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Now that you are committed to the love of your life and you believe she is the one that makes you complete then I am sure you might be wondering how to make your girlfriend stay happy and content.
Are you having a hard time thinking of new and creative ways to make your man feel special? These ten suggestions should give you a good idea of things you can do to make your man feel special. Oct 19, 2011 · Knowing how to keep your girlfriend happy seems so easy, difficult.
Figuring out how to make your girlfriend happy is something that most men want the answer to.
How to write an amazing love letter to your girlfriend or a girl you like that isnt your girlfriend? Unlike the general misconception, girlfriends arena€™t delighted with expensive gifts but by small things that you do for her to make her feel special. One of the most impressive ways to let your man know how special he is to you is to “put it in lights.” That’s right put it on a sign for everyone to see. Another extravagant way to show you man how special he is to you is to have his portrait painted by a professional artist. You can make your man feel special with a personal touch by composing a poem that conveys all the reasons you love him so much.
You can combine two of the things men love most to show your man just how special he is to you. Another way you can combine a man’s love of food and you, the object of his affection, is to make all his favorite things for dinner. Though men do have an undying affinity for good food and beautiful women, they also love sports. If the idea of buying your man tickets to see their favorite team does not sit well, you can pursue a gesture of greater intimacy by mailing him a card or letter.
If you want to show your man how special he is to you with a personal touch and possess no little or no creative writing abilities, there is still an alternative. In the event that your man is extremely health conscious and does not have any favorite foods besides protein shakes and low carbohydrate beer there is yet another alternative. One of these suggestions will surely steer you in the right direction for the perfect sentiment.

Get the inside scoop on gifts your girlfriend or wife really wants and never forget an important date (again). Blizzcon 2011 gamers and cosplayers teach you how to make your girlfriend happy keep her in the relationship. No matter how different your girl might be the following rules will definitely make her blissful while it proves you to be Mr. You can do this by renting a billboard, airplane streamer or video screen at a sporting event. Contrary to popular belief, men love to look at themselves as much, if not more than women do. If you are not a great cook, you could order out for his favorite food or take him out to his favorite restaurant.
You can take advantage of this and get him tickets to a sporting event that features his favorite team or player. This card or letter should not be sent for any other reason, but to tell him how special he is to you. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make him feel special by getting him an autographed picture, framed print or lithograph of his most cherished hero.
The best way to find a local artist that will take on such a project is to contact local art galleries. Fortunately for women, men generally appreciate the thought of the meal more than the meal itself. There are many galleries that specialize in authenticated autographs and prints of distinguished sports, political and acting heroes.
Once you have done this, choose the sentiment that will most likely illustrate to him just how special he is to you. If you really want to write him a poem, but have no talents in the poetry department, you may want to seek help from a published poet.
Use your computer to compose and print an insert for the CD or tape that explains why these songs remind you of just how special he is to you. Though many such items are offered through online auctions, you must be weary as to their authenticity. Compliment Her: Enlighten her by saying that she is gorgeous, especially when she is least expecting.

Tell the poet exactly what you want to convey and see if he or she can put into poetic verse. Make him his favorite lunch and sneak an erotic, but tasteful picture of yourself in to surprise him. If you think it might not be a truly gourmet meal, make up for it by having his favorite bottle of wine or six pack of beer on hand.
If you are not interested in sports at all, arrange for his best friend to pick him up and escort him to the game. If he has a job that does not allow for such personal correspondence, send it to the address at which you both live. Olives, caviar, pickled quail eggs, smoked oysters, almonds, beef jerky or chocolate covered cashews are just a few examples of the foods you might include. Somehow, a card or letter means so much more when someone took the time to actually mail it.
If so, you may want to make the afternoon or evening sporting event a surprise and arrange for a limousine to pick you up.
Instead of saying, a€?Your hair is beautiful,a€? try saying, a€?I truly like the way you did your hair today.
Defend Her: When a girl knows that her man has her back she is not only happy but feels secure as she knows that she can rely on him in any circumstances. This will allow her to free her inner spirits which will eventually secure the relationship even more. Return Her Text and Calls: Let your girl know that she is always on your mind even if you arena€™t with her in person. Whisk her away to an unexpected romantic weekend, trip or dinner but make the plan only when you are sure that she wona€™t be having stuff to do during that time.
Never try to ignore her if you dona€™t have a real good reason as it is most likely to make her sad. Dona€™t make her think she is dim-witted just because her way of thinking is different from yours on everything.

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