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To add to my self-pity list, I recently had to have a “procedure” on my foot that put me on crutches. As long as you aren’t terminally ill than you probably know things are going to get better.
Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly realized that I was supposed to be working on a book this summer.
I know that most independent people hate to do this when feeling grumpy, but it really does feel good when your friends stop by and hang out…especially if they goodies with them. Not to disagree with the founder of Taoism, but staying in the present meant I was staying in my crippled state. Sometimes self pity is fun; who doesn’t like a little violin playing over their shoulder on occasion? Since we have been creating content for Disney Style during the past 18 months now, I am often asked which of all the Disney princesses I most closely relate. I do not have red curly hair like Merida does, however, like her, I do have an independent and driven personality with a very laser-like focus.

Just this past May, Merida was coronated as the newest member in the Disney Princess family, and I was invited to attend.
You can sleep on the straws for next-day curls by tying a silk scarf around the head, or simply wear the straws around for a few hours. When you untie the straws, you will see beautiful corkscrew curls {like  old telephone cords} in the hair. On the bottom section, take a small 1 inch section and spritz with water once or twice… just enough to dampen the strand.
Holding the straw where it bends, begin to wrap the hair around and around the straw away from the face.
When you run out of hair to wind, and while holding the hair end against the straw, take both ends of straw and tie them like you would tie the beginning  step of a shoelace. If you are going to sleep with straws in overnight, tie in a silk scarf or a bandana to help the straws remain in place. You can also let the straws sit in the hair for a few hours before removing, or even sit under a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes to set the curls.
To remove the straws, simply untie them and let hair fall off straw.You will have amazing corkscrew curls that will loosen into soft curls over time.

Who Is Reflections?Reflections is a family owned and operated business established in Marmora, NJ in 1986. In the old days, parents probably had their children take actual IQ tests, but nowadays, a simple text message is used to test their intelligence.
Cell Phones, Funny, Weird .You can leave a response. After all, compared to refugees in Sudan, our life is pretty awesome, so let’s do something with it. If you are not a writer, you can finish the pileup of Economist magazines, watch the movie everyone been talking about, or simply download music. I realized that my ability to access the Internet even to write this blog put me ahead of half of the world population.

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