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No matter how you broke up, how long ago it was, or what happened between you as a couple, one thing is common amongst ALL breakups: You'll never be successful in getting back together unless you first make your ex want you back. Yet before you confuse simple for easy, understand that getting your ex interested in you will require some work on your part. Learn which 10 techniques are best for rekindling that initial attraction, and your relationship can be just as strong and magical as it was in the beginning. By recapturing who you were when your lover first found you, you're recapturing some of that initial magic.
Now this isn't to say your ex broke up with you for physical reasons, but it never hurts to look and feel your best. Getting out and having a blast is one of the best ways you can make your ex see you the way they did before. Making your ex jealous is always a good thing, especially if it seems like you're not doing it intentionally. Triggering these emotional hot buttons will jumpstart any residual feelings your ex still has for you.

The minute your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, they started directing their attention elsewhere. By far, the greatest compendium of reversal techniques can be found in the resource Breakup Reversed.
The methods taught here are designed to immediately stop your breakup by changing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's whole mindset.
Best of all, the techniques within Breakup Reversed have recorded an incredible success rate of more than 94%!
Be sure to read up on all the great testimonials and success stories from couples who've already used Breakup Reversed to mend their broken romances and to build strong, lasting relationships. In fact those same words have a negative emotional and spiritual meaning and association, period. For example do you know anyone who has achieved something fantastic in their life by using anger, revenge or jealousy at their motivation for doing that? Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time.

What you really want is a sign that you still matter to him – even if it’s just him being angry with you right?
Anger is an extremely potent emotion and it can make you do and say things you’d never dream of doing or saying otherwise. If nothing else you need to avoid doing all the typical things that some women do like flirting with other guys in front of him, pretending to be dating a new guy or even dating a string of guys to show him that you don’t need him.
Instead of working so hard to make him jealous why not put that same amount of effort into building a brand new and loving relationship with him?

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