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Alternatively, if you are in the process of typing in a long paragraph of text, just press ALT-Enter whenever you want to start a new line. Interestingly, after typing text in and inserting your own line breaks, when you make another cell active, you may find that despite your deliberate text wrapping, the cell width is too narrow.
If you are familiar with Word 2010 text formatting, similar options are available to us in Excel. If you'd like additional assistance with your business reporting, please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

For example, we can select the cell as a whole and apply styles such as bold, italic or even change the font. However, we can also apply different styles to only certain portions of text to make it stand out from the rest. You may need to insert a space before you start typing, otherwise it will look a little cramped.
When a cell is active, press F2 to edit the contents and select only the text you want to style.

Position the cursor where you want the break to appear, press ALT-Enter and the text will wrap at that point. Unfortunately, there is no way to select text you’ve already typed and then apply bullet points to it (like you can do in Microsoft Word).

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