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Phil Hufstader and the Wilmington Hammerheads will be back in 2011, if former part-owner Bill Rudisill has anything to do with it. The event, sponsored by the Greater Wilmington Business Journal, planned to discuss how to have financially successful minor-league and college sports in Coastal North Carolina. UNC-Wilmington athletic director Kelly Mehrtens said only 12 Division I athletic programs in the country turn a profit every year.
However, those red figures never deterred him during his run as an owner of the minor-league soccer franchise, which ended after the 2007 season. A prospective owner from Chicago seemed set but he, “couldn’t get comfortable with the league” structure and disarray before the 2010 season.
I can’t believe that we sat through the same meeting and this is story that came out of it. As a die hard baseball fan and local game attender, I know minor league baseball would never turn a profit. The UNCW Men’s team consistently turns out winning teams with exciting home games, but with very little attendance. Take all of the Minor league energy, and devote it to getting fans into Brooks field this coming season.
Even the Myrtle Beach Pelicans with their tourist perfecto location next to Broadway barely has anyone in the stands.

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So when a man, who posted his story on Reddit, found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him for two years he was totally pissed off.
But when the grovelling started from his ex asking for forgiveness, he took a very different approach to the situation.
However, following the 2009 season, the franchise was terminated by the United Soccer Leagues for issues with owner Chuck Sullivan.
Another potential group of investors from Great Britain hedged its interest after learning that Legion Stadium could be converted to an artificial surface from its current grass field.
Myrtle Beach has a great stadium, and the Pelicans are a very successful( read-profitable) franchise. I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Closer Weekly.
Attempts to find owners for the 2010 season disintegrated, and the team did not take the field for the first time since its birth in 1996.
The main topic of the whole meeting focused more on the idea of getting a minor league baseball team in Wilmington, and not on the Wilmington Hammerheads.

They have great management and great promotions- it’s a wonderful experience to see a game there.
Although the Hammerheads coming back would be good for the community, it is not going to help stimulate economic growth in our area.
The Waves particularly had very poor management on the business side, and that really punched their ticket out of town.
In order to do what Goodmon said is done in Raleigh, the city and county would pay for the stadium, which means you and I and every other county resident will be paying. And while you and I might not mind, a majority of the county has said in the past that they are not interested.
If Wilmington could find an owner who could afford to pay part of the construction costs on a new stadium in a good location, I have no doubt that it would be successful.

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