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How do you increase your closet space if you are in a temporary location and you can’t install new shelves, a custom closet, or tear down walls and expand your closet?  You add a portable closet of course! In the photo above from A Beautiful Mess you can see how Elsie used longer rolling racks to turn a spare bedroom into a closet!  I love this photo!  I also love how Elsie took advantage of the bottom rack to store larger bags.
The photo above is simple a photo of the inside of one of the IKEA wardrobes so you can get an idea of what it looks like.
Right off the bat you may think bacon, or beer, or boobies will be a suitable bait, but that’s probably a mistake. Since no one will harm the monkeys and, in fact, many people leave food out to encourage the monkeys, the people less inclined to worship Hanuman had to come up with a novel solution to get rid of the monkey bastards – more monkeys. Getting your own monkey won’t be easy thanks to the numerous laws against owning such creature, but please refer to the last section and our opinion on doing things legally.
Any gardener can tell you a dozen ways to keep rodents out of your succulents – you need to plant things like habanero peppers or poisonous mushrooms and shit. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce is on every Tuesday at 10pm and you can catch up on demand now! Divorce is a long and nasty process, during which we wonder why we ever thought monogamy could work; where we conclude that following the laws of nature and the actions of animals, and mating and walking away might actually be the way things ought to be done.

Then, self-publish on Amazon, make sure that any internet searches of the offending party’s name leads directly to the novel, and wait.
If there’s ever going to be a time in your life when your negative vibes are strong enough to call forth black magic, it is now. Wire framed covered option with doors.  This option above from Target would be easier to access for daily use than the zipper option but I would not recommend it for storage in a garage as those pesky bugs would be able to sneak into this one more easily. Keep in mind if these styles are not your personal style you can always check antique stores, resale shops, and thrift stores for more unique pieces.
In the last few weeks I have seen Rainbow Loom bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even tiny dolls and characters all over Pinterest.  So when my daughter got a Rainbow Loom I was excited for all her new creations but when we started getting all the extra bands in several different colors I knew it was time for some organization. I hope this helps you with your Rainbow Loom organizing projects.  Let me know what you think or if you have a unique idea you used.
When I was trying to find something to store my daughters Rainbow Loom and supplies about 95% of what I found was like the container above or something very similar.  It is a plastic hinged container with adjustable pieces that you can easy add and modify the size of the compartments. We celebrate arbitrary comings-of-age and the achievements of dead people that have ceased to have any relevant bearing on modern life – so why not celebrate the cessation of bonds between you and someone you hate? And they feel sorry for you, so the worst thing that can happen is that they let you down gently and then talk about you behind your back and then gradually put distance between you until you’re no longer invited to each other’s events!

Just make sure you take an excessive amount of photographs of you looking happier than you ever have in your entire life, and plaster them all over social media. This could be a piece that you could almost add to any room and no one would notice that it is your closet.
Blow up some balloons, make some vodka jelly, turn the music up and invite the neighbours over. Sex is a dastardly tool used by the opposite sex to ruin your sheets and ruin your reputation and ruin your life.
I will warn you due to popularity of the Rainbow Loom, the first local shop I tried was sold out! And if it doesn’t work, then you have an exciting new doll that you can ceremoniously hurl out of the window.
Invest in a chastity belt, metaphorical or otherwise (you actually can buy them) and wear it with pride.

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