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Ladies, I hope this gives you proper insight to what men are thinking when they hit send with a racy picture attached. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section.
It occurs because they toss it out there in hopes that you will send them nude photos back. Like its said in the article it must have worked on someone and I pray for those women who fell for that nonsense. After my divorce I talked to 3 guys and they sent my dk pics and I’ve never spoke to them again. What’s sad is I have rec’d so many of these terrible photos, I now tell guys that I give my number too- NOT to send me d**k pics! I knew women show their friends pictures of some man’s c0ck their seeing because women have a tendency to talk openly about s3x to their friends. No woman is turned on by seeing your junk, trust me all we are really doing is laughing at a man who sends unsolicited pics, its becoming too common and too damn tired. Tips You Cannot Live Without: Business Texting Etiquette You are using an outdated browser. The team at Grammar Chic specializes in a variety of professional writing and editing services. And between 2006 and 2011 the number of texts sent in the UK almost tripled – from 51bn to more than 150bn. I sent more than a thousand texts last month – five times the consumer average estimated by Ofcom. No one likes missing out on the party, and as our communities move from the traditional into the digital realms a smartphone will soon be all that stands between citizenship and isolation. Remarketing tags may not be associated with personally identifiable information or placed on pages related to sensitive categories.
Community Scene is the social network for communities, with over 18,000 communities nationwide. Phones that let you send text messages have been around for quite some time, such as the Motorola RAZR (or really any phone that has a text messaging plan).
The drawback with iPhones, Blackberries, and most other Qwerty devices is that you usually are required to purchase a data plan that includes web browsing and email (at least if you're using AT&T).
These data plans cost about $30 extra a month, in addition to text messaging support that can range from $5 a month to $20 a month depending on your phone carrier and whether you have unlimited texting or just a couple hundred texts a month (which is very easy to burn through in just a few days). If all you want from your phone is text messaging, but want to be able to text quickly and easily using a full Qwerty keyboard, then take a look at the LG Xenon from AT&T.
9 Sep 2012 You can pay for text messages, or you can use one of these apps and which Android and iOS users can utilize without using plan minutes.
When you text, write, or email anything to a woman, you are subject to the Female Show And Tell law. Your girlfriend’s best friends know your intimate details, or enough of them to make you side-eye the entire clique. His passion for storytelling and diverse interests are driven by both his life experiences, and his desire to motivate and be inspired. But if there was a chance of it happening, I would send them a pic of my uterus (trans vaginal ultrasound courtesy of my gyn. Women are too stupid to realize all the details you share about your man only heightens the chances of your friends sleeping with him. By text I can find out that my taxi has arrived, that my parcel will be delivered in the next two hours and what my train seat reservations are.

It’s how I stay in touch with friends in the run-up to, during and after our nights out. 17 Mar 2013 make a app for kodoo phones only that allows free texting without having to have wifi to use it and have lower data rates. Usually men will engage in such behaviour when they know a common interest exists, but some guys go the extra mile. This law dictates that any incriminating pictures or text messages that you send to a woman, whether solicited or not, can and will be shown to the recipients 5-500 closest female friends for review and ridicule purposes.
At this very moment, that woman and some of her friends are in a GroupMe or GChat conversation now discussing your idiotic actions. If women are that candid about their mates, how much more candid do you think they will be with a dude they haven’t been intimate with yet? I have been dating for years and it seems like the 1st thing guys do when they get the chance is send a darn nude pic asking if you want it. And since getting my first pay-as-you-go Nokia at 13, I probably haven’t gone a day without sending one.
To most of my generation, the idea that a get-together would be organised by a call from a phone box days in advance sounds as outmoded as starting a car with a crank handle. When men get your number, and holla at you, they are trying to impress you, make you laugh, and ultimately unlock the gate to your box everlasting. Smartphones have this uncanny ability to make even the most intelligent person look stupid. TextPlus allows users to send text messages and pictures to 1 Sep 2013 Earlier in the week we asked you which alternative texting apps you preferred when you want to communicate with friends without spending a ton of money. According to their logic, one of the fastest and most impressive ways to get in a womans pants, is to show women what’s in theirs! Speaking of delusional, some of these men that send women pictures of their strombone personify that term perfectly! It’s flabbergasting to me when I think about all of the incredible technological advancements that have been made in this world, but then, it is ultimately the keyboard of a smartphone that makes people look like they either never passed 3rd grade grammar class or have some really fat thumbs.
Viber uses Wi-Fi and mobile data, of course, and bypasses any Welcome to your new calling and texting app. They aren’t ashamed of themselves, and they will sext you with the biggest, pedophile-like smile on their faces. And you are ABSOLUTELY right…that picture will be shown to all of my friends and then some.
Women have asked me for some time to explain why a man, who isn’t their boyfriend, husband, or even sleeping with them, would send them cock shots? Why would men send a text that says “You tryna chill tonight?!”, when a picture of their meat can say all of that and more, right? They figure that since they are carrying a small person in their pants, one glance at this specimen on a woman’s smart phone will make their panties rain from the Heavens! Most men don’t measure up to their own illusions of grandeur, and they end up looking foolish! Here are some tips to follow when making that determination:Is the text you are about to send urgent?
Always ask yourself this question first, not only to determine if what you need to notify the other person of is important, but also to decide if you might be interrupting someone with your message. 5 Oct 2011 - 3 min - Uploaded by Perezb424he searched How to text without wifi on youtube did you notice. Ensure you have a good reason for the text before you decide to compose it.Can you send an email instead?

