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You feel loved when your husband helps out around the house, and he feels loved when you tell him you appreciate him. Check out the 5 Love Languages Assessments, so you can figure out how to best communicate with your husband or wife.
That sounds like a correct assessment to me of my love language needs…I always like it when my husband did things for me, like getting my car fixed, doing the laundry, or changing little man’s poopy diaper.
A mom’s group that I belong to read the 5 Love Languages of Children – love that book too! Our pastor had my husband and I read this book as part of our premarital counseling and it was really insightful.
I’ve briefly glanced at the original 5 Love Languages, but from what I’ve learned already, I love this series of books! Have I gone through the day without fretting over what I don’t have and celebrating the things I do have? The Merrill Dubrow Blog » Blog Archive » Time to take a fun quiz on stadiums! As most of you know I love to attend sporting events and over my life I have been to a lot of stadiums.
Of the stadiums that are still around is there any stadiums that you will never go to again?
When you dive into the center of your heart, can you honestly that you love yourself unconditionally, unreservedly and freely?
When I first started on my inner journey, I did not know what is meant by having self love. The quiz is not working properly, repeating questions and telling me i am wrong when the answer i chose was the right one.
I really like the question-driven approach and I think it’s a great forcing-function to get clarity on priorities.
I was reminded of the instruction in the airplane–put your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else.
I think that Self love is so important to meet ourselves and be happy and have a better life with us , our family, friends as a whole. I did fairly decent on the test, I was brought to this post because I’ve been told twice now in two different psychic sessions that I need to have self love. Please please can you delete my personal comment that I wrote in response to your self love quiz in 2011? I just truly want it deleted, I wish I had not been so ridiculously open with my comment, and I didnt know it would be up here in a google search.

People love quizzes so much that we’ll take a quiz to find out what kind of cat we would be, answering the questions quickly with complete confidence. I challenge you to take this verbal abuse quiz with the same honesty as you would take a silly cat quiz. 3.) When someone accuses you of wrong-doing, do you automatically defend yourself no matter how silly the accusation?
4.) Do you intend to have a conversation on one topic in particular, then discover later that you did not accomplish your goal?
5.) Do you ever feel frustrated because someone immediately expresses a sentiment or observation opposite of the one you’re trying to express?
6.) Have you ever felt frustrated because someone tends to forget things that are important to you like appointments, parties with your friends, or plans you made with them just yesterday? I cannot seem to be able to choose any quiz and just sent to a page completely blank yet options to yet again take another quiz. Wow, this subject is so prevalent, there are many people who have written on the topic, especially to Tonya.
This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Or maybe you feel most loved when he spends quality time with you, and he wants lots of kissing and cuddling to feel that you care.
If you know what the other needs to feel love, you can give it to them, and start building a stronger marriage based on fulfilling each other’s real needs. In fact, acts of service were always a sign of love for me, from anyone, even though others don’t feel the same way. It’s so important to understand each other – it sure does clear up a lot of confusion and potential mess in the future! In keeping with this idea, I’d like to propose a few end-of-the-day questions for each of us. That got me thinking about my favorite stadiums and I created a fun and quick quiz that I hope you enjoy. It seems to be a great untapped resource for bringing in blog traffic too as well as a great way to get ideas for new posts. I’m glad to have scored so well, I know that years ago I would have scored much lower. It just shows Evelyn that as far as love goes we are all work under progress especially to ourselves. I hope that you can give us more articles and also quizzes like this, i really appreciate your help.

Do you forget what was so important about the conversation because someone’s angry behavior derailed you from your point? When someone blames you for the outcome of some event, do you feel compelled to defend or explain why it’s not your fault? Have you felt frustrated because you know someone said one thing but they insist they said another? There are 5 love languages, ways couples communicate with each other in their marriage to show love, and you may not have same needs as your husband or wife to feel that they care.
The 5 Love Languages site and quiz are based on a popular book, The 5 Love Languages, that goes into detail about each of the five ways of expressing love in your marriage, and has helped countless couples communicate more strongly and lovingly. My husband prefers physical touch and words of affirmation, so I make sure he always feel loved by remembering which if the 5 Love Languages are important to him and expressing these to him. I see that your first quiz has already produced great results, I am going to try that quiz after commenting. We lie or fudge the truth because we want the answer to reflect what we want to know, not what we suspect to be true.
You may not care at all about receiving gifts, or need encouraging words, but your husband might. There is help out there, I hate that people think it’s ok to treat others so horribly.
The beauty of this quiz maker is that it allows me to provide a few pointers after you have answered each question.
Take this abuse quiz as if you were trying to determine what kind of cat you would be instead of whether or not you are an abuse victim. So if you are not ready to take an honest look at your situation, then don’t bother with this verbal abuse quiz.
Learning the Five Love Languages, and what language you and your spouse need commmunicated to feel loved, is a great way to make a daily effort to show your love and make your marriage stronger.
I wonder.Let's take this fun quiz that can help us test our individual knowledge on what healthy diet really is.
Please go through the following questions and mark your answer.You will see the correct answers after the question.

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