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We all want people to see our latest Instagram photo or video, and we all want free Instagram followers.
Make money, develop relationships and show off a world beating product is not everybody’s cup of tea. Trade Shows are of course a serious exhibition for making millions of pounds, boosting your company’s growth and developing something or other that makes those numbers fly.
Notwithstanding the seriousness of a company’s marketing plan, using humour in times of economic negativity is in fact a brilliant device to engage consumers and clients as we all need some light hearted cheering up and a return of investment can also be  measured through people and not just numbers.
Check out this great video of a fun and vibrant exhibition stand by Nimlok Exhibitor in 2011.
Then read on to enjoy some unique ways to make an impact at your next trade show whilst entertaining yourself too.
Trade shows for both the serious and the light-hearted are about engaging unpredictable, ego eccentric and charming people who can offer attractive and articulate communication and services.
Here are ten top tips which may raise an eyebrow or two and will certainly give you something to look forward to at your trade show if nothing else.
OK in all fairness to salesmen they are sometimes a good bunch of people just doing their job. Enough to test any exhibitor and it gets really interesting to watch out how skilled they might be to divert your interest from just the exhibition stand towards their own product. You are actually doing each of them a big favour whilst putting yourself around a bit with a wide smile on your face. Even if they are answering you incorrectly (because of course you already know the answer to your question) make sure you nod in agreement and show an interest in all they have to say so as not to leave them feeling humiliated. They won’t approach you a second time as they know you are going to run off as soon as they make a move.
This is so much fun and a brilliant way to make those new connections in a fun and informal atmosphere.
Someone somewhere is going end up videoing these antics and they are bound to post it out on Facebook or Twitter or even Youtube.  If you can catch them at it …then ask them to please tell everyone who you are and remember to give them your business card!

Keep your tweets lively and entertaining and make sure you add some photos and short video clips if you can. Author Bio – James Barnett is an author on behalf of Nimlok providing research articles into business strategy and new technologies. If your Facebook friends or Twitter followers see you have Instagram, then they are more likely to follow you. Sites such as Curalate and BlitzMetrics provide analytics on photos and videos for Instagram so you can immediately see what content is popular and this can form the strategy for future shares.
So using poor or irrelevant hashtags such as #Building for a famous landmark won’t happen again!
Therefore something as simple as Here’s a picture of my pasta meal…what’s your favourite pasta meal? So if you have a competition to create the best pasta meal (yes I do love pasta!), users can take theirs and share them with you. If you stick to some or all of these you can sit back and relax and see those followers increase! There is no longer any need to just have a few boring pin boards and one or two uninteresting tables with your products on.  An innovative eye catching trade stand will help you to stand out from the crown and draw people in. They are complimentary business events with very interesting people, but over the course of a long trade-show you may need to keep yourself entertained to pass the time and enjoy yourself in the heat of the business competition. Arrange to go out with one of the sales staff for lunch and then sneak back to the booth later and ask his boss out for dinner; repeat throughout the show.
Either way you make new connections and you could come away with a great deal OR at least a free dinner. Play the drinking game: When an annoying salesman asks you a question take a slow long hard swig of water whilst pulling your stoniest Clint Eastwood face and say ‘I don’t like your attitude’. Compliment the exhibition stand designers for the best product demonstrations and showcases, ensuring you go over the top and avoid paying any attention to the featured product or service.
Collect giveaways from various exhibitors and then return them to different exhibitors, try and add to the confusion and muddle as much as possible.

Tell them you would like to talk more about your questions and get their email address or connection on a social network. Walk past the trade booth look interested, and just as somebody tries to engage you, bolt as fast as possible.
This way you can browse their stand in peace and they will leave you alone letting you approach them in your own good time. Find a booth that has music playing and start dancing; see if you can get any of the staff or even passers by to join in. So this blog is going to provide TEN quick ways to gain more followers on your account from both a personal and business perspective, including an app to get Instagram followers. Remember: you can’t get Instagram followers without following, and there are several ways to buy Instagram followers with a little charisma. For instance, hashtagging a pasta meal with #pasta, can attract other pasta lovers who also take photos of pasta! This takes the pressure off you whilst making a new connection and usually they will be only too pleased to take your contact details and learn a bit more about you too.
That way you can say you found out some interesting stuff re your question and guide them through their new learning.
There may be local tourist attractions and events; Milton Keynes for example has an indoor snow dome.
You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.

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