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An Amazing Fact: A man stopped at a bar in the Los Angeles airport to relax a few minutes before catching his plane. But realizing he had lost track of time, he raced out of the bar and hastily asked directions for the departing gate to Oakland. I have a friend who was once trying to fly from Australia to Dulles airport in Washington, D.C. The name of God was so sacred to the ancient Jewish scribes that they used a special pen to write the name of God as they reproduced the Scriptures.
One author put it this way: a€?Angels are displeased and disgusted with the irreverent manner in which the name of God, the great Jehovah, is sometimes used in prayer.
Following a bloody Civil War battle, Jack kneeled by a mortally wounded soldier on the field.
For months, he and other war veterans would ride the trains looking for some farm work hoeing weeds in exchange for a hot meal.
He made his way to the address on the letter Bill had given him so many years before and found there a large New England home.
With tears welling up in their eyes, the couple read the last letter from their beloved son.
This was one of His prime objectives in coming to our worlda€”to reveal through His life who the Father is. Nobody seems exactly sure how to pronounce the combination of four Hebrew consonants, YHWH, which is known as the Tetragrammaton (a Greek word, meaning a€?four letters,a€? used to designate the consonants of the divine name Yahweh). In time, it was thought that the divine name was too holy for a person to even pronounce at all.
Jewish scholars in the Middle Ages developed a system of symbols placed beneath and beside the consonants to indicate the missing vowels.
Earthly parents dona€™t become angry when their toddler says a€?Dadaa€? instead of a€?Father.a€? A good father is excited that his child is starting to recognize him as an important person in the young onea€™s life.
Do we baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as stated by Jesus in Matthew 28:19, or in the a€?name of Jesus Christ,a€? as Peter notes in Acts 2:38?
Of the 70 references to baptism in the New Testament, only five make a reference to a specific name or title of God to proclaim.
The pastor could say, a€?Do you, William Spencer Peabody III, take Rebecca Marie Ann Hunter?a€? Or he might simply say, a€?Do you, Bill, take Becky?a€? As long as the parties involved and the witnesses understand who is being married, the wedding is legally binding. But in reality, they might have only met as a passing acquaintance or not even know the person at all.
Acts 19:13a€“17 tells the story of the seven sons of Sceva, who decided to invoke the name of Christ to cast out demons.
His name, in whatever forma€”whether Elohim or El Shaddei, is not some enchanted word that must be pronounced correctly, as if casting a spell. He also concealed the burial place of Moses to prevent people from making it a shrine (Deuteronomy 34:6). The miracle happened by virtue of the power, authority, and person of Jesus, not by the correct utterance of His name.
Sadly, some people merely become a€?nominala€? Christians, meaning a€?in name only.a€? These people are essentially taking the name of the Lord in vain. I was raised in an environment in which tremendous emphasis was placed on conducting yourself with integrity and honor, that you might build a good name. Any bad behavior or questionable conduct will not only be damaging to our personal reputations and that of our familya€™s, it will also ultimately bring reproach on the name of Christ.
When the fighting became severe, the young man would start to retreat while everyone around him fought on.
Jesus began the Lorda€™s Prayer by saying, a€?Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed [holy] be thy namea€? (Matthew 6:9). When bikers see the triumphant name of Lance Armstrong branded on some bicycle product, it instantly adds credibility and value. One group receives the mark of the beasta€™s name on their a€?foreheada€? (Revelation 14:9, 11). First, John describes those people as those who a€?follow the Lamb [Jesus] whithersoever he goeth. He opens by describing his vision of four angels holding back the four winds of the earth, that no wind might blow on land or sea.
Many products cana€™t be sold without a seal of approvala€”the seal that tells us that a product has passed all the necessary tests. The end will come when Goda€™s name is written on every one who chooses to be loyal to Him. Genuine faith joins the head with the heart, not just information alone and not just emotional feeling.
The results of this promise will be the a€?settling into the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so they cannot be moved.a€? To have Goda€™s name means having His lawa€”not just the written words of the Ten Commandments, but its spirita€”written in our hearts. Treasury, I get excited because I know the check is associated with a name that has yet to send me a bad check. Ptolemy insisted that the building should bear his inscription as a personal memorial; however, Sostratus didna€™t think the king should get all the credit for his work.
For example, Jacoba€™s name means a€?supplantera€? or a€?con artist.a€? Sure enough, he tricked his twin brother Esau out of his birthright and his blessing.
