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Wicca Spells is a central source of knowledge and it is gathering information on genuine Wicca rituals, Spells, Sabbats and general Witchcraft. We intend to cover many aspects of witchcraft as well as astrology, including the twelve signs which are Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. We will be giving out free spells every so often when we update the website, so there will be always something new every time you visit us. Since our speciality is within Love Spells, Wiccan Spells and Witch Spells we would be updating it more frequently with more indepth information. Let this website be a guide to the starting witch, to the new spell casters, to those who are interested in all sorts and forms of magic and spells. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spell News newsletter, to get the latest premium spells in your email box, with new articles and information on Wicca. You can join our facebook page for updates and talk about everything that has to do with Wicca, Wiccans and Witches. I’d like to say hello to our Wiccan community and share with you a photo of my lovely cat, showing off a Wiccan pentagram handmade by me. In today’s world, we view Saint Valentine as the Saint who assists us in finding a lover and all the other rituals we have that is associated with February 14th such as giving cards, chocolates, jewelry, or sending flowers from the florist. I have encountered many situation and have created candle spells specific for certain situation, but one that I suggested to a client is becoming to manifest really positive energy and my client sent me photos to share with you.
Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities. Once your life is affected by issue of LOVE, the other life force in your Body, Soul, Spirit will fall with it.
If your Lover left you or wanted to leave you for whatever reason, act now before it is too late.
You can’t force your spouse to leave the third-party and come back to you Physically. Without a Spell, it is not easy to Secure the one that you Love Forever!! Everyone change from Time to Time.
The Vedas deal with rituals and worship, which imply a dualism between the worshipper and the object worshipped.
Pure and selfless love towards all living beings, considering everyone as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love.
One need not search for spiritual power, going around the world and spending a lot of money.
God is the Antharyaami (Indweller), and so, when He is sought in the outer world He cannot be caught. In this Kali Age, people have forgotten human values and exhibit animal qualities such as lust, anger, greed and hatred. Man expects the New Year to confer on him and the world at large peace, happiness and prosperity.
He who considers himself free is free indeed, and he who considers himself bound remains bound.
We do, however, still give information and methods on other types of spells including black magic, wiccan magick, pagan beliefs and how to choose one, spell casting in general, and so much more. In Wiccan texts there is a direct reference to the ethical standards (a commandment), which is bound by a witch (if she is good). Wicca is very tolerant to other religions, as they believe that all gods are one of the incarnations of the Great Spirit.
She can do so only on two occasions as motivated by hunger (this applies to animals) and in the event of an attack. We do not accept the deliberate destruction of the body (to the issue of drugs, smoking and alcohol, which destroys the body). Wiccans believe in reincarnation, that is, that our souls after the death of the body (shell) does not die, and after a short rest will return to the earth to live again, but in a different body.
This kit, complete with instructions, a small vial of St Jude Come to Me Oil, and a mix of herbs allegedly to draw in love, is a candle spell kit for those who want to bring in a new and lasting love into their lives. This candle label with it’s Old World look and feel, will remind you of hours in the chapel surrounded by the smell of incense, while reciting your prayers.
In this situation, the client is in love with a gentleman who is a widower and has one child, a daughter in her early 20’s.
You would realize that this Spell would attract strangers and they will notice you & look at you for NO APPARENT REASON. Let the Spell OPEN-UP an Opportunity for Both Of You to Reconcile your relationship, thereafter Strengthen your relationship to a Higher Level. This spells will make your lover Respect You, Lust after You and Realize how much they Truly Love and Want to be with You. Your primary concern must be to understand whether you are real or unreal or what in you is real and what is unreal. With this attitude, when one regards divinity as present in all beings, he experiences true love.
Assert that you are unconquerable and free, that you cannot be tempted or frightened in to wrong.
Though you do not see the roots or know how deep inside the earth they are, you pour water round the trunk, so that it may reach them. Cultivate them, give them fullest freedom to gush forth and fertilize all fields of activity, that is the real purpose of education.

