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The fact that most of us summer session students have only 6 days left in State College until the end of classes is absolutely mind blowing.
This summer at State College has taught me many other things, but good study habits and being able to break out of my comfort zone are by far the most valuable things I will be taking away (besides the education of course). I knew at some point during the summer session at Penn State the feeling of homesickness would end up getting to me. My family has always been very supportive of everything I do, and my mother has always been my biggest motivator. I also miss my friends, and like my family, they are also very supportive of me and help me through tough times. This paper seeks to explain and dissect the movie The Help, a movie that takes place in Mississippi during the 1960s.
The entire 2011 movie The Help, directed by Tate Taylor, is the subject of this analysis paper.
Emma Stone portrays a Caucasian, college-educated, aspiring journalist, Miss Skeeter Phelan. Through watching and analyzing this movie there are many different stereotypes that can occur.
This movie’s main goal is to emphasize the racism of the South that occurred during the 1960s. Professor Nichols gave me some very valuable information: it is important to meet your professors as well as the professors involved in my major of finance. We also discussed more personal subjects, such as our experiences in Arizona with the mule-deer, coyotes, rattle snakes, and scorpions (oh my!). As well as airing in the United States, this advertisement campaign was also seen overseas, such as by audiences in Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. When picking the starring actors in this campaign, there is a clear depiction on who Apple is trying to reach in its audience. A campaign that screams such bold statements is sure to start an internet swirl of feedback.
PC’s are even more susceptible to viruses and problems now because of the drop of support.
Additionally, countless amounts of parodies have been made which attributes to the success of the ad campaign, including the triggering of the “I’m a PC” Microsoft campaign. Today in class, a special speaker came in to discuss the dynamics of the advertisement industry in two separate ways. The advertising agencies were emphasized as being the most important element in the advertising process because they actually are payed and hired by the advertisers to create a campaign for them and strategically place the advertisements they create on key mediums in order to promote the advertisers product to the best of their ability.
The Philadelphia Tribune is the most prominent and the oldest running African American print and online newspaper that was founded in 1884.
The first point that is apparent when reading through all of the articles within this newspaper is that they are all based upon or dealing with the African American population as well as a few other minority groups. The news articles that make up the Philadelphia Tribune are mainly covered in an objective manner, meaning that they present a fair, balanced, and impartial representation of the information they are presenting or the event that took place. Compared to other mainstream publications such as The New York Times, the Philadelphia Tribune is focused on local issues in the Philadelphia area as well as within Pennsylvania rather than ones concerning a broader spectrum of the population such as global issues or even issues in nearby states. The advertisements on the Tribune are also very different than ones on the mainstream newspapers in order to appeal to a more targeted audience. After reading several articles in this newspaper, it is not hard to see the values it is trying to emphasize and the audience it is trying to capture. When thoroughly reading through the articles of the Philadelphia Tribune, there are several positive and negative elements that can be drawn from its publication. I learned how to do my laundry for the first time this week and it certainly was quite the experience. When I finally found the washers, it took about four people to tell me that I just throw my laundry in the machine with my detergent pod, pay, and pick my setting (which took me another five minutes…did I want delicate, colors, or whites?). I am proud to say that after my clothes were done in the washer, the transition to the dryer went very smoothly, and I was able to do at least THAT part all by myself. Symbol Selector lets you use your Symbol, Wingding, and all the other TrueType fonts on your computer in completely new ways. First, I have adopted new study habits as opposed to my procrastinator-ways in high school. Throughout most of grade school, I was friends with the same group of people and hardly strayed out of my comfort zone.
I am sad it’s almost over, but in less than 2 weeks I will be back moving in for the start of the FALL SEMESTER!!!
State College is a 3.5-4 hours drive from my house in New Jersey, so it is not like I can easily drive home or be picked up to visit my hometown for the weekend without hours of travel. Making friends the first few weeks was hard at Penn State because I am so close to my friends from my hometown, but eventually I was able to branch out and make close friends in State College as well.
