff that she knows I will forget because my eyes were glazed over at the time she told me.
I've put together a collection of gag gift ideas for all occasions - homemade Christmas gag gifts, retirement gag gifts, birthday gag gifts, and more! Technically I guess they belong in the printable category, but the printable homemade gag gifts page was getting huge so I gave these their own page.
Includes classic gag gift ideas like "organic natural bubble bath" (baked beans) and "expert jigsaw puzzle" (sawdust), plus many more.
Recognize their achievements with the "Old Codger Merit Award" or help them adapt to their new life with some retired business cards and a retirement activity decision cube.

Each monthly issue is packed with ideas and instructions for crafting unique gifts that your friends and family will love. A When I see that he’s put a bowl over the water spout in the dishwasher again, or left his closet door wide open AGAIN, I remind myself what a good husband and father he really is. After all, how else are you supposed to quickly add new words like “stabby” to your vocabulary?
Or the worst, sour cream on the small-bottle condiments shelf – nails on a chalkboard.
All you need to do is come up with some silly photos of the recipient, yourself, family members, friends, characters from your favourite movie, comic series, TV program, etc etc. Just pop your email address in the subscribe box below and you’ll get all my new posts (1-3 per week) right in your inbox.
Don't let someone feel gloomy about turning 30 - cheer them up with one of these gag gifts!

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