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Steeped in mystery and tradition, Old New Orleans Traditional Witchcraft is both fascinating and practical.
Candle magick is one of the oldest, most traditional and simple forms of New Orleans Witchcraft. Triple candle magick kits (Body,Mind,Spirit kits) come with THREE candles, herbs, oils, instructions,and free incense. Triple candle magick kits are a great value with a much lower price than buying three kits individually. Please note: All of our candle magick kits are now available EITHER in a single pack (one candle with herbs and oils) or in 3 packs for the special triple strength "Body, Mind, Spirit" work.
NEW ORLEANS RED WITCH CANDLE MAGICK KIT: Assists in acquiring a new love or rekindling an old love. WHITE MALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use this candle kit to help burn away negativity for yourself or another male. WHITE FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use this candle kit to help burn away negativity for yourself or another female. Contains 8 inch black female figure candle and appropriate accessories (herbs, oil, instructions) for wishing the ultimate harm to a female. Contains 8 inch black male figure candle and appropriate accessories (herbs, oils, instructions) for wishing the ultimate harm to a male.
Contains 8 inch brown female figure candle and appropriate accessories (herbs, oils, instructions) for sending a female away, causing illness, inability to function, etc. Contains 8 inch brown male figure candle and appropriate accessories (herbs, oil, instructions) for sending a male away, causing illness, inability to function, etc.
Contains one black 7 inch mummy candle and appropriate accessories for casting the famous Black Mummy candle spell.

These are traditional stick candles, colored all the way through (one should never use "dipped" candles for magick - they should be colored all the way through the candle), perfect for any kind of magickal endeavor. Oils to stimulate your love life, help bring a love to you, attract lovers wherever you go. A little bit different than the above as these oils can be used to attract friends and lovers, make you stand out in the crowd, assist you in attracting good things to come your way.
Oils to help you banish your enemies, send them away, cause them to suffer losses, bring them great harm. All of our magickal oils are available individually in large 8 dram bottles with instructions. Used for classic removal of blockages, "opening roads," making things happen more smoothly and more quickly. For drawing a specific person into your charms or to draw many into your web of love and lust.
All of our incense comes in large packs with free incense burner and complete instructions. Voodoo bags, gris-gris bags, mojo bags - many different names have been attributed to these little cloth bags carried by voodoo practitioners.
High John the Conqueror root (we use a nice-sized piece of High John root or two smaller pieces depending on our batch of roots - it is a naturally growing root, so we never know what size they will be) blessed by Rev.
Use when you wish to join with someone for love or lust, or wish to have them make a commitment.
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Our easy-to-follow instructions make it simple for even the most inexperienced beginner to successfully cast a candle magick spell! Perfect for using on candles, in the bath, on sacred objects, for all love spell magickal attraction type work. Great for gambling, lottery playing, enhancing money spell work, using before job interviews to ask for more money, applying for loans, etc. Burn candles with these oils on it, put a few drops in a bath, or wear on you straight from the bottle to enhance and grow your personal power.
High John Root is considered the most powerful magickal root and is carried to enhance magickal powers, luck in all matters, control, and power. If you have more than one situation you need to exert control over, then you need a separate Black Mummy Candle Magick Kit for EACH situation.
Each title below contains 30 magick voodoo incense cones, a FREE incense burner, and complete instructions.
Selection includes easy-to-use love spells, money spells, luck spells, oils, herbs, magick bath salts, incense, and more!

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