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With Brooke refusing to speak to him, things aren’t looking good on the girl front for our uncharismatic hero John. You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here. Far away from the zombies and junk that you see on TV, a corpse is actually the perfect friend. And in I Don’t Want to Kill You, at this final juncture, we leave John Cleaver and his world in South Clayton. I knew it’d be light and I’d finish it in a few days but after Mr Monster, I thought we were heading on a downward trajectory regarding this series. After building a world in I Am Not a Serial Killer and Mr Monster, I Don’t Want to Kill You is the final chapter to the trilogy pitting John Cleaver against his final nemesis, Nobody, the female demon who we encountered on the other end of the phone line as Mr Monster drew to a close.

Mr Monster seemed to undo all of I Don’t Want to Kill You’s hard work in creating John Cleaver and I was expecting more of the same: the first third dedicated to explaining exactly what had gone previously before Johns sociopathic nature got forgotten because Wells got bored.
Unfortunately for John (and completely opposite to most 16 year old males) he’s inadvertently a hit with the most attractive girls in town. Only this time, he’d be alone after Brookes change of heart regarding wanting to spend her time with a guy who wants to slice her up before embalming her. Imagine my surprise when we got straight into the nitty gritty and the suicide of a girl Johns age in South Clayton. We’re reintroduced throughout regarding the backstory in a few well placed lines, but gone is the constant regurgitation in order to make the word count.
Two of the most popular and attractive girls at school wanting the local sociopath who lives above a mortuary.

Don’t worry if you like John Cleaver because Wells has bottled out of ending the series in the last page. Nobody, (not the Demon, no actual person) really cares about the Johns involvement in the numerous killings that seem to be happening.
If the cash cows got milk in it, even if no originality, why send it to the slaughterhouse just yet?

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