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If your out of high school smoking weed still, you're a loser and should be cleansed from society. A genuine compliment might make her blush, and an obnoxiously large teddy bear is bound to get her attention, but to really make a girl smile at you, you have to prove that you’re loyal and kindhearted. Sometimes, getting a girl to return your smile can seem like a difficult task, so to help you out, here are five surefire ways to achieve smiling success.
A common misconception among guys is that you have to spend a lot of money to surprise and please a girl. If you regularly have your friends doubled over in laughter, consider yourself lucky to have this talent. Even though the actual definition of chivalry dates back to medieval times, you don’t have to be a knight to demonstrate some courtesy toward the girl you like. Everyone loves eating caramel apples until all that gooey caramel gets stuck in your teeth.  With this recipe you can enjoy your caramel apple without the gooey mess. All the flavor but less on the calories.  These chicken wraps are perfect for game day too! This cobbler is the perfect solution to a busy day.  Put everything in the slow cooker and walk away.
Because I strongly believe that one of the best ways we express our love for one another is through food.

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Showers with gas work best, just bring them in under the pretense that they are having a shower and going to a place where all snack food is free and all you can eat. If anything it's that attitude that keeps marijuana illegal and wastes more of our money enforcing it. Everyone has tripped in front of a group of people or looked in the mirror after lunch to find food in his teeth.
Come up with a funny pet name for the girl you like, or giggle about an inside joke together. Ask almost any girl, and she’ll tell you that a guy who opens doors for her and offers to carry her books will win her heart every time.
The easy way to get a glimpse of those pearly whites is to tease her or crack a funny joke, but for those of you who are comically challenged, never fear! The right amount of spontaneity is healthy in any partnership; it rejuvenates your romance by keeping things interesting. Rent your favorite comedy to watch on your next date, or take photo booth pictures at the mall and make crazy faces. Skip the pricey bouquet of flowers or piece of jewelry, and plan an unexpected date for any ordinary evening instead.

While you don’t want to shock the girl you like with a tattoo of her first name across your back, a little spontaneity is never a bad thing.
Finding the humor in everyday situations will attract people to your positive way of thinking, and it can improve your outlook on life, too.
Always walk to the front door to meet your date, and when the night is over, walk her back to the front door to say goodnight. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your confidence and sense of humor are bound to make the girl you like break into a big smile.
You may not get a kiss every time, but we can promise you that your chivalrous actions will be met with a big smile.
Explore a new part of town together on a whim, or take a stroll through the local farmers market.
If something comes up and prevents you from getting in touch with her, send her a text message or an e-mail explaining that you’ll call her a little later than expected.
Above all, treat her respectfully, whether you’re alone, with friends or with her family.

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