After hurrying through a maze of terminals, he handed the flight attendant his ticket and scurried onto the plane just as it was about to depart.
Each time they came to the name of God, they would set down the regular pen and pick up a holy pen that was used only for writing Goda€™s name. They [angels] mention that name with the greatest awe, even veiling their faces when they speak the name of God; the name of Christ also is sacred, and is spoken with the greatest reverence.
Jesus promises that when we come to the Father in His name, we will have the same reception. But each name that God reveals serves as an important key in disclosing His power, holiness, and desired relationship with His people. This is why Jesus said to Philip, a€?He who has seen Me has seen the Fathera€? (John 14:9 NKJV). The implication is that the proper pronunciation of Goda€™s name is required to have prayers answereda€”or even is necessary for salvation. Thus YHWH appeared with the vowels from a€?Adonai,a€? reminding them to say a€?Adonaia€? when reading the text aloud.
What about, a€?Your thick accent makes it hard for me to understand if you are calling my namea€?? Likewise, our heavenly Father is primarily concerned with whether or not we know Him and have a strong relationship with Hima€”and not with whether we have the Edenic pronunciation of His name down pat.
One time it says, a€?Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghosta€? (Matthew 28:19). Apparently, these itinerate Jewish exorcists saw Paul successfully evict devils using the name of Jesus.
It is also possible that God does not want us to worship Him because He has a glorious form or a mystical name, but rather because of who He is: our Creator.
We often think of this commandment as primarily condemning profanity, and it surely does, but that is the least of its meanings. The general summoned this soldier, whose first name was also Alexander, and said, a€?I hear how youa€™re behaving in battle.
The other group is going to have their heavenly Fathera€™s name written in their foreheads. We see one seal on the bottom of our electrical appliances: the Underwritera€™s Laboratory Seal of Approval.
These last-day Christians have discovered the validating assurance of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and they live in accordance with His guidance.
But the fine print read, a€?If you are selected, you may get a check that says just that!a€? I never get excited when I see these kind of checks. Jesus told us that a€?whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. For decades, the sea dashed against the inscription and gradually eroded the plaster facade.
In the redeemed, who have shown the whole universe what God envisioned when He devised His salvation plan. Others were prophetic, pointing to a future event in the persona€™s lifea€”as it was with Jesus (Matthew 1:21). But after Jacob wrestled with an angel and confessed his sin, God changed his name to Israel, meaning a€?Prince with Goda€? (Genesis 32:29). After storing his briefcase, the weary traveler slumped into his seat and drifted off to sleep.
Ia€™m sure the look on the Dallas cabdrivera€™s face was priceless when my friend gave him an address found only in Frederick, Maryland. After saying a prayer, they would write Goda€™s name with the designated pen and then resume their work with the a€?regulara€? pen.

Bill also knew he was dying, so with trembling fingers he reached into his blood-stained pocket and handed a letter to his comrade. To take the name of the Lord in vain means to take His name unto yourself and say that you are a child of Goda€”but then live like the world. Their intellectual grasp of the truth has reached its transforming purpose; these are men and women who have developed characters that will vindicate Goda€™swisdom and patience, contradicting Satana€™s lies that Goda€™s will is impossible for humanity. Though it lasted the lifetime of Ptolemy, it was finally obliterated, leaving the name a€?Sostratusa€? for all to witness.
He wants to take the bad name wea€™ve made for ourselves and give us a good new name provided by His Son.
When he awoke two hours later and examined his watch, the man wondered why the one-hour flight was taking so long. The demons obeyed because of Paula€™s faith and the authority and the power of Christa€™s name. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.a€? The a€?frontlets between [the] eyesa€? were to symbolize that Goda€™s commands were a€?in thine heart,a€? or in the mind. To his horror, he discovered that instead of boarding the plane for Oakland, Calif., he was on his way to Auckland, New Zealand! I have jokingly told my sons that they need to marry a girl named Mary Ann, because then her name would be Mary A.
Answers to the name a€?Lucky.a€™ a€? Obviously, that unfortunate little dog was a€?Luckya€? in name only. God says that we can get a new eternal name and a new reputation based on our repentance and Goda€™s mercy. He had wandered from Christ in his youth and had been searching for inner peace through various world religions. But these few words, a€?no other name,a€? spoken in season made a profound impact on his heart.
Theya€™ll take good care of you, and anything that was mine is yours.a€? Moments later, Bill breathed his last. Are to the sons of men sought I else of pleasing if until to now to the sons of men please, be (a) servant of Messiah not was wouldA Do I persuade men or Elohim?
