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As you can see not all my relationships have worked out, the first 5 of them, worked fine until one point when I lost my attraction for the girls I was dating, and so I had to let those lovely girls go. My last girlfriend however found a way to keep me madly in love with her, and she succeeded – now we’re living in a cozy apartment in a small and quiet city of Denmark.
The reason long distance relationships are priceless is because they are so much more intense than classic relationships! I’ve been in both types of relationships, and what I have noticed is that classic relationships get dull, and monotone at some point, nothing truly exciting is happening other than you seeing each other, spending some time together, making love and so on. The intensity of love is linear, without much variation – you always have the same level of emotion. Now, if you think about long distance relationships… how is the emotion of love in such a relationship? Even if for a while it may be linear during all those months that you stay far from each other, the intensity of your missing of each other and desiring each other and wanting to hold each other is just unbelievable, it’s not even comparable with the missing that you have in a classic relationship. And if you don’t believe me, pay attention to the people who are waiting at the arrivals gate at your airport, and see how much emotion there is, how much affection and anticipation there is. Long distance relationships are a gift to us, one that makes us REALLY feel the emotion of love, and feel it intensely, feel it from the bottom of our hearts – just the way it should be felt!
That crazy missing of each other when being afar makes us desire and long for our partner so much more, and those days or weeks spent together when you finally visit each other – they feel like a paradise on earth, they feel like little honeymoons!
Feel and enjoy that intensity of missing your partner, really notice how great it feels to desire someone so much, and how amazing it is to know that that other person desires you as much as you do.
There is nothing more inspiring and more energizing than looking forward to see the person you love most. What other events or things in your live could give you such an powerful emotional high as these visits?
My eyes are crying and my body is trembling just as I write this words, remembering the countless moments I felt that intense emotion of parting. It’s just incredibly intense, my friend, to be in a long distance relationship, and it’s nothing like a classic relationship. And you may know that by now, so don’t hate – celebrate the intensity of those emotions: pleasant or painful, because they are unique and they make you FEEL ALIVE, like nothing else in this world will make you feel! Hello Besski Livius, my name is Hind, I am in a LDR, and even though I am a girl, I am reading your articles and sharing them with my boyfriend Hansen.

I wrote him twelve letters (one letter per month of our first year) on really nice stationary. You're two different people and I wish it would stop, because I'm living to die and dieing to live, but it doesnt mean a thing to me, until I have you. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.
TweetLong distance relationships are not an easy job and risky too, but it isn’t impossible and daunting either. In case of long-distance relationships the fights over the phone or net becomes more intense because you don’t get to feel the person’s truth and understand her problems. The above suggestions are guidelines that will help you long-distance survive and encourage you to exchange vows in the future. And now we closed the distance after 2.5 years of dating long distance with my current girlfriend. While long distance couples get to have MANY honeymoons, every time they visit each other, without even having to get married for it.
Made me cry, I feel so blessed to be in a relationship with one amazing man even though we are a distance apart. I would like to thank you so so so much, because thanks to your articles, I see my future very clear now just in front of my eyes ! Our two year anniversary is coming up next month and I need to think of something cute to do. I felt so good when I was with you, you made me feel like the world; to hear I was your favorite and the best you ever had.
It has its own charms that increase the partner’s eagerness and longing to cherish each one’s company.
Long distance relationships break up statistics are many but there is always a pleasant way out that will paint your life red with colors of love. He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and deep transformative private coaching.
You are the light to guide us, thank you so much and hope you all the best in your life and wish love and serenity to all long distance lovers who are reading your articles ! He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and personal Skype consultations.

I decided that the "open when" on each of them symbolizes a time and thereby being my spin off of the clock gift. Little compromises and simple adjustments can help you retain the love and passion in your long-distance relationships.
If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, and the 'Consultations' page to talk to him personally. If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, or read his free guide. Here are 5 secrets of long distance relationships that unveil simple ways to maintain a long distance relationship. Even if you unable to control it keep it confined to yourself and deals with your insecurities. How can you retain the charm in a long distance relationship if you are not ready to even keep patience. So give your best in the relation without worrying about the future and work to make it possible. The closeness and warmth of conversations and the blazing comfort of your partner’s arms cannot be matched with any other gem. You might ponder on this, but it is the universal truth and unanimously accepted that the charm of accomplishment of a long-distance relationship is unbeatable.
The intensity is a lot, for many different reasons, and at times it is a bit much for us both.
They enlighten you on the reasons why long distance relationships don’t work and provide you optimum solutions to keep your relationship healthy and smooth.
Also, give gifts to your long distance relationship girlfriend to make your relationship better and keep alive forever.
Outings, dinners, and sex are the best ways to keep intimacy alive in your long distance relationship.

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