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Ive been in a few bad relationships, in my last relationship it lasted for a year and 6 months and that was the worst relationship ive ever had.
But if he consistently trash talks every single girl he's ever dated, what do you think he's going to do to you if you two break up? Your boyfriend should never be making you feel guilty for every single fight or blaming everything on you all the time. A relationship is a two-way street and if your BF can't compromise, he's not worth keeping around. It's not "cute" if your boyfriend is jealous all the time - it shows that he doesn't trust you or it could even mean that he's doing something behind your back that he feels guilty for.
If he never lets you go out with friends without him or if he doesn't support your decisions to follow your dreams because thinks it's lame, that's not cool.
Very smart in some ways, never was any attraction, I lived with him 2 yrs s ince I had no where to live-hes very difficult in alot of ways, he fired 2 people at work, hes high on himself but is not attrative, hes overweight and disabled-he knocked me down for 2 yrs, cut off my 2 friends, lied behind my back to my sister and family hardly called, would buy a few things then never let me forget what he bought me, turned the landlord on me that I caused all the fights (it was him for hrs screaming and throwing things so I woul dhave to leave for hrs and return), is extremely jealous that he got my previous ex fired at his job, has me watched when I go to a mall shopping, accuses me of cheating if i get a text, gets me a laptop then complains when im on it, wont let me watch tv other than news, wont allow me to cook but complains when im about to eat and it turns into a huge fight of stuff in his mind that i complained and wanted it at a set time, makes me his slave for evertying and there is little thanks (do all his laundry, grocery shopping, help at his work for free, do all his coupons and computer stuff as hes visually impaired incluidng taking computers in snowstorms on buses to deliver them. In the tims span of that relationship i suffered a severe concussion, 2 broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a sprained ancle.
If you sometimes find yourself wondering whether or not you have a terrible BF, you need to read this list of signs right now. But if all of your friends and fam refuse to be around him or roll their eyes when you bring up this name, something's wrong.
If everything has to be his way all the time, that's a major warning sign that he's a bad boyfriend. He should be making time for you during the day and you guys should be doing more than just hooking up.

You should never judge someone based off of reputation alone, but if everyone but you seems to dislike your BF, there might be a pretty solid reason. Don't let him screen your calls, sneak through your texts or demand explanations for every dude you talk to. You don't deserve to be with someone who doesn't believe in you or doesn't push you to be the best you can be.
He was also extremely jealous, im a surfer and all of my friends are guys that i surf with. I am still love my boyfriend and it’s been 6 months of healing just recovering and of course going to Theraphy. They want you to be happy and if they thought he was making you happy, they would at least make an effort. If he always finds a way to turn things around so that it's on you, run in other direction. He was so jealous that i wasnt allowed to talk to them without his permission, and even though he didnt surf, u waznt allowed to surf with my team unless he was present.
I started to believe it was me, until my closest people notice how he always blamed me and took days to get over “it” and would be cold towards me…. And if he verbally abuses you once in a while, that could very easily turn into all the time. It got to the point that i had to wear what he wanted, i couldnt wear the bikinis i wanted, it got to the point that i couldnt even listen to the music i wanted! All the signs were there but I was too busy just loving this new thing and feeling like a teenager.

I dont know why i let it get so bad, but dont make the same mistake i made, if your guy is treating you like property instead of the princess you are, call it off, because i promise there are so many guys who would love to be with a beautiful women just like you!
He got into an accident and I took care of him and beign more involved taking him to his medical appointments,giving him his medication.
He took advantage of myself and dignity,he had already figured me out and trust me when they know they have you in control its going to get worse. Never thought about me at all after I help him move in less than 2 months he wanted me to move with him and I did. Worst nightmare I was beign more controlled and was not allowed to go anywhere with out him, he treated me so bad called me names , yelled at me and started ignoring me even when I dress pretty he would not say nothing.
If a 16 year old girl can take a 50 year old dad with boxing skills, im pretty sure a woman can take a man.
I left him for good and came back to my hometown broken but I rather go through the steps and love myself n heal.
Men cant hold a baby for 9 months and either cut it out of the womb or squeeze it out a small vag.
If you arnt happy with yo lover, reality check holmes, there are 7,271,093,5… people in this world.

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