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THE SCOOP: Due to its the stunning success, The House proudly announces the return of the Marvel Mangaverse! THE SCOOP: Due to its the sold-out success, The House delivers monthly adventure in the Marvel Mangaverse! Collects Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (2002), Avengers Assemble (2002), Ghost Rider (2002), Fantastic Four (2002), Punisher (2002), Spider-Man (2002), X-Men (2002), and Eternal Twilight (2002).
PART I "A New Student Comes to Quagmire High", script and pencils by Ben Dunn, inks by Carlos Castro and James Hanrahan (uncredited- impact craters on ninjas); Ichi-Kun Ichinohei and Princess Asrial both come to Quagmire planning to marry Jeremy Feeple.
Find out here as East meets West in a collision that could only be called the MARVEL MANGAVERSE! Welcome to the wacky world of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, a place where the students of Quagmire encounter female cybernetic law enforcement officers, super heroes created by zetranite-charged steam, and cosmic dogs, all while trying to study for finals.
THE STORY: As Marvin Elwood faces the awesome cosmic powers he has inherited as the new teenage Captain Marvel, he -- along with the Royal Family of the Inhumans -- must battle through the giant planet-eating virus known as Galactus! Features the characters from Ben Dunns popular comic explaining the likes of Digital Color printing and comics publishing techniques.

On the hottest day in Quagmire history, SammiA?s hard at work making deliveries for her uncle while the rest of her friends hang out at the pool. Big eyes, speed lines, and lots of tech - we're talking the ultra-popular art form known as manga, responsible for the phenoms Voltron, Pokemon, and Digimon, to name but a few! Can they defeat Terrax, Nova, Gabriel and Firelord, the four terrifying sentinels who have sworn to defend the planet devouring entity? He's just trying to get by at Quagmire High School, but who can study when your girlfriend's a super-hero?
A spoof of Ben Dunns popular Ninja High School series, featuring anthropomorphic animal characters.
But what happens when some of manga's most popular creators get their hands on some of Marvel's most popular characters? The first annual Quagmire 1000 auto race pits Speed, Trixie, and the rest of the gang against Ninja High Schools alien Asrial in Professor Steamheads new velocity vehicle. An alien skunk girl enrolls in an Earth high school on a secret mission, and becomes involved with a squirrel boy, Jeremy. It's all-new, all-different excitement when Ben Dunn Jeff Matsuda, Kaare Andrews, Peter David, Lea Hernandez, C.B.

Matters are complicated by the unexpected arrival of their respective enemies, the Car Acrobatic Team and a group of deadly Ninjas. As the Speed Racer and Ninja High School racing teams compete in the first day of the Quagmire 1000 race, ninjas try to steal the RNC's new laser cannon. So desperate is the need that an Energy Well is built on Stark Island that will tap into an unlimited source in the Negative Zone!
It's a whole new cast of characters along with plenty of the old favorites, ready to delight longtime fans and new readers alike ?
In this bookend issue, we introduce a cadre of characters that readers will see as brand new but also with a hint of nostalgia. Join us for this, the first exciting chapter in the all-new, all-different MARVEL MANGAVERSE!

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