This is a common word play Paul uses, emphasizing that Messiah was revealed through his manifestation in the flesh. Ela azelot l'aravya w'tob hipekeet l'drmesoq A And not did I go to Jerusalem towards the apostles who were there before me.
Noting a very curious dialectical choice throughout the Aramaic NT, in the manner "Jerusalem is spelt . A Went up because (I) was in revelation and I made known to them the Gospel that preached I among the nations and explained then to (those)who were considered to be something among themselves, lest in vain I labored, (or) else should labor I.A I went up because I was in a revelation, and I made known to them the Gospel that I preached among the nations. Furthermore, not even these men were able to contribute to my knowledge.A __________________A 8 At least, not compelled before entering maturity and a full under-standing of what his own return meant. As seen later, part of the Galatian heresy was circumcising people who didn`t even believe, or who had not grown in any understanding.
The proper order of things would be first to trust in Yahshua, and then seal that growth faith and faith in circumcision. Rather, man used circumcision as an entry point into the Community, as did the Jerusalem group and the Qumran community at the Dead Sea. Most churches of Christendom teach that infant or adult baptism makes them a `member of the church`. To bring people into bondage means that people were asked to immediately follow all pharasaic customs which were thousands in number. The Jerusalem Circumcision group were attempting to make them exchange one kind of bondage for another (rabbinical man-made customs rather than Biblical Torah), but Paul immediately rejected their attempts, giving them no place. Rather, once the abiding has gone "towards you" it can also be said to be "with you".A 13 In the Middle East, "to turn my face towards" is an Aramaic idiom that means to show favor. He, Yah`shua was deeply Torah-Observant, and coming from the House of Judah, in His quest to find and reclaim the `Lost Sheep of the House of Israel`, He showed Himself as upholding and adhering to Torah as an example to those `Lost Sheep of the House of Israel`, Galatians etc, who had centuries earlier fully rejected Torah Observance. Now, understanding all this, we must also come to the conclusion that Peter, Paul, Barnabas, and all the other Disciples, would never deviate from the teachings of their Master.
Thus we conclude that Peter, Paul, Barnabas and the others would not at all, or at any time, consume non-Kosher foods.A In fact there is no hint at all in Galatians that Peter was consuming non-Kosher foods. He, Shaul, considered Peter a hypocrite for `hiding` his actions from those of the `Circumcision`.
To illustrate a point; In my own ministry for over 27 years, I have ministered amongst the Asian Community. Now if I were to be seen by Moslems sitting at the same table as pork-eaters, (even though I did not myself eat the pork), that would make my ministry amongst the Strict-Moslems very difficult, as they would consider me an unclean abomination and I would not be allowed into their homes, sit at their table or even to shake hands with them.
As in the case of Kepha, I too would have to rise hurriedly from the table and make a hasty exit, lest the Moslems to whom I witness saw me. Lamsa translates this passage as "cast lots" even though neither word for "lots", appears directly in the text. James Trimm has opted to use a bit more neutral language by saying "they submitted" in his HRV. However, the "New Covenant Aramaic Peshitta Text with Hebrew Translation" editor writes on page iv, "Concerning the word 'gospel', only the pure Aramaic word sevartha is used in this edition, rather than the Greek word where the Peshitta uses it in 27 places." While the issue of loan words is complex and beyond the scope of a simple word-for-word translation, suffice to say that we should expect the Peshitta to have some of these, as it reflects the harsh reality of first century Israel under Roman domination.
In fact, if the Aramaic were "pure", that would tend to invalidate the Peshitta's claim to originality.
Finally, there are far more signs of Aramaic influence in the Greek New Testament than there are the other way around.
It is for these reasons also that every line is scrupulously checked in multiple sources.A 18 Later pointed Aramaic texts put a linea occultis, or a silencing mark, over the letter noon- n. A For of we know who not justified sons of men from works of the Torah but in faith of Y'shua the Messiah, even we him in Y'shua the Messiah believed of from faith of Messiah be justified and not from works of the Torah, for of from works of the Torah no justified all flesh.A For we know that the sons of men are not justified by the works of the Torah, 23 but by faith in Y'shua the Messiah. Even we who believed in him, know that it is from the faith in Messiah that we will be justified and not from the works of the Torah. 24; 25A _______________A 22 This is the only time in the entire Aramaic New Testament where the phrase "Jewish nature" appears. The word anyk refers to a classific-ation without a physical occurrence, kind of like having an image of a bird in one's mind but not seeing a bird directly.