Guru (spiritual preceptor) scatters darkness through light; he imparts wisdom which roots out our ignorance. One may study all the scriptures, perform all types of sacrifices, go on extensive pilgrimages, but it is not easy to control the senses and the mind, direct one's vision inward and maintain equanimity. But, you cannot easily detach yourself from activity; the mind clings to something or the other. Constantly think yourself as being eternal, unlimited, Consciousness-Bliss, and you will be free and happy.
The origins of the religion dates back to the days when the main power in the society was in women hands.
We (wiccans) do not accept slave obedience to God, as in most prayers of the Bible, a direct reference to the absolute god. Yes, we use wine in their ceremonies, but this is happens eight times a year, and it is a very small portion.
Sometimes, the soul enters the country eternal summer, and remains forever with the Great Spirit. This is best used when you are ready for the Universe to send you someone who completes your personality and is ready for a commitment. This candle, and exclusive design by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is second in a line of Catholic Saints images that are bring produced with specific prayers created for the candle to enhance your candlelight petition prayers or the setting of lights for specific issues and intentions. The daughter, while graduating from high school, has not moved onto college, nor has she gained employment. Just respond to them with a sweet smile & the Guys and Girls are within your reach now!
It is only when you have recognised the truth of your own being that you can recognise the world as illusory and your own self as the only reality. It is interpreted in different ways, but the real basis of the Adwaithik principle is Ekaatma Bhaava, the feeling that there is only one Atma pervading everywhere and none else.
Whatever be the vicissitudes one may face, whatever be the personal sorrows and privations one may undergo, true love will remain unaffected. So long as a trace of body consciousness persists in you, the search for God must continue.
So you must use your strength of body and mind, wealth and education with intelligence, in order to realize the power of the soul. The reason lies in the false emphasis we have laid on things of the material world, ignoring matters of the spirit.
In ancient times, the sages and seers maintained purity in thought, truth in words and righteousness in deeds.
Spirituality aims at enabling a person to manifest in all its fullness the divine cosmic consciousness (Chaitanya) that is present both within and outside oneself. Make it cling to God, let it perform all actions for God and leave the success or failure, the loss and the profit, the elation or the dejection, to God.
So long as you trap yourself in body consciousness you are like a lion moping about in a musty cave. This is due to the fact that their life was righteous and life committed to performing their duty.
Read more about Saint Jude, Catholic Saint of Lost Causes, and the wonders he can do for you when burning pink St. The pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle was created out of the need for this patron Saint of Lost Causes to intervene for those who seem to not find the appropriate candidate for a long-lasting, loving relationship. Once casted, it can only be reversed by the actual Spell Caster who performed the casting for you. Recognize that similarly there is God as the very basis of Creation; pray to Him, and He will shower fruit. This is tragic; it is like the man who died of thirst though he was standing knee-deep in the running stream. It means getting rid of onea€™s animal nature and developing the divine tendencies within one. One may try to harm you while another may try to do you a good turn; treat both situations with equanimity. Yet, it should be noted that Neo Wiccans replace the wine with various juices, which is also acceptable.
The prayer that is scripted on the candle back gives specifics for a quality lover that will stay for the long run and guidance on how to ask for that love to come into your life. Saint Valentine, born in Italy and was a Holy Priest in Rome, assisted martyrs under persecution and was beheaded on the date that is set aside for lovers – February 14th.
Do not be under the delusion that God is residing somewhere and that you have to search for Him; God is within you.
Everyday, when you take food, you are offering eatables to the Fire that God has put in you to digest food. They are bound by the qualities they have developed and they are still in need of the Form so that they may conceive of Reality.
It means breaking down the barriers between God and Nature and establishing their essential oneness. In one business venture, you may incur a loss while in another you may make a profit; treat them both alike.
