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If you boil my job down to the simplest level what I basically do is write these super long guides on exes to attract visitors and then once I have the visitors (if they like me enough) the will buy a product of mine that they think will help them. But the truth is that the thing that matters most is the quality of the content that I am providing you on this website. I figure that these features should provide a lot of value to you so you can quickly get to the sections that you want to read and understand exactly how long it’s going to take to read an article from start to finish. Well, I am going to answer all of those questions and more with this article but first I need you to understand something. The first thing that you have to understand about an ex girlfriend texting you after a breakup is that there are generally three levels to the intensity of the text messages.
Ok, lets say that it’s been a month after your breakup from your ex and she has only texted you a total of five times.
Don’t you think that the intent behind someone who sends you 35 text messages versus someone who sent you only five is different? Like always, I am going to give you an in-depth explanation for each of these three levels.
Your ex girlfriend would be classified under the light level if she texts you but not a lot. According to this article 71% of people say that they think about their exes too much after a breakup. Well, it tells us that when you think about someone the intent to talk to that person is there. And while I don’t have an actual statistic to throw out at you I can tell you that based on my experience of helping THOUSANDS of couples who have broken up I will say that more often than not you and your ex will talk again.
The point I was trying to make was that with the light level an ex girlfriend isn’t going to have texted you a lot.
Let’s say for arguments sake that the light level is receiving between 3 to 7 text messages from an ex girlfriend after a breakup. So, if you received 8 to 13 of those then your ex would be considered to be in the medium level, right? In other words, if you have 8 to 13 text message conversations then you are considered to be in the medium level.
Ya, those annoying little things that fly around your head and keep flying no matter how many times you swat at them.
Oh, and in case you skipped of the last section when I talk about texting in this instance I am talking about the amount of texting conversations you are having not the actual amount of text messages sent. Basically this section is going to tie directly into the section above where I talked about the three levels. Well, if you noticed above I went into what the three levels were but I never really went into what they meant or what was going through an ex girlfriends mind when she was engaging in those levels. If your ex girlfriend is in the light level it means she is just going through the average emotions that a woman is supposed to go through during a breakup when she texts you.
Your ex girlfriend has the potential to text you during any one of these stages of grief during the light level. Now, I bet you are wondering why I chose the “light level” to talk about the anger stage, huh? Depending on if you want your ex back or if you just want her to leave you alone an acceptance texts are really good or really bad.
It’s sort of like when you have a friend (who is a girl) that you have no feelings for texts you and you text back. Well, technically, like I said above, all the stages can show up but there are really only two that are more prevalent than others.

So, the thing that I really want to talk about with this is the fact that I did say denial can show up in the light level. I basically said that your ex girlfriend will act like a breakup never happened but eventually catch on that it did and stop texting you as much.
In fact, I have heard some stories where men have actually had to sit a woman down and explain to them that they don’t want to hear from them again. Anyways, my friend ended up dating a girl who he liked at first but for some reason he just grew tired of her and decided to break up with her. So, if your ex girlfriend is acting like the breakup never happened and she hasn’t shown any signs of letting up then she is definitely projecting denial during the medium level. Of course, there is another stage of grief that shows up quite frequently during the medium level, Bargaining. Basically when it comes to bargaining your ex girlfriend is going to beg for you back and try to frame the begging with the fact that she is going to do a better job the next time around. With the medium level I explained to you what bargaining was BUT the GNAT level takes bargaining to a new level. You have just sent your ex boyfriend a ton of bargaining text messages and he hasn’t responded to them. Throughout this entire guide I have been trying to explain what is going through your ex girlfriends mind if she texted you after a breakup. Now, I can teach you to do both things but it’s really up to you on what you want to do. Basically they zone in on one girl (often their exes) and do everything they can to get her back when if they were to look at the situation objectively from the start they would have realized that getting her back isn’t going to be worth it. But the idea of the challenge was appealing to me and I bet if you have tunnel vision you are just like me with regards to the challenge. So, do yourself a favor and drop the tunnel vision for a moment and look at your situation objectively. It turns out that I have put together a diagnostic tool for you to use to determine if getting your ex girlfriend is really worth the effort or not. So, if you took the time to download the diagnostic tool above you will notice that there are 29 yes or no questions found there. I did this on purpose so you would come back here and finish reading the rest of this article.
Now, I am a big believer in keeping things simple so here is the most simple way that I can explain this. But how many yes’ will it take for me to recommend to take the path of getting an ex girlfriend back? Well, I say that if you can answer yes to 80% of the questions on that list then I can give you my blessing. 33Why Does My Ex Girlfriend Blame Me For Everything?255Is Your Ex Girlfriend In A Rebound Relationship? My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. She text me a bunch in the last 4 days then yesterday she said sorry and asked if I wanna go get a coffee tomorrow (which is now today). That day went good she seemed to be enjoying herself and we’ve had lots of positive interaction all week. Hey, sorry for my late reply, I never got a response notification in my email and I have literally been combing this site for weeks trying to remember which article I left the comment on.
With everything that’s happening and when she said you should be the one to decide, yes!

Some news, in the meantime she started to send me some pics of places we ve been together and when i didn’t reply a picture of nice loving pet looking like for care, and i din’t reply for another few days and she sent me a message like whats happening to you are you angry at me ?
Text-messaging of course, has become one of the most popular ways for people to keep in touch. In general, a guy will text-message an ex girlfriend for one of two reasons: to hook up sexually, or to try and get back together again. While every text will be different, there are some pretty basic categories when it comes to text-message topics from an ex boyfriend.
You're more likely to receive this message in the hours and days just after the breakup happens, as your boyfriend reaches out for some kind of reaction. If your breakup has gone on for a while now and your boyfriend is asking to come get his things? Of course it's also possible that he's getting over the relationship and finally wants closure. Seeing and talking to you as a friend enables him to always know where you are, and always know what you're doing. And don't think for a single minute that by being friends with your ex you can somehow get close enough to date him again. And if getting your boyfriend to want you back seems hard for you right now, you'll need to make some adjustments. So, in an effort to stay ahead of the game I have decided to implement two new things to EGR.
Most of the time the men who come to this website are super desperate to get their ex girlfriends back and end up spamming them with text messages of their own. Granted, that intent may be buried deep inside and hidden under anger and resentment but it’s still there. Well, the medium level would be if you received something like 8 to 13 text messages after the breakup.
However, I will say that she is more likely to text you during denial, anger and acceptance. And then there is a period of quietness as each party waits for the other to do something or make some apology.
Well, an ex girlfriend who continues to text you like there is nothing wrong and doesn’t seem to stop is probably going to be in the medium level.
I confronted her and she denied it of course but I told her I can’t trust her anymore. I figured it would be a dbag move to keep ignoring her at this point bcuz I figured she was already regretting what she did and the meetup was her idea so I texted her back and accepted her invitation.
This fits perfectly in with the light level since she isn’t going to text you in an over the top manner.
SO you won’t misunderstand each other and you will have a clear no contact if ever you need to do it. I’ve ignored all these messages and never even opened my Internet to see what the dms and tagged post were. I am here for help because in her I see the love of my life, my wife and mother of my children.

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