It of course has my warm, queen-sized bed (which I miss so dearly) as well as my closet (which sadly has the majority of my clothes that I could not fit in my suitcase to Penn State). Showering with flip flops for the past few weeks has been very bothersome, and I can’t wait for the moment where I am finally home and can touch the floor of my bathroom with my bare feet and not feel as if I am going to contract athletes foot or something even worse. Specifically, I miss the luxury of being able to take out ingredients from my kitchen and cooking them stove top, or even throwing together a fresh sandwich for lunch. The main purpose of this movie is to portray the racism that occurred in the South during that time period, as well as emphasize the resentment the African Americans had toward Caucasians for their cruel treatment towards them. This movie is also available in a 2009 novel form (written by Kathryn Stockett) as well as on DVD and VHS. Viola Davis plays Aibileen Clark, a writer and maid who helps Skeeter write a story about colored maids and how they perceived working for racist, white families. Celia, performed by actress Jessica Chastain, learns how to cook from the African American maid Minny, played by Octavia Spencer. Even though the movie was mainly directed toward women, it also showed how different groups of people reacted to the treatment of African American slaves. This movie also communicates the resentment that the African American slaves had toward all white people in the time period as a result of the way they were cruel treatment.
I plan to meet them some time in the beginning of August, which is when she said they would probably all be moved in preparing for their upcoming fall classes. She lived in Phoenix and I had visited Scottsdale before, so we both related to one another with our love for the state. The close-working included Lee Clow, the creative director of the entire campaign, flying from Los Angeles to Cupertino weekly to meet up with Steve Jobs to discuss their objectives and opinions on Apple’s “Mac vs.
The Microsoft brand is represented by John Hodgeman of The Daily Show, and the Apple brand is represented by Justin Long from the hit comedy movie entitled “Dodge Ball”.
According to Mac World, “if a campaign runs for a long time, it is successful.” Which leads one to believe that because this campaign lasted quite a long time, it was definitely a success. Without much surprise, Apple “fanboys” loved the string of commercials presenting the superiority of the Mac. In these Microsoft tried to disprove everything Apple stated in their commercials by showing all kinds of different people stating that they are a “PC.” It is however difficult to say whether the ads worked or not. This speaker was Professor McAllister, the head of the Media Studies department here at Pennsylvania State University. The statistics he showed us in the beginning essentially highlighted the fact that advertisement investments in print media (newspapers and magazines) was significantly decreasing, as opposed to digital media (internet, television) which was increasing.
Some of these top advertisers included Proctor and Gamble, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and Disney. The agencies include several that were named after the men that created them, however, the newer ones had more creative names, such as SapientNitro, who specializes in more electronic media advertising, which is why they were included as one of the top agencies of today. Specifically this is seen with an article on Pakistani educational activist and hero Malala Yousafzai for speaking up against the wrong doings of the Taliban. Another significant difference this newspaper has from the mainstream newspapers is the amount of times an article on the Tribune gets read versus one from The New York Times. To have an advertisement on the Tribune would be about $100-$5,000 depending on the size and placement, whereas on a mainstream newspaper, the cost would be somewhere in the hundred thousand and up.

With several articles dealing with enlightenment into tough African American lifestyles in the Philadelphia areas.
It was pleasant to read about stories that would not normally be mentioned such as a story centered on the practices of the Greater Enon Missionary Baptist Church as well as a celebratory article written about a single African American mother of two children who had managed to successfully graduate from LaSalle University while also working several jobs. I realized that I would eventually have to do my own laundry at college though, and that my mommy wouldn’t be there to do it, and even fold it nicely in my drawers once it was done.
After traveling 15 minutes on each floor trying to find where the washers and dryers were, someone kindly told me they were in the basement. Don’t get me wrong, I love my best friends from home more than anything, but always socializing with the same people made me realize that I made it difficult for myself when it came to making new friends. There are several things I miss about New Jersey, such as my family, my friends, my own room, my own bathroom, as well as my kitchen. Although I am at an advantage because I will be more accustom to being away from them by starting in the summer than the other students who will be starting in the fall, it will still be hard for me then too because I do only get about a week break in between the two semesters to spend time with them. I probably will not get to see much of them because most of them will already be in preseason for the sport they are playing in college, so my last goodbye was essentially the day I left for summer session at Penn State.
I also miss being able to go into my cupboard and grabbing my favorite snack food, and if we were all out of that food, I could just write it down on a list for my mother to simply grab at the local supermarket. Octavia Spencer plays Minny, another maid, who tends to speak her mind in a very blunt and comical way.
The leading character who is somewhat against “the help” is Hilly Holbrook, played by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Minny teaches Celia how to cook fried chicken, which can be stereotypical towards African Americans in general. It appealed to all women because the viewers saw the struggles of the women at home as well, Minny was another maid who was physically abused by her husband while Aibileen comforts her over the phone.