After-wards, things has opened up better for my client since the curse and jinx that WAS upon them are now broken with this powerful spell.i»?Showing only PART of a few spell rituals that I was setting lights for.

For clarity any Wiccan regardless what branch he belonged, had no right to cause any harm (spiritual, physical, emotional), except in case of self-defense. This candle is intended to attract persons of quality to you that would be suitable for you to date and fall in love with them. Thank you Sharon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharon, I can certainly understand your confusion and I will try to second guess why that person suggested red candles.
Before capture, he assisted St.Marius and family to give aid and safe lodging to those being sought out for their religious beliefs.
My client, a single woman with no children, love this man dearly, but knows the man would never allow their relationship to blossom further without making sure the daughter is on her way.
In the same manner, the Divine is immanent in the entire cosmos in a subtle form as Chaitanya (Consciousness).
One who aspires for the welfare of the world should see to it that his thoughts and actions are in accordance with his aspirations. I am all that is, was and will be.' Pettiness, ego, time and space - all will flee from your heart and you will realize your own Divinity.
There are two ways you can participate in setting lights to petition this much loved Saint to bring you the man or woman of your dreams.
Saint Valentine, also known as San Valentin, is associated with lovers in the fact that on February 15th, a heathen festival in honor of their goddess Februata Juno, was held. My client wanted to burn a black doll at my year end banishing negativity burn, as there is some stress and maybe a little animosity between the two women in this man’s life.
Though you find myriad bulbs glowing, the current that is passing through them is the same. Pray to the Parabrahma Principle (transcendental principle) or God within you to reveal Itself. One method is to have the candle lit for you on the All Saint Altar, so that your constant prayer of light is burning with others who are in need of answered petitions. In part of a custom, boys were to pick out slips of paper with girls’ names on them to court romantically. I suggested that we do not have and send her away forever, but to gently and lovingly assist her into a fabulous new life on her own. Only one who has such true love can be described as human, for, divine love is the basic quality of a true human being. While the Divine is in such close proximity to him, man in his ignorance goes about seeking God outside himself.
Once your order is received, an e-mail will be sent to you asking you your full name and birthday.Then, once your candle is lit, a photograph will be sent to you of your candle.
I said that it would be better, and more subtle, to wish her love and happiness as she moves out.
It will be prayed over one in the day and once at night, and a brief report of the burn will be sent at the end of the candle service, along with a photo of the finished candle.
To have a pink Saint Jude Candle lit for you to petition to bring in a long-lasting love, click here: If you wish to conduct your own personalized St. First, I suggested to create a poppet or doll in the image as close to the young woman as she could (see photo). Forgetting the supreme power of the Spirit, people rely on the powers of the body, the mind and the intellect. Continue to follow steps to candle preparation, including carving oil wells and putting oil in the three holes. Your reader may have suggested using red and intended to tell you to use it at the beginning of the love spell. Set a love altar somewhere, as in the bedroom, where you can leave candle lit continuously,setting the rose and the wine next to the two candles. Since the client has created this spell, the daughter has been more civil towards the client and even has asked her to help her do something related to the clients wishes. Since both  the client and the intended mans’ families are from the same town in Mexico, they are all traveling to Mexico (no together) to visit. Valentine will make each of you tender and loving only to each other, forsaking all others, until the end of time.
When candles are finished, take photos, name papers, rose petals and wine to the back yard of your home. This combination brings romance, affection and calmness to a relationship and this is why it should be suggested that  you use pink for this type of relationship.
Now, you might begin with a red candle for the first week, then once you have got his attention, change to pink. You may also want to consider using a red and pink together, so he has enough sexual tension that keeps him interested on you but still sees you in a more romantic and less sexual way. Jude Pink Love Come to Me Candle so that you can attract the perfect type of man or woman for you. You might want to contact your reader again and ask her to delve deeper into explanation as to why she suggested red candles and if she had any intention to change to another color once you got this young man’s attention.

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