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Whether you wake up on the right side of the bed every morning, or you’re known as the “Debbie Downer” in your group of friends, feeling constant happiness and contentment can sometimes seem like the impossible task.
If you need some help turning your frown upside down, we tracked down our favorite happiness and wellness experts, authors, and bloggers to learn how they stay focused on the positive, no matter what happens throughout the day. Share time with a buddy to get a mood boost, whether it’s connecting via phone, email, or even better, an in-person get together.
Starting your day off with habits that bring your awareness to happiness and gratitude can help you change the tone of the rest of your day.
Repeating a positive mantra out loud or in your head can remind you of specific happiness goals or help keep you levelheaded when the going gets tough. No matter what kind of foul state you’re in, connecting with your breath is one of the easiest ways to come back to the present moment and feel better — fast.
Pets are more than just a cute and cuddly source of joy — their companionship is good for your health. If you’re like many Americans, you’re probably wolfing down lunch at your desk or in transit on the way to an appointment. You’re spending a big chunk of your week logging in and out of websites and email, so why not make this an opportunity to remember an affirmative thought or message? While you may feel like the entire day got away from you and you didn’t check anything off your to-do list, you’re probably underestimating your progress. When you hit your highest stress time of the day — perhaps it’s after getting the kids off to school or when you have an important project due to your boss by noon — squeeze in a few minutes to watch a video that’ll make you giggle. When you see a quote that speaks to you, take a minute and jot it down in a place where you’ll remember — like a journal, a notepad app or text pad in your cell phone, or start a Pinterest board of sayings and images that make you feel good. Make a decision to omit certain phrases and words from your everyday language that aren’t serving you well or helping you reach your goals.
Spend some time thinking about the big things you want to achieve in life and bring to mind exactly what that can look like for you.
Surround your most stressful environments — like your office space or car if you spend a lot of time in traffic commuting — with knickknacks and images that make you smile. Having a visual reminder of appreciation is a good tool for helping you remember to say “thank you” for what you have each day. After suffering the agony of a breakup and bearing the pain of heartache, after weeping through endless nights of hopelessness and frustration, after taking your anger out on everyone and everything, you finally find yourself on your feet again with a fixed goal in your mind – to get back your ex boyfriend!
McDonald'sA may not be in bad shape, but things are certainly heading in the wrong direction. The company's last quarterly report delivered 10% declines in both sales and earnings, and franchisees -- the cornerstone of the business -- are reportedly more dissatisfied than ever before.
Mickey D's is also facing a rising tide of fast-casual chains, with companies including Chipotle and Panera BreadA pairing tasty meals with carefully cultivated brand strength. Recognizing the need to get back on a better track, new CEO Steve Easterbrook has emphasized that the company will be making some big changes and making them quickly. Bob Ciura (offering all-day breakfast): To me, the most promising catalyst working in the company's favor going forward is the upcoming move to all-day breakfast. As a shareholder, it's been extremely frustrating for me to see the stock go nowhere as the company's fundamentals deteriorate. This is a truly a case where less can be more, and having a smaller menu will drive sales of new items and make things such as the seasonal release of the Shamrock Shake an event again. Keith Noonan (getting marketing right): TurningA Steve Easterbrook's "modern, progressive burger company" mantra into a reality hinges on a range of successful changes, and casting the brand in a new light will be among the most important.
McDonald's has a lot of work to do on the ad and brand fronts, A but it has a potential winner with its mobile app, and one that addresses service and marketing issues in a single package. Mickey D's has to find marketing campaigns that fit the modern climate and maximize the value of menu changes and operations improvements. Stigmas associated with the brand have driven customers away from The Golden Arches, and preventing further drain and recapturing lapsed traffic is about more than making changes. Dieting is  hard, but it’s  even harder if you fall off the diet and have to get back on. Accept that everybody who diets has missteps and they are just small bumps with your new lifestyle. Read about other people who have dieted  and fell off and see how they got back on the diet and what kept them motivated. Once you discover what else was going on and how it  affected  you then you can come up with a plan on how to deal with it in the future. This is the most critical piece of advice you could receive: no matter what, don’t quit! Affairs are frequently about believing that someone else holds the power to make your life what you have always thought it could be.