In this lone exception however, Rav Shaul bifurcates human nature further, into Jewish and (by implication) non- Jewish varieties.A 23 Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky in his translation `Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition` writes regarding the phrase `works of the Torah, (quote) "This phrase `works of law` will appear throughout Galations, and does not refer to Torah-keeping. This phrase `works of law` is not found in any of Shaul`s other letters, or anywhere else in Scriptures. The very fact that this term is so isolated and limited in scope to the `circumcision-first club` in one particular community (Gal. 2:4), should lead any individual to the under-standing that the phrase `works of law` does not speak of YHWH`s Torah, but rather of man`s perverted permutations" (end of quote). In Hebrew it is Ma`aseh Ha Torah and were rabbinical customs and commandments on how one should live and be counted worthy to receive Eternal Life. The Written-Torah on the other hand teaches salvation through the unmerit-ed Favour and Grace of Yah`weh (Genesis to Deuteronomy).
The conflict that Christians have regarding the Observance of Torah is that most of them are unaware that Rabbi Shaul speaks of 2 Torahs in his Epistles; One being the Written Yahweh-GivenTorah and the other being the Oral-Torah (which are the works of the law and command-ments of men).
Even Jewish people today are more knowledgable of the 2 Torahs than many of the `brilliant` Christian Bible-teachers who are unaware of them. It woud be wrong to apply this (verse 16) to the Torah of Moses as that does give us the method of Salvation by Grace long before Messiah turned up in a human form, and also the (written) Torah reveals it`s Goal, which is Messiah. Once again we find Gentiles have made a mess of this one verse applying it to the Torah of Moses which is `Life`. The Torah of Moses is the Master Yahushua`s manuel, so without it we have no light or lamp to walk in the darkness.
Elohim forbid!A But if while we seek to be justified by Messiah we still find ourselves to be sinners, should (it be) therefore that Y'shua the Messiah is a servant of sin?
Elohim forbid!A 2:18 An gir l'aylin d'setret tob l'hayn banay ana khawit ail naphshi d'aiver ail poqdana ana.
30A ____________________A 30 If people had to attain salvation through human customs and laws such as the rabbinic customs (Ma`aseh Ha Torah) or any other societal customs then the Messiah`s death would be in vain as everyone would be able to get to Heaven through their own human set of standards.
31 Who has put bewitchment in you that has as he that portrayed turn before your eyes Y'shua the Messiah when crucified.A Oh! 34; 35A _______________ A 31 There is a clear wordplay between galatya, those who live in Galatia, and galoot, those who are exiles, the dispersed or captives. While we could not directly translate the passage as "you foolish exiles", it is very obvious that Rav Shaul is writing to both groups. Finally, even though the spelling between galatya and galoot is not exactly the same in araimac, the wordplay exists at a sonic level.
What we see is that there is a definite juxtaposition between spirit and flesh, and that the Galatians' error leads to the latter.
The word Nymlsm (meshelmin) that I have translated as "end" can also mean "complete", and to "complete in flesh" means to terminate after life with no redemption afterwards.

A variation of Nymlsm is said actually by Y'shua on the cross as meshalam, or "it is accomplished!"A 37 Or "miracles", since the word khaila is used as "power" in the Prayer of Our Master (kingdom, power, glory) and the power of the kingdom is to literally do miracles.A 38 The word shema means "hear" but also "to obey".
Probably the latter meaning is better, but both can equally and simultaneously apply to the point Rav Shaul is making. Salvation both in the First and Renewed Covenant is only by the Faith in Yahweh and the outworking of His unmerited favour and Grace upon the believing one.
Long before Abraham and his sons were called to enter into Brit-Malah, he had justifying Faith in Yahweh. Followers of Moshiach Yah`sua are the same, Faith must come before Water-Baptism and Brit-Malah. A Those for who servants are of the Torah under, towards you written for that cursed is whoever that does not act on all that is written in Torah this.
Therefore, it can also be translated as "all these instructions".A 43 The `curse` referred to here is not the Torah itself as many christian pastors falsely teach, rather it is the penalty and consequences of disobeying the Torah. Many christians stop reading at this point and try to make out that the Torah is a curse, but Paul immediately refutes that foolish accusation and goes on to say that the `curse` is the penalty for rejecting Torah. A Brothers, as among the sons of men speak I, that of a covenant of a son of man that is established, men not can refuse it nor alter something (in it).A My brothers, I speak as a man.
