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IntroductionThis mission is activated automatically after completing the main quest Investigating the Suicide Terrorist, specifically after leaving the building where main character lives. If you've satisfied all requirements to activate this quest, then right after leaving the Chiron building Pritchard will contact you #1. There are just some slight differences, that I corrected to make the old dbexpress versions work fine with BDS2006.
It is for me much simpler, since you need no extra components (dBexpress is inclued in BCB 6 pro). You can also print the result of the SQL query action in the Memo using the button Print Q result.

But this happens only if you've decided to let Zeke Sanders go at the end of the Neutralize the Terrorist Leader quest, instead of getting him killed. PRIMARY - Meet the mysterious informer - You do not have to fear an ambush so you can go there right away. He wants to pay you back for letting him go earlier and will give you information helping you to reach the hacker responsible for organizing an attack on the plant. You will see 3 database VCL components icons : a TZConnection, TZQuery (Z as Zeos !) and TDataSource. Return to the area near the Sarif Industries headquarters and choose a side alley leading to the north-east #2.

You'll get a new PDA in your inventory and it is worth to check it right now, obtaining a code 7984 and a password neuralhub connected with a login spaxxor.

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