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Your lower back muscle region is a significant aspect of your core, which also includes your abdominal and oblique muscles.
As you can see from the picture, the lower back is made up of the erector spinae muscles (also known as extensor spinae) that run alongside the entire length of the spinal column (from the base of the spine all the way to the neck bones). This muscle group can also be referred to as the lower back, even though it extends above that area.
Well-developed spinal muscles make you look as if you have two boa constrictors running up your back. As you can see in the anatomy diagram, the muscles actually run from the hip all the way to the base of the skull. They work with abdominal muscles to help support the torso, and they should be strengthened in conjunction with ab exercises. When it comes to strength training, many people don’t pay enough attention to the erector spinae back muscles. In experienced lifters, the spinal erectors are well-developed, like twin ridges flanking the groove of the spine. We are a group of bodybuilding enthusiast and this is our effort to have all the details about bodybuilding at a single website.

The deep cervical extensors and the deep cervical flexors can in partnership control segmental movements in the cervical spine. Future Directions in Painful Knee Osteoarthritis: Harnessing Complexity in a Heterogeneous Population.
Evaluation of shoulder-specific patient-reported outcome measures: a systematic and standardized comparison of available evidence. Rotator cuff muscles perform different functional roles during shoulder external rotation exercises. Targeting Anabolic Impairment in Response to Resistance Exercise in Older Adults with Mobility Impairments: Potential Mechanisms and Rehabilitation Approaches.
Does effectiveness of exercise therapy and mobilisation techniques offer guidance for the treatment of lateral and medial epicondylitis? Immediate effects of active cranio-cervical flexion exercise versus passive mobilisation of the upper cervical spine on pain and performance on the cranio-cervical flexion test. Having a strong lower back can have a significant improvement on lower back strength, pains and aches. All these muscles do is support the spine and allow it to extend, help hold the body upright and allow the trunk of the body to move, twist and bend in many directions.

That is because these muscles have to work hard to support the lower back during heavy-duty exercises – deadlifts, squats, good mornings, bent-over rows. In order to keep up with the additional costs that we incurr with scaling our website, we need your help! In her book Encyclopedia of Pilates Exercises, Vicky Timón has illustrated the muscle groups involved in each stretch.
Since you use your lower back on a daily basis, having strength in that muscle will great improve everyday tasks such as lifting or bending over.
In fact, trying to develop strong abs but ignoring the back can increase your risk of back injury. A transformation of type 1 to type II fibres has been observed, independent of neck pathology. Activation of the deep cervical extensors should be emphasized at selected spinal levels for the management of such dysfunction.

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