A That this say I, that the covenant which before was confirmed from Elohim in Messiah, Torah that was from behind four hundred and thirty years, (can) not of repudiate and nullify the promise.A And this I say, that the covenant that was previously confirmed of Elohim in Messiah cannot be repudiated and the promise nullified by the Torah which came four hundred and thirty years later. Because of apostasy added was it until of the coming heir 50 to whom was promised, and given was the Torah by angels and through the hand of a mediator.A Why then the Torah?
This double meaning line up is a way of ratcheting up intensity, much in the way we might say in English, "he was a man's man". There is also another wordplay in that both words also contain the root for "king" in them.A 47 Rabbi Shaul states unequivocally that the Commandments in the Torah of Yahweh do not annul the Covenant which Yahweh had made with Abraham.
In fact the Torah which was confirmed to Moshe 430 years after the Abrahamic Covenant actually confirms that Abrahamic Covenant.
That would have to mean that just as Torah never negated the Abrahamic Covenant, neither does the Renewed Covenant (New Testament) annul the Torah. One of those frequent choices, molkana is spelled exactly the same as another word that means "angels"! If for given was Torah of able that give life, truly from the Torah would come righteousness.A Is the Torah we received against the promises of Elohim? 11 clearly states that all the First Covenant saints from Abel to Yoch-anan the Immerser exercised this Heart-felt Faith in Yahweh as the route to Salvation just as do the Renewed Covenant believers. The keeping and outworking of Torah in the lives of all these saints, both in the First and Renewed Covenant proved that Faith and Grace was already at work in their lives.
None of the First Covenant saints relied on their ability to keep the Torah as a means of Salvation. Faith in Yahweh and His unmerited Grace towards them was their Key to `Righousness`, and keeping of Torah was the outworking of that Grace in their lives.
The Ruach HaKodesh of Yahweh still teaches us the Torah of Yahweh.(Pastor Denis)A 55 That is, as a garment wraps a person in.
Rav Shaul uses it elsewhere in Ephesians when talking about putting on the armor of Elohim and the breastplate of righteousness. A Of those who are under the Torah them be redeemed and let receive we adoption as sons.A To redeem 61 those who are under the Torah 62 that we might receive adoption as sons. 63___________________57 `When we were young` is a clear reference to both Israel as a `child` in bondage to Egypt (out of Egypt have I called my son) as well as the Ten `Lost` Tribes of Israel in bondage to the nations by whom they were carried away into captivity. Rabbi Shaul, in his own case reminds the Galatians and himself that he was once subject to the `elements of the world` ie the misinterpretation of the Torah by the School of Shammai. Tob hapekhton lkon ail hanon aystokesa merea w'miskana tzeviton 66 anton l'meshtaibado lhon.
A Now but of knowledge to Elohim and especially are known from Elohim, returned principles you upon those (that are) weak and poor. If we refuse to be a part of that Abrahamic Covenant of our father Abraham we have no right to expect the Blessing of Yahweh, especially those ennumbered in Deuteronomy ch.
28 then you must shomer Torah for these blessings are founded on Torah-Observance, (Deuteronomy 28:13-15). It has long been understood that the 360 mss that make up the Peshitta family are for all intents and purposes identical but for a few minor-spelling variants. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that this word is simply one of those minor variants within the Peshitta family.A 67 These Galatian believers, for whatever reason, were turning back again to be enslaved by the weak and beggarly elements (traditions, false gods, idolatory, etc of Galatia) from which Yah`weh had delivered them. Like the Children of Israel after their deliverance out of Egypt and Lot`s wife after her deliverance from Sodom, they `looked back` treasuring the `old sinful ways` rather than the things of Yah`weh. Unfortunately , many Christians are much like the Galatians on this score too, rather than observing The Moeds of Passover, Shavuot, Tabernacles, Yom Kippur, Sabbath-Keeping, etc, they follow the pagan customs of Easter with it`s bunnies, chocolate eggs, fluffy chickens, Halloween, Christ-mass, `Sun`-day worship, Horror-scopes, etc.
