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I agree with everything 100%, it's just common minecraft sence(which isn't as common as one would think).
There are certain morning mistakes that can set the stage for an unproductive, unpleasant rest of the day. Below, we've rounded up seven common wake-up behaviors that you'll want to avoid — plus what to do instead. All you have to do is build a dirt wooden house, grow some radioactive cauliflower wheat, maybe blow up mine some stuff? I just don't like ones with lava in the bottom of them, or ones that are on the surface in forests. I dig a 1x1x(until the bottom) hole in the mine, cover the top of the hole with iron ore(in an obvious spot [not too obvious]), place a retarded looking sign saying "do nOt mine this iron!
Whinning causes alot of negative energy, why spend so much energy whining when you can use it to go to the gym.
Workout alone, sometimes we just need some one to push us a little, schedule a gym workout with your friend and you will less lightly skip gym workout that day. Stay on the same workout, staying on the same workout is boring and you plateau easily, always try to find new things to learn and play. Think positive, think about how good you will feel after the workout how happy you will be after your jog.
Here are 10 of the most common and hazard-causing things you can do in Minecraft, and should avoid, unless you're in Creative mode.

Working out releases endorphins before you know it, you will be addicted to BEAST MODE everyday!
Now you may think, 'Wolves can guard you from underground dangers!' True, but try making a bridge across a ravine filled with lava.
Keep the canines (and felines) aboveground where they belong, at least until jeb allows them to hold tools.
Even if you do have food, eating it for that reason is wasteful and slows you down for when you actually do need to run.
You definitely don't want to die in a forest, because it is so hard to find your stuff again.
If a skeleton knocks you off your bridge, good chance you won't live to avenge the bone-bag.
In order to be safe from them, you pretty much have to torch the spawner (which you should do anyway) or destroy it. You can easily A) be swept into the lava by the current, or B) get knocked into the lava and be unable to climb out. Unless you have diamond tools or are skimming the surface for coal and iron, don't get deep without some backup wood. Always bring at least another set of sticks (enough for another pickaxe) if you think your adventure will be short.
The Nether is a big place, and it's very easy to get lost, especially if you're looking for a nether fortress.

You find some of the most valuable items there, so always make sure to know how to get back home. Make a trail of dirt or cobblestone leading from your portal to a familiar, nearby spot, such as a blaze spawner. Especially if the area is unlit, creepers can sneak up on you, as well as other groups of mobs, and both you and your diamonds are gone. This really shouldn't be a problem for mining most things, as they break pretty quickly, but with obsidian and large veins, you need to make sure that A) a light source is nearby, B) You're well armored and able to recover health, C) No mob spawners are nearby, and D) There's not lava underneath you. Hopefully most of us here know that this is a very bad idea and it should be avoided at all costs.
But if you feel the urge to dig down, try and do it in columns of two blocks or more, and always dig the block(s) you are not standing on first.
Don't Do It!Thanks for reading my hopefully fun and informative guide on common mistakes people make and should be avoided!

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