Most businesspeople have the ability to check their email several times per day and many individuals who are operating in a professional environment choose to receive an email over a text.
Most individuals set aside blocks of time for responding to their messages, and if you send a text, your message might get overlooked or forgotten about.Don’t text someone who only emails you.
Think about it this way, an old rule of sales is to respond to a prospective customer’s inquiry in the same way they initially reach out to you. If a colleague, boss or client emails you, you should respond accordingly and that means forgoing the text message. If you have never received a text message from that person, there is a good chance they don’t like to engage in that form of communication.If you are going to text, make sure you adhere to grammar rules.
Send Text Messages Without Paying with Smart Collect Text on iPhone No in-application purchases are required and no annoying ads are disturbing you. Learn about the Verizon Messages app, an enhanced text and multimedia messaging Can I send messages with Verizon Messages over a Wi-Fi network only?
You don’t want to throw in a ttyl and come across as a texting junkie or, worse, a teenager.Do not type in CAPS. Does Verizon Messages replace the native texting app on my phone, or can I as a text and multimedia messaging app without the multi-device sync feature 31 Jul 2014 UK network provider Three has launched the Three inTouch app, allowing customers to make calls and send messages via Wi-Fi when no With these texting apps, it's no problem. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE YELLING AND IT COMES ACROSS AS RUDE, INAPPROPRIATE, UNCOMFORTABLE TO READ AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Keep in mind that you'll need to connect your iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network to use these texting apps. If you wouldn’t send an email in all CAPS, don’t send a text message that way.Always employ punctuation. 10 Nov 2009 Without a doubt, anyone who has ever sent a text message would be SMS a€“ send unlimited texts free! There is nothing worse, no matter if you are texting as a business professional or not, than receiving a message that you have to decipher because you have no idea what the message is trying to say.
If you have one long stream of never ending consciousness that doesnt employ any punctuation grammar rules context or proper english you are going to frustrate your reader and you are going to look unprofessional and amateurish and probably lose a customer or business connection see how difficult this is to read makes you want to scream doesnt it use punctuation and dont look like an idiot (Get my drift?)Proofread your message. Ultimately, nothing is so urgent that you cannot take a couple extra seconds and ensure that the message is written properly and according to professional business and grammar standards. 9 Apr 2013 Hubski is raising funds for Tin-Can: text messages without the internet on Kickstarter! Check for misspellings, missing punctuation, improper or inappropriate abbreviations and acronyms and rest assured that your message is received the way you want it to be.Consider your tone. If you think something might come across as angry, sarcastic or inappropriate, it is always best to pick up the phone and call. Speaking to someone will save you a lot of heartburn and worry if you press send and then start to stress about how the message will be interpreted.Always include your name.
Just because you have someone’s phone number plugged into your smartphone doesn’t mean the receiver knows your phone number. In order to dispel and prevent confusion, include your name in your message.In closing, if you employ and follow these tips when text messaging in a business environment, you will be viewed as someone who is a true pro. Practicing these texting rules will certainly assist in preventing your smartphone from making you look like a dummy.

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