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According to people outside the hospital, Selena welcomed a baby daughter, whom she named Justina.
Did you know that Gerard Butler has been with the same woman for something like four months? She looks like a cross between Elisabetta Canalis and Mel Gibson’s baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, right?
While filming Playing for Keeps, Gerard became close to the kids in the movie, and realized that the clock is ticking to have his own. I’m not completely rejecting the notion that some men have biological clocks, and that the desire to procreate and have babies at a certain time in one’s life is only a “chick thing.” I’m not saying that at all!
She’s gorgeous, an attribute that will never be used in connection to Canalis or Oksana, FYI. Yeah, the Adam’s apple kind of jumps out and grabs you in the pictures, not to mention the fact that her hands and feet are as big as his. He looks like his most recent round of penicillin may have worked I’ll give him that much.

I hope if true she is more like Colin Firths Italian wife Livia & not a gold digging bimbo model though I fear the latter.
Jokes apart I know many women he’s given false promises about time he gets someone that will rinse & wreck him! Don’t really see him marrying her, he loves his mother too much to hurt her this way.
And would it be better to keep your private life quiet (like you used to) and just take care of business without blabbing things to the world? Actually they’ve been living together since May, although they were keeping it on the downlow for the most part through the summer.
The article that sparked this debate is ridiculous made up trash and I’m surprised Kaiser dignified it with a post. She doesn’t seem like the type who wants to settle down and have a few kids anytime soon. As i see in comments, many people are frustrated and consider that everything is plastic surgery.

His movies are bombs, he’s aged 20 years in the last two, and, now this moron high school drop.
On the other hand, they did live together this summer when he was in Louisiana filming Olympus Has Fallen and it was GB who broke the news when during an interview he buzzed the house with the helicopter he was flying with the reporter inside, supposedly yelling excitedly “There’s Maddie! There isn’t a thread about a model were you are not calling them anorexic, or ugly, or overrated… jealous much? I’ve known men who liked to party when they were young and immature, figured out along the way what they wanted in a real relationship, and ended up with a smart, down-to-earth kind of woman and remained faithful to them.
When her face collapses a few years from so much cosmetic surgery, her anchor brat will be her only source of income, and it won’t be much from how his career is doing.

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