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A scientific study conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society also indicated that specific types of facial hair have a major impact on how others perceive individuals with a beard. Therefore, depending on your personal preferences, you might want to grow a yeard or stick with thick stubble. Most Attractive - Female participants in studies that have analyzed male facial hair have rated heavy stubble as the most attractive look.
Healthiest - Men and women indicated that men who have a full beard appear to be healthier than those without any type of facial hair. Best Parenting Skills - This was another category that both genders ascribed to men who maintain a full beard. Masculinity - The perception of a man's masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has.
Men who are clean-shaven or who have a light amount of stubble were rated as being the least attractive by women and men.
Additionally, it is interesting to note that a heterosexual woman's interest in masculine looking men becomes more pronounced during the ovulation portion of her fertility cycle. After all, increasing your level of attractiveness in your partner's eyes is definitely a good way to boost their sex drive.
Men who suffer from asthma could experience some relief from symptoms by growing a beard because this will help prevent dust and pollen from getting into their respiratory system.
It sounds like it is time to toss out your razors, gentlemen, but make sure that you take steps to keep your beard in good shape so that you can look your best! Something Wagging This Way ComesAn Amateur's Musings on Dogs and Their PeopleDo You Look Like Your Dog? One Japanese scientist wondered what would happen if they did the test with a more racially homogeneous population. So if it wasn’t hair color or other physical characteristics that make people and their dogs look alike, what was it?

So when people match dogs and their people by looking at the eyes, are they matching an attitude more than appearance? I could hang around the psychology labs up at Cornell hoping someone decides to do such a study and invites me to participate. And let’s give a prize to the random winner who pairs the most dogs with their people.
I couldn’t wait to read your post because I think this is such an interesting topic! I’m thinking of trying to duplicate the part of the experiment where they just showed the eyes. Since human eye color is so much more diverse than dog eye color, I suspect the color isn’t that important. What a brilliant idea, and how weird I am sure I mentioned something about my dogs eyes being their most appealing feature in an earlier comment on your blog which clearly means I am a genius! The personal adventures of digital nomad Frank Gruber in tech, startups, entrepreneurship, social media and life.
MyHeritage, an Israel-based company, recently launched to provide online face recognition software to the masses. Interestingly, MyHeritage has a feature that matches facial characteristics with a celebrity face. However, this does not mean that you should switch to a clean-shaven look, especially if you are interested in attracting the attention of a potential mate. So if you want to be seen as a highly masculine individual, you should consider cultivating a full beard.
In other words, if you and your female spouse or partner have been trying to conceive or are dealing with intimacy issues, it could be beneficial to grow your facial hair out.
According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, beards are able to block up to 95 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays, and this will reduce your risk of contracting skin cancer.

And from the very first time I saw your blog, I loved the striking look of your hair next to your doodles. And it’s funny you said that about redheads, because my daughter and son in law are both redheads, and I suggested they get an irish setter.
I will share this on FB straight away and start looking for photos (or take some new ones).
I saw the article about this study the other day but didn’t click on it because I was at work, and for once decided to resist a distraction. MyHeritage’s vision is to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends. And when he covered the human’s eyes, the guesses were only right about 50% of the time. And my son, also a redhead, had his choice of 10 golden retriever puppies, and instead of going for the lighter yellow ones, picked the most reddish one.
So you can upload all your family photos and MyHeritage will try and link you to others via face recognition technology.
Even in a population where every human had dark hair and eyes, people still matched the dogs to their humans most of the time. Feel free to share the announcement above, just right click to download it onto your computer so you can share it.

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