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Jeter is playing the last season of his career and made the All-Star Game for the 14th and final time.
Jeter notoriously remained single throughout his playing career so he could focus on his job and play the field without repercussion. Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of the aforementioned girlfriends or their photos I post unless clearly stated otherwise. I know I should be off the computer, and I know I should log off your Tumblr, but I’d like to say a few things first. It's safe to say that Jonathan and Drew Scott of "Property Brothers" had the best night ever last night. Drew Scott, one half of the HGTV duo, uploaded at photo from Hearst's "Upfront" event on Tuesday, showing the two brothers hanging out with the one and only Miranda Kerr.

The event was held to give advertisers and media folk a peek at the upcoming content across the company's brands. But who knew that Jeter’s girlfriend, model Hannah Davis, would also get plenty of love from the cameras? From the pregame show to the introductions to his first at-bat to the time he exited the game before the start of the fourth inning, Jeter was the focus of the Mid-Summer Classic.
There were some rumors last year that the two were engaged after Davis was spotted with a big ring on her finger, but that turned out to be a bunch of nonsense. I find photos all over and If you know where the credit belongs, don't hesitate to drop me a line. And if you don’t recognize her from that, you probably know her as the DirecTV Genie.

There were some rumors that they broke up in February, but if that report was true, it was short-lived; they quickly got back together. Her son Jalen was also at the game and is seen being held by his grandfather in the above photo.

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