Originally being a novel written in 2009 and although it took place around 50 years ago, this book is also a reminder to not let people fall back into their old ways and exemplifies how severe racism could be. She also suggested that I should visit the Smeal College of Business, because that is where most of my classes will be when I start becoming more involved with finance as an upperclassman. The beautiful weather and cacti cannot be beat, even though there may be a significant lack of snowfall. An example of this change in the campaign to reach the different overseas markets was the casting change in the UK advertisements, switching out John Hodgeman and Justin Long with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, two moderately famous British television personalities who have their own sitcom in Britain called “Peep Show” (Fowler, Steinberg, Patrick, 2007).
Hodgeman is constantly portrayed as being a typical “nerd” who looks disheveled and confused. Beginning in May of 2006, and ending in 2010, the campaign consisted of a whopping 66 commercials.
On the contrary, PC users stated their case where they believed Apple was egregiously wrong. Years and years later Microsoft struck back very similarly with their strategy in their Windows Tablet vs. Studies have shown that most people do not actually know if they are persuaded by an advertisement because so much of it is done psychologically. The first way he described the advertisement business as a whole was from a cultural perspective, which was as he suggested, the way the advertisements and media companies want us to see it. He also showed us statistics on the major contributors to the advertising industry, such as the advertisers themselves, the advertisement agencies, as well as the media outlets that would be displaying these advertisements.
This newspaper discusses a wide variety of news topics such as state and regional news, health, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports (football, basketball, and baseball). Mainly in the state and regional news section, there are articles dealing with state and federal governments that do concern white officials, but none of them are emphasized much upon. However, these articles do not all have one crucial part in making them completely objective, and that part that is missing is that both sides of the story are not always present in most of their articles. Millions of people read an article from The Times, whereas the counters on the Tribune articles only range from approximately 150 to 450 readers per article, even after an article has been published for several days. On the Tribune, there are few advertisements and they are all representing the same company, Key Stone First, a healthcare plan licensed by the Cross Blue Shield Association.
An example of this introduction to their hard and dangerous lifestyles is the article entitled “Chester Residents Describe Life Dodging Bullets” which describes how people in the town of Chester have to live in fear every day that they will not be killed by getting in between a cross fire or caught in a drive-by. Although this newspaper did have its positive elements, there were also several negative aspects. Copy individual symbols and characters to the Windows Clipboard in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Windows Metafile (WMF) format.Save individual symbols and characters as graphic image files in Windows Metafile (WMF) format, or Windows Bitmap (BMP) format.
I found that reading the textbooks repeatedly really helped me absorb the information, and supplementing these readings with note cards to remember keywords and dates helped enormously as well.
At first, I was very shy and not sure how to approach someone or even start a conversation. We do find ways to keep in touch though, whether that be through texting, calling, or even Skyping each other for sleepovers even when we are hundreds of miles apart.
Although my dorm room is nice and quaint, it still does not compare to the comforting feeling of my own personal room at home. She has experienced a great deal of hardship in her life, which makes her a very dynamic character.
Hearing their stories changes Skeeter as her eyes open to the true prejudices of her upbringing.
For an example, she tries to keep Hilly as a friend even though Celia is now with Hilly’s ex. The two famous actors personify the computers they portray as well as resemble the two founding creators of both companies, a chubbier Bill Gates (for Microsoft) and a younger Steve Jobs (for Apple). Clow was not a stranger to Jobs, and they actually first started working together during the 1980s, when Clow helped release Apple’s advertisements highlighting the newly released Macintosh computer. However, after these advertisements starting airing overseas in places such as the UK and Japan, respect for the Apple brand fell almost immediately. Long however is portrayed as a “hip” young adult who is into things such as blogging and staying in touch with social media.
