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Ellen Pompeo walks hand in hand with her adorable daughter Stella while taking a fun stroll on Saturday (February 1) in Venice Beach, Calif. Estelle gets back into the groove by delivering the third installment of her Love & Happiness extended play series. The start of production kept being pushed back by producer Deborah Schindler which was a blessing and a curse for Bassett.
The continued delay of production gave her ample time to get her body in perfect shape for the film but it also prevented her from being able to set a definite date for her wedding. In a quick long shot, Glover can be seen in old age make-up holding a flower he intends to give to Stella.
As she soaks in the beauty of the island, she encounters a strapping, young islander, Winston Shakespeare.
His pursuits for her turn into a hot and steamy romance that forces Stella to take personal inventory of her life and try to find a balance between her desire for love and companionship, and the responsibilities of mother and corporate executive.
Goldberg Judy Murdock known as makeup department head Joseph Michael Regina known as key makeup artist (as Joseph Regina) Julia L. Walker known as hair department head Adam Christopher known as personal makeup artist (uncredited) Rebecca DeHerrera known as additional makeup artist (uncredited)Art Department: Bryan Belair known as construction coordinator Michael R. Blaich known as supervising paint foreman Chris Buchinsky known as storyboard illustrator Carl Cassara known as set dresser (as Carl J. Nushawg known as set designer Eric Orbom known as set designer Gayatri Persad known as art department coordinator: Jamaica Steve Pfauter known as set dresser (as Stephen O. Angela Bassett gives a kick-assperformancein the title role as a fortysomething woman who can’t decide what to dowhenshe falls in love with twenty-one year-old Taye Diggs while on vacation ataresort in Jamaica. Besides,Diggsdoesn’t look nearly young enough for the part, and that keeps reality atbayfor the two and some odd hours that the film runs at. The scene whereteenage girls get in line behind the couple at a movie theatre and giveStella dirty looks for robbing the cradle always puzzles me; if I werethatyoung an age and found myself standing behind Angela Bassett I’d be askingher what kind of skin creams does she use and does she work out and maybethere might be a portrait hidden in her attic that has all her sinshangingoff it?

Stella decides tohead for Jamaica with her best friend, Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg in a finesupporting role). The movie starts withStella in a bad mood, with a magnificent job and a home that I noticed wasso nice, it had a reflecting pool.
Angela Bassett’sportrayal of Stella was one of anger however I admired her buff physique,left over from her Tina Turner portrayal which was excellent. However, the director never gave we, theviewers,any reason or background to feel any sorrow or empathy for Stella. When Stella takes her vacation to Jamaica and meets WilliamShakespeare (Taye Diggs), it was hard to work up any enthusiasm becauseshewas so angry, angry at the world. However, the scenery in the film wasbreathtaking and the age difference between the two seemed a bit much butdid not interfere with what could have been a great love story. Only when shefindsout Delilah’s secret, does she drop the angry attitude and pity party tohelp someone else.
Because we were never given a reason to feel anycompassion or sympathy with Stella, it is my opinion that Stella Never HadaGroove to get back. My firstquestion would be where do we put the furniture, but, no–it takes thedeath of a good friend to make her embrace the fact that she shouldgive into something as, uh-hem, debatable as Taye Diggs…OK, ladies,are you with me? In the end, the Terry McMillan autobiographicalversion didn't go EXACTLY as planned, but, hey, in a perfect worldStella had it going on from the get go. If my only problem is we don'tlike the same movies, I can assure you I would have forgotten about itby the first shower scene. To those of you who can’tunderstand why Stella needs her groove back, you have only to look upthe word mundane. No matter how much money you have or Chanel suits youown that doesn’t mean you have true companionship.
We all want a realconnection someone to hold us, love us and tell us it will get better.And that transcends age and socio economics.

We neverknow what or how long any relationship will last so I suppose the mostimportant thing is to seize the day. Make your own reality and Stelladoes that with dignity and with pride and admittedly with hesitationand fear. The point made, of course, isthat interracial marriage isn’t something odd or different or in need ofexplanation or commentary. One of the better ways to attackinstitutionalized racism, racism that is bred into us as we grow up, is toshow images that combat those assumptions and to make those images asnonchalant and matter of fact as possible. Andmoney?Yes, there actually are well to do, single, black, mothers who areprofessionals in a number of fields including law, medicine, academia,business, government — everywhere. Stella wasportrayed as beautiful, intriguing, very intelligent, she looked no olderthan 25 — why would a 20 year old not want to be with a woman like that?Why would any man not want to be with someone like that? This movie is the kind thatgives you hope for true romantic love, but in this cynical day and agemost people don’t let themselves be pulled in, or fooled, by theseemingly unrealistic situation. Why WOULD a 20 year old be so willing to pursue a woman twice hisage after a casual meeting? This event didn’t carry the story forward and acted moreas a detractor from the plot that anything else. It should have been used tohelp the other characters develop, but it instead that little subplotdissolved into oblivion.Overall, I would certainly recommend Stella. Up until then,Iwas really enjoying this movie,writing that kind of story and scene inwas truly unnecessary.The main point to me about this film is,you can have it all and haveworked hard for it but if it consumes all your energies,you truly willhave no life or groove left.

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