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Here, then, is a list 10 of the things that make us happy, and prepare to be surprised or, not surprised at all because, like I said, we’re unpredictable.
That’s what comedian Bill Burr calls the exercise of a man trying, at all costs, to maintain his composure, denying himself any exhibition of emotion, even in the most dire of scenarios, in which it would otherwise be totally permissible to let loose with a pathetic whimper or, as circumstances dictated, a banshee wail. Portability obviously means being able to transport the awesomeness of your favourite thing and, in so doing, providing happiness wherever you go. The inside joke or shared anecdote is a sweet and intoxicating thing — like a solid swig of Kentucky Bourbon. It is very important to make your loved ones happy, particularly on special occasions in your lives.
But winning her heart is not as difficult as you imagine it to be, because a simple thing to say can do the trick.
I think God was on high when he created you because there is no one else in the world, who comes so close to perfection.
The way you look at me every time I say Goodbye makes it so hard for me to walk away from you.
I want to make time stand still when I am with you, but time always finds a way to fly past. I was going to tell you something special, but I forgot everything as soon as I set my eyes on you.
If you held 7 beautiful roses into a mirror, you would be looking at the eight most beautiful things in the world. No one can take you away from me ever, because no matter what, you will always be there in my heart. Just pick up one of these special and meaningful phrases and say them to the most precious girl in your life.
According to statistics, men rarely express what they feel making the relationship barren and dull, but those who are able to do so continue to have a happy love life. Saying to a girl that your day is being clear and bright means that seeing her has already made day. Saying this to a girl, that she gives meaning to your life, simply illustrates the importance of her existence, and that is a sure way to light up her day.
Comparing someone to a broken pencil might mean differently to others but if her sense of humor accommodates hopelessly romantic similes and metaphors saying this line to your girl is a sure killer.

Laying down your life means being able to sacrifice anything and everything that you have for the one you love. There is nothing perfect in this world but anything can be perfect in the subjective eyes of a person in love.
This might be the simplest words to say to your girl but it is sure to be the words thata€™ll end up etched in her heart. The scientific reason for why it makes us happy is because our pleasure centers get rocked like a goddamn hurricane. Presenting audiences with such a potent mixture of arrogance and ineptitude is, along with jazz, the great American artform. There are many ways to bring a smile on the face of your beloved and one of them is saying some special thing to her. You need not be too poetic about what you say; rather the secret lies in simplicity and honesty. It does not mean that you have to take your own life literally just to say you love her, okay? Words are only words but saying a€?I love youa€? from the heart makes a world of difference. The psychological reason is that we get a front row seat to a girl we at least sort of like being very gross for us, and us alone. Your special words can be the reason of twinkle in her eyes and smile on her lips, but you have to make sure that they come from the depth of your heart and express your true feelings towards her.
Ita€™s cheesy, but what woman could smirk at a metaphor suggesting she is as bright and sunny day as very good weather that compels everyone to enjoy the outdoors? Again, it sounds a little cheesy but if you are in love then you are entitled to all the cheesy lines you want to say. It just goes to say that whenever you look at her, you are just wordless, speechless (wea€™ve run out of synonyms for now) in describing how you feel for her.
It just goes to say that you are willing to go through uncalled-for lengths, say rivers and oceans, flash floods and storm drains, maybe even rush hour traffic, if and when she needs you. Leaving the awful past behind would be much easier if there is someone you can hold on to and inspire you to move on. It is as if you are saying that you could not ask for anything more and that you are satisfied with all the she is and all that shea€™s not.

It’s one thing to brag to friends, but this isn't something to tell your partner about, and she is going to ask. Beyond the hallowed fields of play are the hallowed parking lots and backyards of drink, and where there be drink, there shall be activities — non-athletic activities, still requiring superior skill, but without the risk of elevating heart rates or breaking sweats.
Like that time in 2006 when your buddy Jer showed up to a backyard barbecue in his unnecessarily short shorts. It is easy to win the heart of your girl by saying something which shows your love and gratitude towards her and at the same time, thanking her for letting you be a part of her life. And also take care that you say the right words at the right time in the right tone, so that you do not hurt her feelings in case she takes you wrong. But make sure you say it right so it comes across that her face is so refreshing and she makes every second of the day brighter.
And for people who like knowing that someone needs them, the feeling could be overwhelming. You can give a rough estimate, but she doesn’t need exact dates, names and circumstances. Usually, men find it difficult to make an expression of their emotions, as most of them are seldom expressive.
Saying that you miss someone does not necessarily have to mean that you are far apart or that you havena€™t seen each other for a while.
Meeting the man of their dreams and the person they are destined to be is a dream coming true. What you are saying is that even a small amount of time spent without her makes you miss her. It doesna€™t matter at all if somebody richer, more talented, and more famous than you have already said the line. The total number you divulge will get five to 10 people added in her mind whether it’s true or not.
The more she thinks you’ve slept around the more she will assume you are sexually dirty.

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