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Despite most people’s well-intended talk, they are locked up in fear-based procrastination. It really is quite incredible how people who are ‘in the know’, with huge amounts of potential, knowledge and skill sets, have allowed themselves to let the years roll by and do practically nothing to stop this tyranny. Pathetic, whimpering individuals who can only observe the drama and bicker amongst themselves. Doing nothing other than reading endless books, watching entertaining videos, reading articles, moaning amongst ourselves at social meet ups – these are all just ways of engaging in fear-based procrastination.

We make our choice – we put up with personal inconvenience and make the effort now; or we fall for convenience and comforts, which will guarantee immeasurable suffering in the near future. GuestMelvin Polatnick6 months 26 days agoTen thousand Ashkenazim media experts own the written and most of the spoken word. But infighting among the media experts might cause them to implode and the goyim will get the chance to have their say. Blackburn continues with part 9 of the series "Situations, Strategies, and …Renegade BroadcastingThe latest radio shows from our sister site.

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