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The common misconception among women who have been dumped is that there is a special, specific process involved to getting an ex-boyfriend back that differs from attracting him initially.
The best way to get an ex-boyfriend back is to bring back that initial spark that allowed him to notice you in a crowd to begin with. It’s imperative to get your mind wrapped around the reality of the situation as it currently stands as well as focusing on your long-term goals.
Try to remember the way it felt the first time you kissed or what little quirks used to make you laugh.
Once the initial starts have been firmly implanted, take yourself in the opposite direction and remember the time leading up to your breakup.
It’s often easy to get wrapped up in your own needs, emotions and thoughts after a breakup. Can you take yourself back in time to when you and your ex-boyfriend first started seeing each other?
If you continually try to fight him on his decision and force him to change his mind, you’re working against your end goals in a big way. No one starts seriously reconsidering a breakup that’s already happened unless they can be made to miss their ex. Every guy in the world is drawn to a woman who clearly demonstrates that she knows what she wants. You need to figure out how to pick yourself back up and put that spring back into your step and you need to do it soon.
Guys may claim to want a girl they can take care of but surprisingly enough, autonomy or independence often are more likely to draw a guy’s attention. Your ex probably has a pretty clear picture of you in his mind – or at least a picture of what he hopes to be the case. Sadness and the feeling of being alone are natural for both parties after a relationship ends and your ex is hardly immune. It may be a knee-jerk reaction to fall into the pattern of mind games or a hot, dramatic mess. Designed by Michael Fiore, this system is specially created to not only teach you what to say and when to say it but also what should be avoided. This system is based on 5 foundational ideas that need to be comprehended completely before the rest can be put into play. Once a breakup has taken place, many women instantly want to learn how to get back their ex-boyfriend’s attention. If you’ve held on to some kind of residual contact with your ex-boyfriend, the first thing you need to do is stop it in its tracks.
What do you think your boyfriend thought was going to happen when he broke off the relationship?
A lot of women simply don’t think a no-contact policy after a breakup is an effective strategy to rekindle an old flame. The more your ex pulls away, the more you try to contact them until finally; they avoid talking to you completely. The urge to reach out and talk to your ex may be overwhelming, but it must be avoided at all costs.
A lot of women fall into the trap of making their desperation obvious in front of their ex.
As the gap between you and your ex-boyfriend expands, it may be a normal knee-jerk reaction to overcompensate.
Regardless of what you may think, he’s not going to respond well to anything you send him or a well-crafted note of explanation. Becoming a stalker may seem like a reasonable course of action after an unwelcomed breakup. If you find your instincts are almost unbearable, you need to go back to the beginning – right after your breakup first took place.
No one can overhaul their personality at the drop of a hat – and no one should want you to.
How long do you think you could pull off pretending to be someone you’re not – even if he agreed to give it a shot?
Instead of trying to turn yourself into a different person to please someone else, see if you can correctly identify areas where you may admittedly need work.
If you’re looking for quick results and the best scenarios to get your ex-boyfriend back into your life for good, you need to check out the Get Him Back Forever system. You will want to put some undiscovered psychological techniques into practice with Get Him Back Forever.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. No matter how much it hurts, you need to take yourself on a journey back to your relationship’s initial stages.
Focusing only on your side of the coin is counterproductive to changing your current situation. Does he see someone who is acting irrationally or impulsively by sending him text after text or calling him 20 times in a row when he doesn’t pick up the phone? You’re expecting to reverse the process of your breakup without becoming something of value that would make him stop and reconsider. You used to spend all your time together, but now your ex is ignoring your calls, not responding to your messages and avoiding you altogether in person.
If he catches on that you’re still into him and that your feelings are still as strong as ever he will never have a reason to reconsider the breakup. He’s starting to second-guess everything he was once sure of and starting to doubt his basic decision to let you go at all. A woman that can display self-confidence without coming off as conceited or arrogant will typically draw every head in the room wherever she goes. Women are plagued with self-doubt throughout their lives much more frequently than men are. The faster you can return to the happy-go-lucky, self-assured woman that your ex first fell for, the sooner you can repeat the process. It’s easy to fall into the role of a nagging or emotionally clingy girlfriend especially if you experience uncertainty within your relationship.
You were enjoying everything that life had to offer when your ex-boyfriend entered the scene. He’s going to be missing a lot of the positive aspects of your relationship and is going to be finding himself in a vulnerable place. If you poll guys across the board, their biggest turn-off is always a girl that fosters a lot of unnecessary drama.
No one wants to put up with that potential headache – especially with all the other options available. It maximizes your success and can help you avoid mistakes that could prove counterproductive to your goals. Strength is a powerful tool of attraction and men chase after women that are sure of themselves more often than not. You need to be careful to not make a lot of the common mistakes that are made after a breakup, these turn guys right off and will undo all of your work thus far in trying to make him attracted to you.

