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I think that too many guys make the mistake of assuming that it's all about getting the girl, and they put far too little emphasis on keeping a great girl once they find one. If you want to succeed with women, you need to master the art of self-improvement.  Most men want to have more — or better — women in their lives.
Women dismiss a fair amount of prospective males on the grounds of ‘being creepy’, so it’s obviously important that you avoid such categorization at all costs.
There are a ton of “little things” that women look for to help them make big decisions about what kind of man you are. Great advice; The fact is that any man who truly knows how to relate to a female will testify that these things can work for any kind of woman you simply need to adapted to each situation. Just be yourself why would you go through so manny steps to be with a women that in the end is not for you? When a woman says, “I only like you as a friend” or “ I’ve been hurt, so I want to take this slow” or “I like you so much, I don’t want to lose you as a friend”, or any of the million or so variations of such statements, it can sometimes mean that you’re not doing the things it takes to create essential attraction. She looks at you, smiles back, but doesn’t at all feel the same about you as you do about her. Way back before we evolved to our current level, the process of attracting a mate both suitable and desirable may have been somewhat different to the one we’re accustomed to now in the 21st century.
Championship coaches tell their winning players, “act like you’ve been here before”, and that’s exactly what you need to do with women.
Women like what they can’t have easily, and having a little bit of a feisty attitude may help. Keeping a few simple details and gestures in mind can go a very long way in helping you become all the more alluring in the eyes of a woman. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a bypassing comment like this, maybe it’s time to stop being such a ‘nice guy’ and start doing the things you’re learning from this article in an attempt to spark some chemistry.
Humor is commonly denoted as being the most effective way to become irresistible to women, even women you might consider “out of your league.” Make a people around you laugh, and I don’t care how hot or unattainable she seems, you’ll trigger positive feelings in her that she just can’t ignore. They need you to know exactly what it was about your behavior that upset them and why -- and half the time you'll find that it was your not listening that she's upset about in the first place. Here are 10 tips you can use immediately to stand out from the crowd of men hitting on her every day. Presently, intersex relationships seem as though they function on a level of assurance and emotion as opposed to raw animal instinct, for that reason it may be important that you commit the following sternly to memory.
The best way to lose a woman you have a lot of interest in is to get possessive, desperate and start calling her 10 times a day, no matter how natural it may seem.

Of course you’ve got to gauge the patience and nature of the respective woman first of all, as there are unfortunately those who prefer the opposite in their men.
Maintaining eye contact, strong posture, not fidgeting; all of these are aspects worth deep and careful consideration. Better your self it is true but dont change who you really, Be your self but also you must put your self out there remmember you have to be in it to win it! For example, make sure your shoes and belt match, learn a little about wine or even a few pretentious foreign movies. The best way is to achieve this is to leave her wanting more, that is to end everything you share together on a high note. It’s not pickup lines or fancy clothes or losing a few pounds, if you really want to get an attractive woman to notice you, take the time to develop something unique and interesting about yourself. Strive simply to accept things the way they are, respect woman, their space and their right to their own thoughts and feelings.
You may like her and want nothing more than a retort of such feeling, however unless you give her space she may never be interested. To make matters more complicated, women tend to make these decisions on a subconscious level. The solution is to become a deeply interesting guy — the kind of guy women love to learn more about and can’t resist being around. How can you be different from the truck loads of boring guys the woman you want has gone out with in the past? Tests like this one can be a pain, but this is reality, and we have to deal with it when it shows up. Who you really are on the inside plays a bigger role in your dating life than any superficial fixes. Your feisty-ness should in turn also be confined somewhat, as too much of it can understandably become irritating. They don’t look at a man then say to a friend- “well, he maintained eye contact when I first looked at him, then he held his head up high in a dominant posture, so, I’m going to give him a chance.” Practice these simple steps and a woman will naturally want to spend more time with you. Interestingly, it’s much better to hint at that kind of attention than to be over the top in providing it. When you’re talking to a woman on the phone for the first time, and the conversation is going great, that’s the time to let her know you have to run. One way is to learn how to tease her in exactly the right way, a way that shows her that you are confident, funny and, of course; a challenge.

Showing a woman that you’re a gentleman is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and the smallest gestures go a very long way. You don’t need to make it a big deal or even call it a date.  Just ask her if she wants to go get some lunch or a coffee and get to know her. Even if you’re yet to read it in a psychological textbook, you’ll already know it in your gut: most women have a subconscious attraction to dominant men. For example, instead of buying flashy gifts or dropping obvious compliments, try saying- “I was thinking about you today” or “I just wanted to mention that I really like hearing your voice on the phone”. This gets her asking herself why you didn’t ask her out, and if she’s going to get to talk to you again.
Turn everything into adventure, learn to tell a great story and find topics that are naturally interesting to talk about. Even if you know just enough about her to merely start a conversation, use it in your approach and you’ll sound smart.
Although demonstrating dominance never means being overly aggressive, pushy or rude, it does mean taking strong action to get what you want. Please her mind and ego alike by showing a (genuine) interest in her family, friends, work, interests, hobbies, dreams, aspirations and she will be more likely to fall for you.
In order for you to become the kind of guy who can crack women up with your teasing and sarcastic remarks, you have to get good at your delivery. So make her miss you: let her wonder where you are, whom you’re with and where you’re going, and she will hope to cross paths with you more often than you think. Relate it to her (“did you know the indirect lighting in here makes your eyes look even bluer?”) and she’ll be hooked, guaranteed. I’m talking about a delivery that includes such aspects as eye contact, tone of voice and timing; it’s all important.
Put your hand on the small of her back when walking into a restaurant or across the street. It lets her know she means enough to be in your thoughts at all times, a very powerful way to stand out of the crowd. When you find something she really likes, stop, pull back and make her really want it before you tease her with a little more.

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