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Every decision I make is based on what will be best for her, and to say she is my top priority even sounds trivial as to how important she is to me. When my daughter's first birthday was approaching, I began to realize that birthdays are just as much about the parents as they are about the child.
If you love these parties ? then you?ll find a THOUSAND more just as creative over on the Tip Junkie Party site! A beloved father and husband died unexpectedly, leaving four amazing children and a wonderful wife behind. I know this isn't a new concept to seasoned parents, but I still consider myself new to this whole "mom" thing.
Now, as my 30th birthday is approaching, I can't help but feel the need to stop and thank my parents for living utterly and entirely for me.
I have caused them to worry, been the reason for many tears, and (hopefully) brought countless smiles to their faces.
It must be the same as when someone says the color red and suddenly it's all you see.) Most of what I've read has had something to do with some sort of bucket list, being "okay" with where you are in life, or learning to embrace every moment.

With touches of silver and gold that you can DIY, and a cute little banner you have the perfect party to celebrate your fav birthday girl! 30 Dessert Table {30th birthday celebration ideas} ~ This Chanel No 5 inspired party is a glamorous and unique way to celebrate ?30?. The beautiful dessert table is decorated with gold sequined backdrop, a tassel garland and exquisite cake stands holding delectable confections. It was created for a 40th Birthday celebration but could be perfect for lots of other parties too, like maybe new years!? Iron & Twine was inspired by a vintage red bike and summer items including a lemonade stand, gingham tablecloth, watermelon and apple pie. It was the ostrich feather plumes, rococo hats, jewels, stunning desserts and divine fabrics that all played a role in creating this decadent Marie Antoinette Inspired Birthday Celebration! It features an illuminated Drive-In sign, Route 66 french fry bags and license plate food labels. The dessert table has every element to plan the perfect party from the camouflage and duck silhouettes to uncle Si?s sweet tea.

I have definitely had those thoughts as well, but none are as overwhelming as how I feel towards my parents on my birthday, after having become a parent myself.
The dessert table displayed delectable sweet treats which included cabbage patch cake balls, tetris rice krispies, 80?s toys cake pops, pop rocks and Cosby chocolate cakes. The post is written in Spanish, but the pictures speak for themselves and give you amazing ideas of how to throw a crossword puzzle.
This party was a Birthday Party Happy Hour for my husband? and after the party? we went to the circus!
It hit me pretty hard, and forced me to take a long, hard look at my own life, and the life I am creating for my daughter. At the memorial service, I was speaking to a parent of another former student describing how, in the last 15 months, my perspective on life has completely changed.

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