They are unable or unwilling to let go and they will fight tooth and nail to keep their ex an important part of their lives. This makes a bad situation even worse and can make a later reconciliation all but impossible to achieve. You can remind yourself that it’s better for both of you this way and it will make reconnecting with him later on even better.
Since confidence is an attractive trait to both sexes, what do you think desperation does for your chances?
You can break down with your girlfriends or at home alone all you want, but you don’t want him to see you at your most vulnerable. If his birthday passes, calling or texting him to wish him a good birthday is acceptable but sending him the latest version of his favorite game is not.
You have justified all your actions as perfectly acceptable behavior and you’ve completely fooled yourself into thinking that your actions are normal. Reestablish your no-contact policy and take a much-needed step back from the situation before it becomes even more volatile. If you always have to put a fake smile on your face to make your guy happy, you are not doing yourself any favors and it’s unlikely that you will experience true happiness. There was some distinct quality about you that he used to find unbelievably attractive, and you can bring that attraction to light again – without having to change who you really are.
Not only can you recreate his initial attraction towards you, but you can put these techniques into practice almost instantly. The human mind is a miraculous machine that is engineered to behave in certain ways when confronted by specific triggers. Complete with written and audio sections, it is easily downloaded and can be applied instantly to get positive results quickly.
It could seem asmall vain, but looking awesome and like youre possessing the time of your lifetime is an evilway to make positive youre on your exs intellect.Start by providing by yourself a whole makeover. If you employ the same methods you used at the beginning before you two became an item, your chances are high that they will again be successful. He’s interested in something new and different from the way your relationship ended up. Remember how good it felt to get a text message from your ex, or your first big day together. It’s easy during the beginning stages of a relationship to focus on only the positive aspects of your potential partner rather than fixating on flaws that later drive you apart. It’s how you grow together despite your imperfections that define you as a couple and what pushes you together through hardship instead of ripping you apart.
You need to regain control of yourself completely and not allow your thoughts or feelings to dictate your mood or your actions.
How can your ex-boyfriend possibly realize that he misses you if you’re still there nagging him all the time? That independence was likely a big reason that he was initially drawn to you to begin with and right now, it’s imperative that you get it back. He never in a million years is picturing you moving on faster than he is, out there enjoying the world and even possibly dating someone else.
Anything that they perceive to be out of reach is something they will practically fall over themselves in the attempt to catch. While it may be fun to play along with a drama queen for a while, it gets old quickly and no guy is going to want to deal with that for an extended period of time.
That’s what makes the Text Your Ex Back System so valuable to women who find themselves in a situation similar to yours. With seemingly endless examples and specific instructions, this system can give you exactly what you need to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, need you and want you back – and it can be put into action immediately.
This intricate and detailed guide will have you quickly on the path to success and is in plain language that is easily understood.
Little do they know that if the attraction returns successfully, it can often be stronger than ever and lead to a lasting, fulfilling relationship.
Confidence is not simply an act you can put on like a new coat – you need to believe it. Keep the goal in mind and power through the more difficult aspects of severing ties completely. He’s looking for every justification possible to let him know he made the right decision. He’s going to start questioning his own feelings again and be prompted to make a move before some other guy takes you off the market.
By exercising caution and being aware of your behavior and the way it is perceived by your ex, you can increase your overall chances of reuniting with your ex. They try every available method to convince their ex of their mistake and to try and talk them into changing their minds. He probably had a long time to consider the pros and cons of ending the relationship when he did even though it took you completely by surprise. In order for him to start recognizing the fact that he misses you being a part of his life, you need to be gone first.
Money doesn’t buy happiness, and you should not be blowing yours in a misguided attempt to regain his attention. What does it matter if you spend some time outside of his apartment building, waiting in your car? You don’t want to frighten him off for good, and you need to get your emotions under control before you make a critical mistake that can ruin your chances completely.
No attempt to convince your ex that you can suddenly become someone else is going to go over well. In order to truly be happy, you need to be comfortable with who you really are – and you need to be with someone that finds your individuality unbelievably attractive as well.
This step-by-step easy to follow guide can be put into practice easily and can work flawlessly if you follow its tips and tricks correctly.
You can listen to one of the world’s most renowned relationship experts personally talking to you and guiding you easily through the process of getting your ex-boyfriend to chase after you just like he used to. You can change the entire way he sees you by bringing your old self (and your old connection) back to life.
If your ex was exhibiting those behaviors if the situation were reversed, would you find it attractive? Before you can be someone that your ex sees as attractive, you have to let go of the hurt and pain caused by the breakup and find a way to focus on self-improvement. That doesn’t mean, however, that it cannot be brought back by employing specific methods to rekindle all those old feelings. Now is not the time to be all up in your ex’s business trying to give him the third degree about every aspect of his life.
In order to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to set your inner insecurities aside and focus on the positive aspects of yourself instead.
