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Birthday Wishes for Colleagues: Go beyond the basic professional etiquette and do something more than just a measly greeting card on your colleague’s birthday. 1) Happy birthday to the colleague who makes to-do lists shorter and office parties longer. 2) The best part about having a colleague who is more of a friend, is that I can be myself and never have to pretend. 4) Many people have the ability to create a professional atmosphere in the office but very few colleagues have the ability to make an office feel like home while staying professional at the same time. 5) I know that nothing can come in the way of me and a promotion, because I have a colleague who is the ultimate source of motivation.
8) If we didn’t have a colleague like you on the team, completing projects would have been a wishful dream.
9) Happy birthday to the colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds vibrant hues to Friday night drinks. 10) Never do I have a dull day in the office, having a chirpy colleague like you around is a bliss.
11) I may not be the smartest but I make up for it by being around smart colleagues like you. 12) Creating a great career is less about degrees and achievements, and more about creating great working relationships with the people around you. 14) Thanks for being a colleague who pushes me when I go slow and slows me down whenever I go too fast. 15) I am glad I have a helpful colleague who has the brains of Scientist and the heart of a Mother. 17) Everyone likes you, not just because you are an expert in your domain, but because you happily share your expertise with everyone. 18) Thanks for being a colleague who has given me support and encouragement instead of jealousy and manipulation.
20) Without colleagues like you, workplaces would be devoid of the two most important things – smiles and laughs.
22) Motivate and Inspire are words that come in mind when I think about you, because that is what you do. 23) My wife thinks that there is something fishy when she sees me eager to go to work on a Monday morning. 25) Some colleagues make decisions, some colleagues find faults, some colleagues gossip and some colleagues tell others what to do.
27) When new recruits are given orientation on their first day, they must be told that they have to aim to become model employees and terrific colleagues like you.
28) I am successful at what I do, not because I am smart or intelligent but because I have smart and intelligent colleagues like you.
30) If your cubicle wasn’t next to mine, I don’t think coming to work would have been an experience so fine. 31) Promotions are good, bonuses are better but working with a colleague like you is the best perk of this job. 32) In the corporate world where competition is cut-throat, helpful and supportive colleagues like you are more important than college degrees.
33) Supporter, critic, motivator, teacher, friend and mentor – Happy birthday to a colleague who is literally all-in-one. 34) People list awards, projects, training programs and achievements in their job experience but often forget that all of it would have been impossible without the help of selfless colleagues like you.
35) Hard work, dedication, punctuality and perseverance are the core elements of individual success, while efficient and helpful colleagues like you are the core element of success for any team. 38) It is good to have colleagues who are top performers but it is best to have colleagues like you – who help everyone around them shine out and become top performers themselves.
39) When I retire, I will not have as many memories of the work as much the memories of the lunch breaks I took with you.
40) No matter how many contracts we have won, no matter how many projects we have done, if you weren’t in my team my job would never have been fun.
Arias' testimony will pick back up Wednesday where she left off Tuesday describing the moments just before Alexander attacked her on June 4, 2008, forcing her to kill him in self-defense.
As Defense attorney displays sexual explicit photos of Arias and Alexander, jurors are watching Arias' reaction for the most part. Birthday poems for aunt: Aunts are always special because they can love like a mother and bond with you like your best friend.