Therefore for one to say the ad did not work on them is not always a completely valid statement. The Philadelphia Tribune also produces the Tribune Magazine, Entertainment Now!, Sojourner, The Learning Key, and The Sunday Tribune (“About the Philadelphia Tribune”). On the Tribune’s media kit information section, it gives a clear insight into the demographics they are looking for in the individuals of their audience: African American, 30-60 years of age, college graduates, equal sex ratio, home owners, and people who make an average income of $50,000 or higher per year. Specifically, this can be seen in an article entitled “Ex-employees of Philly Abortion Doctor Sentenced”, which was recently published on June 26th and written by an unspecified author for the Tribune. This was not a surprising statistic seeing as the Tribune is centered mostly towards a specific demographic group such as African Americans, whereas the mainstream print and online newspapers appeal to a broader range of demographics because they include articles originating from every part of the world. Firstly, there are minimal advertisements on the Tribune because it is not as prominent as a mainstream newspaper, and therefore companies do not see any monetary incentives for advertising with them. Its liberal views are also apparent through the abortion article mentioned previously and an article entitled “Corbett Holds Schools Hostage”, where the journalist shows clear biases against the House of Representative Republicans. Even though this newspaper did include articles that normally would not be seen in a mainstream newspaper, they are too focused on one ethnicity (African American), which does not supply their audience with a lot of adversity. Then as I made my way down into the basement and through the doors, I realized I probably should have brought my roommate along because it was quite eerie (flickering lights, odd smell, I could go on and on).
After my roommate and I bonded though, I became more open to making new friends and was able to break out of my comfort zone and by the end of summer session, I can officially say I have made several good friendships that I hope will last all throughout college (and beyond!).
When Skeeter’s book gets published, Hilly Holbrook becomes fired up due to the details in the book.
For instance, Hilly suggests that all homes that have the help working for them should get a second bathroom so that they do not use the same restroom. She wants to be one good terms with her so she brings her one of Minny’s pies not realizing what had happened with the last “chocolate” pie that Hilly ate. But Skeeter’s background with her maid Constantine gave her a personal connection with the other maids and this touched viewers. This is seen through Skeeter, who tries to befriend the African American maids in order to help them and write about their struggles, although they initially reject Skeeter because of their preconceived judgment of her being a white Southerner.

Long is the young, better looking, easy going character that is supposed to represent MAC products as being easier to use and much more user friendly. Also, Clow assisted the company again in 1997, with its “Think Different” ad campaign, officially introducing the famous iMac laptop into the technology world (Leonard, 2009).
In these commercials, Long is also always dressed casually as well as having an easy-going personality.
Some people don’t want overbearing statements such as ‘Macs are better at like stuff’ without some sort of backing” (Richard). The main articles that appear when the headers are clicked on or when flipping through the first few pages of the newspaper regardless of what category they are classified under, are dealing with African Americans in the Philadelphia area.
This article briefly describes how two women who worked at a local abortion clinic in Philadelphia were sentenced to jail for their unjust actions of killing babies who were born alive. Another difference between the two types of newspapers is the journalists that are actually writing the articles. Secondly, the people pictured in these Key Stone First ads are both African Americans who are roughly around the same age, the only difference being one is a male and one is a female. The journalist also says that Republican Governor Tom Corbett has hidden motives in the passing of the Philadelphia school funding bill based on current revenues by wanting to pass the cigarette tax bill with it, emphasizing again the newspaper’s favoritism towards more liberal, Democratic views. Also, the articles in the Tribune did not go into as much detail as a mainstream newspapers do in their stories, most likely due to the smaller size of the newspaper leading it to have less resources and journalists compared to a mainstream publication. She is very bigoted and a braggart, a former friend of Skeeter, and does not have any compassion towards her family and friends. Hilly and Skeeter grew up best friends, but they now have very different views on race and the future of integration in Mississippi. Hilly also pushes it to the point where she wants to frame Aibileen Clark, played by Viola Davis, for stealing, which Aibileen never did. The movie took a realistic view of how African Americans and whites came together to expose the truth about their treatment. In the end however, they accept her as a friend and work together in order to expose an ugly truth.
Hodgeman is seen in this commercial as being very dorky looking, up tight, with an overall boring appearance.  Apple created this campaign in order to raise sales and take out the biggest competitor they have, Microsoft. According to TNS Media Intelligence, Apple ended up spending $264 million on television ads alone in the 2006, the starting year of its campaign.
The Cupertino Kids reported a 12% increase year after year after the start of this campaign, resulting in a 39% increase in overall sales by the end of the 2006-year.