This is your biggest asset in this whole process, and it’s one that you have every bit of control over, regardless of what he does, says, thinks or feels. If you’re anxious to get started, check out the video for the free introduction to get you on your way fast. You want his curiosity to become nearly unbearable and that simply can’t happen if he has easy access to all the information he needs about your daily life.

If you can answer that in the affirmative, you may have isolated part of the underlying problem.
He’s expecting to see you lonely and broken-hearted and not ready to face the world without him.
By seeing you enjoying your new life without him, his doubts are going to start creeping up more and more often. If you fall into the trap that these errors present, you can squash your chances before they ever get off the ground.
By continually contacting their ex, they are only cementing the breakup further and causing their ex to withdraw from them completely. You can start planning your next moves and trying to figure out the perfect time to put them into action. How would you react to seeing someone broken down so completely, practically begging for another chance?
The more you insist on sending him little surprises, the more he will want to avoid you altogether. If he catches you staking out his apartment building, he’s going to do everything possible to avoid you even more. These aspects of your personality can be adjusted positively and will make a big difference in your future relationships regardless of who they’re with.
You want to increase your chances by acting quickly and proactively and this system is specifically created to enhance your ability to make that happen. You can turn your breakup upside down and reverse the whole process quickly and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Take a look at the free video introduction and find out why this program is hailed as one of the best tools available to get an ex-boyfriend back for good. Even if he is courtinganother girl he will be pondering about you and comparing her to you. The more specific you can get within your memory, the better chance you have to take a good hard look at what’s changed.
Chances are good that one or both of you lost sight of that reality somewhere along the way.
You need to let go of your feelings of anger or betrayal and become more positively oriented. Then (and only then) are you in a position to act, and you have a much higher chance at success than you would have before.
All of those things that are within your control can be used to your advantage if you know how to use them correctly. He’s not obligated to give you answers anymore and if you push him, you may push your chances right out of the door along with him. Take the battery out of your phone if you have to, but do it for your own benefit as well as his. Instead, take action to implement a new and lasting change that can change those old behaviors for good. The sooner you can not only realize that it’s true but put it into action the sooner you can reverse the situation completely and get back to where you want to be. Remember that the things that drew him to you in the beginning are still a part of who you are. Instead of focusing on the here and now, take a good hard look at the big picture, slap a smile on your face with your favorite shade of lip gloss and go for the gusto. Maybe he thinks you’re preoccupied with a pint of chocolate ice cream and a giant box of Kleenex. Avoid them successfully and you can almost guarantee a higher chance of achieving your goals.
Why would you want to give the guy that just left you the satisfaction of seeing you at your lowest point anyway?
You find a replacement part for his favorite gaming system just magically on sale somewhere. Wait until you get back together and think positively that you’ll soon have the opportunity to give it to him personally. You find an excuse to drive by the office during your lunch break just to catch a glimpse of him. You are demeaning yourself and lowering your unique individuality to try and please someone else – and no one is worth that kind of devotion.
This is precisely whatyou want to realize as now he could be starting up to regret his actions.Make out that you have to be someplace and are obtaining completely ready to go out. If you can push past the recent negativity and focus on the beginning again, you can put yourself into a mindset that will foster reconciliation.
You need to escape the cliche of an ex-girlfriend and get back to the way you used to be and there is no better time than the present to get started. The best scenario for both of you is to give him the time and space that he asked for in the first place. The sooner you can commit to a no-contact policy, the sooner you can be on your way to a reconnection with your ex. It’s simply better for both of you if you take a step back and allow him the space he needs while giving yourself the time to heal.
It can be tempting to give in to the urge to start sending him gifts to show him that you still care. The best thing you can do for yourself is to knock it off and give your heart (and your pocketbook) a much-needed break.
If you can bring back your former self in all your glory, you have a huge chance of not only catching his eye but regaining his attraction – and this time can be for good.
But if you brush off your pride and grab the bull by the horns, he won’t be able to help himself. Go see all those movies that your ex never wanted to see and drag your friends along with you. When you do that, your change in demeanor will be evident to everyone – including your ex. While it’s never advisable to make drastic changes to the core foundation of your personality just for the benefit of someone else, everyone can make some improvements somewhere. Not only will you remember how fun it can be to go out and enjoy yourself without any obligations, but your ex will take a serious blow to his own self-confidence. His curiosity will naturally grow and he will want to be a part of your new-found happiness. This will only function if he nonetheless has emotions for you.If youre feeling like your boyfriend dumping you was the erroneous idea and that the two ofyou have a foreseeable future with each other, but you never want to seem needy anddesperate by begging your ex to arrive back, there is a resolution.
There are issues you cando thatll make your ex want to get again with you without having you declaring even a wordto him!Genuinely, when it arrives down to it there ought to be as tiny speak to with your ex as isachievable for about a month directly immediately after the break up.

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