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Just when you thought everything with you and your new, but definitely-the-one lover was going great, there was some kind of miscommunication or you did something like a real bonehead, and now your lover has left you.
Yes, you had a serious fight — a pretty serious fight that was probably about cheating or lying or manipulation of psychopathic proportions, but all those bad feelings will melt away the moment you strum out a couple of basic chords and talk-sing right at her angry, then surprised, then bemused, then forgiving face. If you don't have a great voice, or any writing abilities, or any original words to say to your wronged lady, you can just crank the P.A. If you have no musical talents, no creativity, and aren't willing to risk humiliation, good news: you aren't out of the game yet! If you're feeling theatric, you can crash into the wedding on horseback like Patrick Dempsey in "Made of Honor," that movie you didn't see, but you can guess what happens. If you're not great at the timing thing, and want to avoid getting socked in the face, you can also just bang on some glass and scream like Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate." Frantic screaming is the way to every woman's heart. Considering how unlikely it is that you're an adorable British boy, you may need to settle for a more reasonable approach: explain your feelings before you true love travels, and hope that the message sinks in and makes him get off the plane.
You can also just pull a Nic Cage in "The Family Man" and run to the airport, then explain to a woman you haven't seen in years how you magically saw an alternate reality in which you were happily married to each other.
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You can just hold up a boom box like John Cusack in "Say Anything." Yeah, just hoist a fucking boom box and no more apologizing is necessary. Why not ruin an expensive party that has taken months to plan and is attended by all their friends and family?

Nothing says "I love you" like disrespecting national security, probably stalling tens of thousands of other travelers, and definitely getting you and your honey on the No-Fly list. It worked for Natalie Portman in "Garden State." Of course, there's no way Zach Braff was going to turn down Natalie Portman.
Snakes and loudmouths and people who–by no fault of their own–just plain don’t know the rules of surfing.
If movies have taught me anything, here are 7 guaranteed methods for winning back that special someone. Best case scenario it's their wedding, but in a pinch you can ruin her child's, her client's, or even your own.
So here, in classic internet listicle fashion, are 9 ways to ensure a good punch in the teeth.1. Head to a crowded point break, sit at the peak, and take your fellow surfers to brown town. Ensure that everyone gets their fair share by paddling in erratic patterns throughout the lineup, laughing at everyone who is disgusted.Do this on EVERY WAVE. Regardless of whether you’re going to make it or not, if you want to get smacked in the teeth, repeated drop ins are a good bet. Every time they fall, you can make sure they don’t want to get back up again by asking everyone within hearing distance if they saw how shitty that person is. If they tell you to shut your mouth, do it, and then begin ridiculing them, no matter how good they are.

Before you leave the house in the morning, pack up all the plastic bags, styrofoam containers, and empty oil jugs you have.
On arriving to your surf spot, pack everything you can into your suit (near the neck for easy removal), then proceed to paddle around, leaving a trail of plastic in your wake.
If necessary, tie the oil jugs to your surfboard and drag them behind you, cutting them loose in strategic positions.Killing Flipper-automatic mouth-punch. If you don’t live within one minute of a certain wave, you should not be allowed to surf there. Bring a sharp knife and an extra bar of wax, then take 15 minutes before you suit up to mercilessly destroy every tire within walking distance. Expend all of your energy paddling into waves that you have no chance of making, but scream at anyone else paddling for it, whether they’re in position or not. If for some reason you find yourself able to actually make the wave, go straight, making sure to loudly celebrate the epicness of your ride. When you return to the lineup, be sure to make the person you screamed at aware of their shortcoming, both as a surfer and a human being.

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