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If all you really want to do is get your ex back, then you can have a great chance of doing that through some very lovely text messages. This text is just giving them enough from you that they know you are thinking about them and that you care enough to wish them well for their day. By sending this text to an ex, you are showing them that they are the person you are thinking of in that time.
If you want to know what to text to get her back then these are some of the many different text messages that you can send. There are some texts to get your ex back that you can send that can really get their attention once again.

When they talk to your old friends and ask if you are with anyone else, they must hear that you have been waiting for them.
These texts might not seem like something that you would say but you can slightly adjust them to fit your personality and to customize them to your ex so that she really knows that they are coming from your heart. You are leaving the apology there for them to accept, think about and do whatever they wish to do with it as well. Also, after you send this message don’t force your feelings on your ex, just let this thought sit with them for a bit.
This text could really put a smile on your ex’s face and could really help them to see that you do think they are the person that you want to be with as well.

The other thing that you must remember is that sending a text message can sometimes be misinterpreted.
If you are going to choose to send your ex a message, make sure that you read over the message before you send it.
If you are thinking about how to get your boyfriend to text you back you should consider waiting a while.

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