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Y-75 : This Yantra is for an enjoyable, enduring Sex Life, increasing Sexual Powers, solving Sexual Problems. The Most Powerful "Sri Sudharsan" Series of Yantras are non-religious (no chantings, no rituals, no worship, no extra cleanliness needed), result oriented Sacred Geometry Yantra Talismans with long life - most suited for this Kali Yuga Time Period. What are Crystal Group Yantras and how are they more powerful than our regular Group Yantras ?
A sophisticated extension of the most powerful “Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras” are the Interactive Group Yantras.

CY-62 : This Crystal Yantra is for Career Success (Promotion, Increment), Professional Success, Financial Growth, Prevention of Money Erosion, Personal Development, Charisma, Personal Protection - suitable for Professionals, Practitioners, Creative Artists, Designers, Employees. Y-68 : This Yantra is for Removing Fears of Achievements, Interviews, Exams, Projects, Competition, etc. This amulet contains the letter-combination from the Kabbalah and helps in protection and success. According to the Kabbalah, the seal alludes to the seven lower emanations of the Tree of Life.

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