Mindfulness and meditation practices are growing in popularity, to help us handle anxiety and depression. You won't believe how many people I see in therapy who either hold their breath when they are anxious, or after exhaling, forget to take another one. This simple exercise is a mesmerizing way to evaluate your own relationship with breathing. Breathe in for 3 seconds, hold gently for 4 or 5, and then exhale for 7, blowing the breath through the mouth. First off, I am going to assume that you are looking for ways to get him back a€“ and not ways to get back at him!
Therefore, if it is ways to get him back that you are looking for then you are in the right place.
The most important thing to remember when wanting your boyfriend to come back to you is that he left you for a reason. Maybe he found somebody that he thought would be better for him, or that made him happier. Maybe you had some flaw that he could not accept, or maybe you had some faults that he was not man enough to deal with. Before you can begin to learn ways to get him back, you have to come to full terms with why he left to begin with.
One of the best ways to get him back is to definitely not show or display the need to get him back. Also, remember that men like feminine women a€“ and good girls (no matter what they flaunt) so do not go showing off a different man every night to make him jealous. This is especially true when things just aren’t going your way — for instance like spilling something on your favorite shirt, getting a flat tire, or having your babysitter cancel at the last minute. So why not take at least a few minutes each day to walk, play with, talk to or appreciate your companion in some way? But mindless, speed-eating habits can often lead to overeating because you’re not clued in to your body’s signals that it’s full. Go to a place where you are sure to bump into him – a place near his house, or office or take a route that he normally takes to reach office. Just when jealousy starts bubbling up in your ex boyfriend as he spots you with other guys, it’s time to take the lead. To get an idea of what initiatives could restore some glimmer to the Golden Arches, we asked three Motley Fool contributors to spotlight a move to get McDonald's back in fighting form. This is a huge event that has gained lots of attention, which is notable itself since it's the first time I can remember that McDonald's has gotten some positive headlines. McDonald's is seeing its business deteriorate across the lunch and dinner segments because of intensifying competition. In 2015 the fast-food chain would be crazy to not have salads, but it will probably get by just fine without the Bacon Clubhouse Burger. McDonald's is fighting deeply ingrained negative perceptions about its food and restaurants, and a more focused marketing front in conjunction with menu and service adjustments seems to be the only way the company will return to a healthy growth path. The app is rolling out across the country this month and could eventually be used to place and pay for orders at nearby McDonald's locations.
The company's efforts to detail its food production processes and publicize moves such as not using certain hormones and reducing the ingredients in its grilled chicken are early steps in a longer process to restore favor with consumers. McDonald's has to announce to the world that it has improved, and present that message as effectively as possible. If you find yourself in this situation the first thing you need to remember is don’t quit! Maybe you went on a diet because a doctor recommended you lose a few pounds or you wanted to look better.
The internet is full of stories of people who have successfully lost weight but who had problems along the way.
Examine what your mood was, what else was going on in your life, and consider anything else that could have led to your stopping. A lot of dieting has to do with having an eating plan and following it but you should also focus on having a plan on how to deal with stress from other parts of your life that may be  distracting. But there are lots of folks who are too worn out from their daily lives to even hold one another.
When they can, at the end of a session, laugh about something, I feel much more optimistic about whether or not they will make it.
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When times are tough we remember why we fell in love in the first place, and we still see the 19 year old version of each other – and fall in love all over again.

No sense in trying to salvage a relationship that will be doomed to the same failure as before.
Your desperation will show, and there is nothing that will turn an ex-boyfriend off more than a desperate, pleading ex-girlfriend a€“ who apparently cannot move on with her life. Catch up on him at a common friend’s get-together or some other place he visits, and show him what he’s really missing!
But it has largely retained its supremacy in breakfast, and I believe aggressively leveraging its breakfast dominance could be just what McDonald's needs to fuel its turnaround. That's a hard fact for management to dispute when you look at a selection of products which now includes wraps, a full array of coffee drinks, and a list of burger-based sandwiches that has grown absurdly long. In its heyday, McDonald's had a core offering of burgers supplemented by Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish, and seasonal items. McDonald's needs to pare back to its core offering, supplemented by its most popular new choices.
Meanwhile, it already opens up direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities that could greatly improve the efficiency of ads. If you do one or both of these things you may find yourself getting quickly burnt out on the diet and going off of it again. Read about what they did to get back on the program and figure out how you can apply their strategy to your own lifestyle. They forget that touching and making love are ways to connect and re-energize in a unique way.
Things just keep getting sweeter with time, the love more intense, the friendship deeper, the commitment stronger than ever. You should immediately feel more relaxed, as you are turning on your parasympathetic nervous system -- your "let's chill out" response.
They want a free-flowing, easy relationship a€¦ and they want to feel a little challenged to prove their worthiness.
You can learn more by reading, The 45 Reasons WHY He Dumped Your (Sorry) Ass to Begin With! Moreover, do not be afraid to show your vulnerable, feminine side, as that draws men to you a€“ including your ex-boyfriend. But trying to keep a positive attitude will not only make you more enjoyable to be around, it can also help your health. While I’m moving my body, I focus on the things I’m grateful for in my life and think deeply about them — almost meditate on them.
To reverse stress or anxious feelings … concentrate on breathing slowly, deeply and evenly. I turn off all distractions, put my food on an actual plate, and sit somewhere away from my computer,” says Amanda Cook, certified holistic health coach. My personal favorite from my collection is a little blue troll with wild hair that I got at a company event last year. Breakfast may be just that opportunity, as McDonald's is still viewed as a top choice for breakfast enthusiasts. The relatively small offering made it a big deal when the company trotted out a new product. Then, the company has to set the bar much higher for adding something new to the menu, even if it's on a limited-time basis. Dieting is much more of a lifestyle and a  mind-set  than it is a daily struggle for success. Worse, if you  try to  overcompensate by over exercising you could injure yourself and that could set you back even further as you heal. One study found that people who reported feelings of optimism and high self-esteem were less likely to get sick than those who reported negative emotions. I am happy now and always.’ If you’re feeling overwhelmed, say in a clear voice, “I am in control. Getting back on the diet will be easier if you don’t beat yourself up over a few bad meals, and keep remembering that you are not dieting as much as you are changing your life. Remember, the way to successfully diet is to follow  sound dieting advice  and practices, not quick crash diet formulas that could be dangerous.

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