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People are often very creative after their hearts have been broken into more than two parts. Nothing will surely hurt your ex more than seducing and sleeping with his father or brother. You could also take pictures of him and use it for blackmailing purposes, such as if he squeals, then you’ll reveal the pictures to his new girlfriend or to his family.
You’ve always been the perfect girlfriend, at least when it came to appearance and personal hygiene. Another alternative is to set up a Multiply account or blog using your ex’s name and dish everyone he ever hated. If your ex-flame already has a new lover in his life, who happens to be the girl he was sleeping with while he was on the phone showering you with i-love-yous, then it’s time to spread the hate. Surely, any parent will flip out of their wits if they find out an unwanted pregnancy occurred.
It may seem a bit immature but throwing his stuff away or having it auctioned or sold for the good of charity is a great way to piss off your ex.
There are many ways to get revenge on your ex, but the best way is to make him regret that he dumped you or that wasn’t good to you—good enough, that is! There are times when you just have to let bad things slide; after all, bad things come all the time. In this list are ten ways two get revenge on your philandering, pompous and good-for-nothing boyfriend.

You could also tell their parents to lecture their children about safe sex and the perils of an early pregnancy or marriage.
Earlier, we mentioned about creating a blog or any online account that you could use to disseminate his dirty little secrets.
Make him feel inadequate by going to the gym and shaping up.You could also learn a new language or take up a new hobby to keep you busy. Instead, you’ll be that (insert debasing word for a female here) that stepped on his ego to leave a lasting imprint. However, when it involves two-timing ex boyfriends or no-show exes who do more than stand you up for dinner, then the thought of revenge becomes more than just a wishful desire. Some of the items on this list may seem far-fetched, but believe it or not, all of these have been tried and tested. You will have to deal with being called a slut, whore, floozy and all those other words that connote a very sinful woman.
With that blog, your ex no longer has to backstab the people he hates, and the people featured in his blog will finally find out what an ass he really is.
Point is, the next time you and your ex bump into each other, you should look and feel better than him.
By ready though, for if you do this, you will become the modern Mary Magdalene in front of your ex’s eyes and his family. Brian didn’t do this out of mere spite, but to ask DJ, who owed him thousands of dollars, to pay up.

You could create a youtube account using his information and upload nasty tranny and other pornographic videos under that account.Next, invite his friends to view his account.
If he says you can’t sell or auction them, tell him that leaving his things behind made them yours. Okay, the drugs may seem a little off hand so you could opt for booze to do the job instead. All those phone calls confirming his death will not only be time consuming but irritating as well. His friends will be surprised that your ex is into kinky stuff they didn’t even know existed.
Better still, you could date someone new and flaunt him to your ex the next time you both get invited to the same event.
If you plan to do this, be ready to be labeled a crazy obsessed ex-girlfriend who needs meds and sessions with a psychiatrist. While he’s asleep, shave off his eyebrows and all his pubes down there and everywhere.

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