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I've been looking around a bit to find an example of how to get a Windows Forms TextBox painted with rounded corners, but I did not find a solution. To come up with the rounded corners textbox, I started trying to work with the paint override event, but unfortunately without any result, which is due to the fact (I assume) that the textbox is derived from Windows. The tricky part then was that I first could only draw on the client area of the textbox, which resulted in a very small textbox. Now that I could fully use the graphics of my textbox, and added the coding to draw a rounded rectangle, I was still not completely satisfied because the height of my textbox was dependent on the font size. Because the rounded textbox control is part of a bigger solution I recently wrote, you will also find some custom properties, OriText, NewText, and a custom event Texthaschanged, which actually is a way to check whether the control text has changed before the Onleave-event takes place, and the custom properties provide access to the original text as well as the new text. The next method is the actual overriding of the WM_Paint event, in which the redrawing is done. I needed one textbox that accepts a number and uses separated character on each three numbers as right.
I needed an integer number, but if you think this component is useful for decimal numbers, please let me know. You can find it by looking at other people code easily, it is not difficult, but if you cope with any problem, contact me.
These three functions are normal validation functions, to make them more flexible I made another three customized functions and they will be discussed in detail in the Customized Validations section. I parse the text to an integer and if all is ok, nothing will be changed but if the parsing function throws an exception, I catch it and remove the new character that made this exception then I rearrange the textbox cursor back to its place. I parse the text to a double and if all is ok, nothing will be changed but the parsing function throws an exception. I check the text and if it's equal to the minus sign, I leave it as it is because the parsing function would throw an exception if the text is only a minus sign.
Other than these validations, I made some extra validations to make these functions more flexible, such as only permitting the user to enter positive integer values and disallowing the user to enter some specific characters. This function is the same as validateTextInteger() but I add the customizing (filtering) condition which is 'if (x <= 0)', this only permits the user to write Integers from 1 to (2^31 -1). This function is the same as validateTextDouble() but I add the customizing (filtering) condition which is 'if (x < 0)', this only permits the user to write positive double values. Note: You can change the values of this array to disallow the user to write any character you want. The GUI is simple and is only used for illustration, it has 6 Textboxes where each one of these Textboxes uses one of the 6 functions discussed in this article. Thank you so much for this , Mahmoud, this is exactly what I was looking for and it was a struggle to find the right method. I have just one doubt, I tried it, works like a charm, but if the user pastes text into it, it will allow numbers and all the other chars that should not be allowed.
In the modified package there is a file called "Globals.cs" where you can find all references. A text box control is a box in which the user can type text while the dialog box is displayed. Regular Expression Editor: You may type any regular expression in the Validation Expression text box shown above. April 23, 2005: Modified the code so that if the Validation pattern is changed at run time, it validates the data.

In order to help you I would need more information on the problem and the exact error message you are getting. I would have expexted it to be either a class level attribute, or passed to the class in an event fired when loaded into the toolbox. But then again - maybe this is just a case where the VS2005 beta 2 project conversion wizard screws up. This line of code must have been added by the project conversion wizard in VS 2005 Beta 2 but not by me.
You can set Textbox background color and foreground color through property window, also you can set it programmatically.
TextChanged Event is raised if the Text property is changed by either through program modification or user input. Maximum Length property sets the maximum number of characters or words the user can input into the text box control. By default TextBox accept single line of characters , If you need to enter more than one line in a TextBox control, you should change the Multiline property is to True.
The above code set the PasswordChar to * , so when the user enter password then it display only * instead of typed characters. From the version Visual Studio 2005, some of the controls support Autocomplete feature including the TextBox controls.
I collected some useful tips, put them all together with some logic, and came up with a satisfying solution.
The Enter key has been replaced by a Tab key so the next control in the tab order will be selected. By retrieving information about the current culture and the current cultures number format, and by using the separator that it specifies, the control would be more internationalized.
Usually the handling of a Textbox is the process of permitting the user to write only numbers (whether integers or real) or alphabetical characters. I check the text and if it's equal to the minus sign I leave it as it is because the parsing function would throw an exception if the text is only a minus sign. I catch it and remove the new character that made this exception then I rearrange the Textbox cursor back to its place. I also check if the text contains a comma ',' and throw an exception if found because the parsing function does not see the comma as an exception. Try searching for regular expressions and masked Textboxes, maybe they will suit you better than this one. The "trick" I want suggest is to catch the WM_PASTE message when it is sent by Windows to application and then answer with the appropriate function.
If the user input is invalid, both foreground and background colors may be set to preset colors giving the user a visual clue. This control will ensure that the information entered into the text box is valid for that field which it represents.
Required is the property that will allow a field to be left blank (False) or must have a valid value (True) to be able to move on. To correct the issues click on the project you are working on the one that uses the TextBox Validation Control in Solution Explorer and select Properties. What confuses me is that I don't get to see the provided toolbox image, but just the standard icon.

But then again - there's no real instance of the class being loaded at that moment is there? In order to keep the password confidential, you can set the PasswordChar property of a textbox to a specific character.
Click the following link that are going to make a Numeric Textbox which will accept only numeric values; if there are any values except numeric. Because I have found many excellent coding tips on this site, I'm posting the source here so it hopefully can be useful for someone. I came up with a way to be able to change the textbox's height by setting the multiline feature to true, but I still believe there has to be a better way for this. The second part of the procedure is to handle the input of a decimal character and format the input according to Belgian point for decimal format.
All the code I've found on the net tackles this issue with regular expressions, it works well but has some limitations. The validation of the data is accomplished by sending the text value through the Regular Expression Match class. Then select the tab you want the control to appear in, right click, and select “Add\Remove Items…”.
The last property Validation is where the Regular Expression is placed to control the values allowed in the text box.
That would rule out a "normal" control event unless a separate interface needs to be implemented that handles the loading into the toolbox. You can open Properties window by pressing F4 or right click on a control and select Properties menu item. Because I also added a method which catches the Enter-keypress and which returns a Tab-keypress instead, the multiline solution will do for my needs. In this article, I do the Textbox exception handling in a different, easy and flexible way.
If the property Validation which holds the regular expression pattern is changed at run time, the the control will revalidate the data in the text box if it is not empty. You must be careful when entering a value for Validation so that what you want to validate is correctly defined by the regular expression.
When the “Open” dialog box appears, navigate to where you have placed the TextBoxValidate.dll and click the Open button.
On the bottom of the new window is a combo box called Traget Framework Make sure that the target framework is the full version and not a Client Profile version, the Client Profile version does not have access to the dll we need. Once you have that selected then go to the TextBox Validation Control and select the same Target Framework for that project. Now when you want to use the TextBoxValidator control, just drop it on a form and set the properties. Also, if at run time the regular expression is modified, the control will validate the data in the text box if it contains any data.

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