Write a sweet quote on a note and put it on your colleague’s desk before he or she gets into office in the morning. The team functions like a well-oiled machine, thanks to one of the most helpful colleagues I’ve seen. She described a mercurial boyfriend who would fly off the handle at the slightest misstep by Arias.
ET: Alexander was proud of his body, so Arias offered to take pictures of him in his bedroom. ET: Arias is talking about how Alexander had a trip booked to Cancun in June 2008, and she was not invited to go with him. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias whether she wanted to end the trip on a positive note.
ET: Arias said Alexander told her to go clean herself up after he was done having sex with her. ET: Arias said she wanted to have sex with Alexander at the time, because it was better than him being mad.
ET: Arias said she did not tell Alexander to stop, because she did not want make him even more mad.
ET: Arias said Alexander suggested all of the sexual poses she made in the photos that are being displayed for the jury. ET: Arias is crying as she looks at sexually explicit photos of herself in braids from June 4, 2008.
ET: Alexander performed oral sex upon Arias while she was tied up, and she asked him to stop because his beard was scratching her. ET: Arias said it is tough for her to talk to about her sexual encounters with Alexander on June 4, 2008, because it was the day she allegedly killed him in self-defense.
ET: During this sexual encounter, Alexander was dressed in his Mormon temple garments, and she was naked. ET: Arias said she had sex with Alexander a couple times on June 4, 2008, the same day he died. ET: When Alexander noticed that she was there he got up off his chair and walked up to her and showed her some affection.
ET: Alexander was watching music videos on his laptop in his office when she arrived at his house.
ET: Defense attorney Nurmi asks Arias again if she had a gun or a knife with her when she headed for Mesa, Arizona in June 2008. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias why she did not go to Utah to see Burns, as she planned. ET: Arias said at the time she was in Monterey she had no intention of visiting Alexander in Mesa, Arizona. All gas in California is a little bit more expensive because they have stricter regulations. ET: Arias is explaining deposits she made at Washington Mutual branch in Monterey during her road trip in June 2008.
ET: Arias said she rented a white Ford Focus on June 2, 2008, and took off for Monterey, California. ET: Arias said she did not want the red car that the rental place offered her, because she has always been told to not drive red cars, because they get pulled over more often. ET: Arias said she did not steal the gun, and she could have taken it at any point if she wanted.
ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias about how she made plans to see Ryan Burns in early June 2008. ET: Arias said Alexander was not happy that she kept pushing him to get professional help for his what she alleges was his sexual feelings toward children. ET: In another text message, Alexander also called Arias a sociopath and said she was the worst thing that has ever happened to him. ET: Arias said the conversation from May 25 turned into another fight, because she suggested Alexander get professional mental health, because of what she described as his sexual attraction to children. ET: Defense attorney Kirk Numri is asking Arias to review records of text messages from May 2008. ET: Alexander sent Arias a text message that said this other man should have sex with her in the woods. ET: After Arias accidently sent Alexander a text message, she said she freaked out, becoming afraid because he would get angry.

ET: Arias said she did not know why Alexander got mad if she was going to date another man, because he was seeing another woman. ET: Alexander eventually apologized to Arias for getting mad at her for not sending him pictures of his dog. ET: Arias said Alexander wanted photos Arias took of his dog so he could create a Facebook page for the animal.
And I took pictures for Napolean and he wanted those pictures so he could have pictures on the Facebook page for Napolean," said Arias. ET: Alexander wanted her to do him a favor that had to do with some photos, and he needed the file size of the photos shrunk. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias about how she would shake when Alexander would get angry.
ET: Arias said she was suicidal when she was living in Mesa, and she felt better when she arrived in California in 2008.
ET: Arias apologized to Alexander during this April 2008 conversation to get him to calm down. ET: In one text message, Alexander tells Arias she should leave him alone if she is tired of him. ET: Arias said during the conversation, she felt bullied, and was intimidated by Alexander. ET: During the March 30 text conversation, Arias apologized to Alexander and told him to have a great day. Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi is asking Arias about some text messages she exchanged with Alexander shortly before his death. Add a loving touch to your aunt’s birthday celebration by reading out the short rhyme that you wrote on her birthday card.
The message should be quite clear – letting your co-workers know that you value their support, ideas, help, team spirit and guidance in your everyday work life. Happy birthday to the co-worker who is the department’s heartbeat, your presence is what makes work-life so sweet. Arias said she was a little apprehensive about how Alexander was punching the bag, but she shrugged it off, because he had been in a good mood. Arias emphasized that she was not armed -- no gun or knife -- when she arrived at his house.
Arias is explaining how Alexander talked her into changing her plans to visit him in Mesa, Arizona. Arias said she borrowed two gas cans from Brewer, because she wanted to save money by buying cheaper gas in Nevada and Utah. The rental car agent testified earlier in the trial that Arias told him that she wanted a car that would blend in better, a white car.
A .25 caliber handgun was stolen from their home, the same caliber gun that was used to shot Alexander in the head. She also said Alexander still scared her despite the fact she lived more than 1,000 miles away from him in California. Alexander also told her that he didn't want to ever get another text message from her unless Arias apologized to him for having to take on her never-ending problems.
Adorable or funny – whatever you write, make sure it sends everyone into fits of cute giggles.
If your relationship has bloomed into a strong friendship, go the extra mile with cute posts on Facebook.
This is the beginning of Arias' testimony about her tragic road trip that included allegedly killing Alexander in self-defense.
I’m asking you before it gets to that, to stop doing it, before I start seeking revenge," wrote Alexander. Your aunt will love the fact that you made the effort to create your own poem, specially for her. Send a barrage of funny texts and share heaps of stuff on Pinterest to show that you really care. The only side effect of such a sweet gesture is that she will spoil and pamper you endlessly.

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