One of most interesting ads entitled, “Meant for Work,” caused a great deal of stir out of all the 66 total ads when it was released. They can influence us in several ways, such as using creative techniques to get our attention, as well as using strategies such as selecting a famous actor or athlete to represent a product in order for us to be more apt to go out and purchase that product. This article does not only minimally describe what kind of business the two women were in, but the details that were given clearly reflected the views of the newspaper itself. The advertisements on a mainstream newspaper such as The New York Times are ones ranging from entertainment to shopping including ones for an HBO series or television event, a Marc Jacobs shopping ad, or a Citi Capital credit card deal. PC” campaign was to portray owning a Mac as the “cool” and “hip” thing to do over owning a PC computer, in a light-hearted, comedic way.
The entire Microsoft campaign is a comparison between the two tablets and what they can do. This is seen in the quote, “Investigators have described his filthy, rundown clinic as a ‘house of horrors’” (Associate Press, 2014). These advertisements on The Times also rarely include people on them and instead usually use objects or material goods to convey their purpose. The book becomes a powerful force in giving a voice to the black maids and causes the community of Jackson to reconsider the carefully drawn lines between white and black. The way the story was presented kept off any substantial criticism and unacceptance while revealing the message.
The PC is complaining about how he just wanted to do some spreadsheets, work with employers, and do business things but these “kids” happened. Microsoft points out all things their Windows tablet can do and the features it has that the iPad does not such as its USB drive, snapping on keyboard, as well as its significantly lower price. People often think there is no such thing as bad publicity, so even if this did attract much negative attention, it still attracted a great deal of it. This is one of the only details describing the actual clinic, and the terms used to describe it clearly reflect some of the beliefs the newspaper most likely has towards abortion (pro-life, liberal), which also goes along with the entire Tribune’s liberal attitude in its other articles as well. This is different from the mainstream newspapers because they tend to use journalists of all genders, ages, and ethnic backgrounds in order to also attract a wider range of demographics in their individuals who read their articles. However, these advertisements on these two different types of newspapers are similar in the fact that one may appear on the other newspaper, just using different symbols to appeal to the different audiences that the two newspapers draw upon. Long qualified as fulfilling both of those tasks by having a moderate, conversational tone as well as being a young, white male who despite given his ethnicity and age, can actually appeal to a broader range of the population due to how approachable he comes off as. Some of the major points that Apple made about PC’s include that they are extremely prone to crashing, catching virus’, are only good for business related work, used by older, less “hip” men, lacks simplicity, and is known to frustrate its customers. This “attention” (whether positive or negative) Apple used to their advantage and attribute to their immense success today. Apple’s target audience is extremely broad, and could best be described as the young adult to around retirement age, all ethnicities, both genders, as well as a wide range of economic statuses due to Apple having some products that are significantly cheaper than others (ie.
Additionally, according to IDC, a technology industry research firm, as a result of this campaign launched by Apple, their share of the computer desktop market in the United States has more than doubled. These activities have been driving him crazy and put him into “sleep mode.” Interestingly enough, once Microsoft released that they would no longer be providing support for Windows XP, Forbes released the article, “Bring Back Apple’s Mac Vs.
IDC also reported that Apple’s stock price has risen by 142 percent since 2006, when the advertisements were first released. Microsoft battle has existed for years with each company always taking shots at each other. Overall, the media certainly liked this campaign and thought the ads were positive and effective for Apple. Apple has been known to throw many witty comments into their World Wide Developer Conference Keynotes. These ads certainly did lead to increasing sales, Apple receiving several accolades, as well as cementing a negative stereotype towards PC’s for all of the viewers.
Even taking shots at a specific time during a Microsoft presentation when their demo tablet failed to work. These two companies are always thought of as enemies and opposites: consistently battling each other in all individual technology markets with their products. Although Steve Jobs has passed, him and Bill Gates were known to have an incredible relationship, and were great friends during all of the feuds. It is for anyone who uses Windows' Console mode or runs MS-DOS applications in a Windows Box. Dish Network, where DirectTV would also describe how they were superior to Dish in each one of their commercials. The HVDOSBox fonts provide greater text legibility and many more point sizes than the fonts supplied with Windows. Its easy-to-use interface and intuitive mouse-based controls come along with a number of powerful features.
Use it to quickly and easily post your messages to the editors of magazines, web archives, and information boards. It provides the users with a Scan-to-Fax function, which allows them to send scanned information to the Outbox, thus creating a new fax. It works with all modems, and is compatible with calling cards and other special dialing requirements. Works with all standard mailing labels, including Avery labels Page Of Labels for File Folders Page Of Labels for File Folders.

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