They had fallen under the spell of those of the `Circumcision-first Club` who had influenced them into believing that Brit-Malah was a prior requirement to Salvation by Faith in Yah`shua. Rabbi Shaul is saying here that if they desire to be under a law, then make sure that it is Yahweh`s Law they hear and shomer and not the laws, regulations and works of man. However, in this context "surrender" is the better reading, in the sense that Mount Sinai, where the covenant was codified into divine writing, must be forced into peace (surrender) to Jerusalem, which is the place YHWH has chosen for His name. The irony of course is that this "forced peace" is in stark contrast to today's relationship between Saudi Arabia and the modern state of Israel.A 82 Hagar is representative of the mountain in Arabia (The arab peoples) who are in now slavery (to Allah) and who ever seek to bring the Promised Seed also, under slavery to Allah or to death. A And as he who was of birth by flesh persecuted he who was of the Spirit, even so as now.A And just as he who was born through the flesh persecut-ed he who was (born) through the Spirit, so it also is now.
Cast out to the bondwoman and her son, for who not inherit of the bondwoman along with the son of the freewoman.A But what does the Scripture say? Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for he who is of the bondwoman will not inherit along with the son of the freewoman. The second part of his prophecy falls in our time when he shows that the son of the bondwoman, that is Ishmael, his sons the Arabs and the Muslims who take on that (Islamic) faith that puts people under bondage will fight and persecute those of the FREE woman namely Jerusalem born of above."A 87 This is more than another exhortation. It is a biblical command, we are to do as did our Father Abraham, namely, throw out from among the people those who are arriving to change obedience to the true Torah, and turn it instead into obedience to their own `teacher of righteousness` and his `works of nomos.` Based on this precedent in Yisrael, Paul appeals to the Galut-Yah to take immediate action and send these legalists back on their way to Jerusalem. Free to enjoy the Biblical 7th Day Sabbath and all the Moeds of Israel and to walk in all His ways.
Rabbi Paulos is not saying `do not circumcise`; But what circumcision had come to be meant in the 1st.
Rabbi Shaul would say to such today, "Water Baptism is of no benefit, is meaning-less to you" We know that both Mikvah and Brit-Malah are beneficial to the Believer as Rabbi Shaul taught but in their proper, biblical order, as Rabbi Shaul clearly points out in this verse. An evil person then has become lost or taken a crooked path, but if he repents he is said to have "turned back". In this case though, Rav Shaul is literally "returning" to his main point.A 94 This is exactly true, for when you have come to an understanding of Brit-Malah, after having learned and been taught the very basics of Yah`weh`s Eternal Torah and then enter Brit-Malah, you are declaring to all that you are now ready, joyous and willing by the Ruach to uphold all the teachings of Torah.
Christendom teaches that we should follow the Ten Commandments as it is `God`s Word`, then they go on to say that you don`t need to follow the 4th. They say, erringly, that the 7th Day Sabbath was done away with, that we no longer need to keep it. We can be circumcised but if we do not love our brethren we are `fallen from grace`, likewise if the uncircumcised do not love their brethren, they too are `fallen from grace`. Has ceased to be offense that cross?A My brothers, if I then preached circumcision, why was I persecuted? Has the cross ceased to be an offense?A A 5:12 Eshtop din ap mepeseq nepseqon hanon d'dalekhin lkon. 115A Entire for Torah in one word is fulfilled, you will love to your neighbor as you would yourself. The Cicumcision-First Club preached `Circumcision` ie salvation through the `works of the law.` Unlike Rabbi Shaul, they put the `cart before the horse`, so to speak. This shows (that) Rabbi Paulos was proclaiming the Torah of Moses that revealed the Messiah to come.
The Pharisees that were against him were from the School of Shammai as they were the majority at the time. He wants them `circumcised` or `cut-off` from the presence of the congregations of the Galut-Yah.
Rokha raga medem d'naka l'besra w'terihon seqoboleh anton khad d'khad d'la medem d'tzevin anton tehowon aivdin.A Flesh for desires a thing that is against to the Spirit. 117, A If then by the Spirit you are led, not you are under the Torah.A If then you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Torah. Those who and these of things done like, those of his kingdom of Elohim not inherit.A Envy, murder, drunkenness, revelry and all like things. Reason being, if such were not done, then Rav Shaul could be construed as saying that these positive fruits of the Spirit are not covered in the Torah, when the fact is they are (love your neighbor, et. A Brothers, if any man among you goes before in error you those who are in Spirit you restore to him by the spirit gentleness and you be cautious that lest upon you be temptation.A Brothers, if any man among you goes before you in error, you who are in the Spirit restore him by the spirit of gentleness and beware, lest temptation also comes upon you.

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