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Send this wonderful thought to the man of your dreams to say that you think of him all the time. Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard.
The people who sent the breakup notes below seem to understand that -- and we highly doubt their significant others wanted anything to do with them after reading these little missives. Bearing this in mind, we have trawled the internet and gathered some gifts and ideas that your partner is bound to love.
If you’re after something he can keep for a long time, then why not opt for buying your man something practical that will also let him know how much you care? If your boyfriend has a smart phone – a loved up phone case might be just the gift for him.
If your man doesn’t appreciate overly romantic gifts, you might want to avoid giving him anything to soppy.
OK, mix tapes might bring back memories of days gone by – but that’s why we think they make a great valentine’s day gift! Guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and I am admittedly so confused about presents.
This cute little V’day bath treat has not one but three sections so they can be used in three separate baths to three separate effects.
If your SO is into vintage artwork and poetry, this is a beautiful and simple gift that they can hang on their wall and see daily. If your partner loves jewelry but isn’t into metal, wooden pieces could be the answer.
It gets the job done and allows the dumper to conveniently sidestep all the awkwardness that comes with doing it face-to-face. If you start to weep for humanity, cheer up: it could have been a lot worse -- they could have broken up via text message.

Obviously I am generalising, but what better way to show someone how much you care, than to spend time and effort making a fabulous meal for two? We understand that for the modern working woman, thinking about what to cook, buying the ingredients and then cooking the food isn’t the easiest to fit into our busy schedules.
We came across MerciMan, a company that will engrave any of the products on their site with beautiful French cursive handwriting. You could use the date you met, your wedding anniversary, his pet name perhaps or even a loving message from you to him. Online companies like Ideal Cases enable you to design your own phone case from scratch and they also have a number of templates to choose from. Therefore it is most probably wise to make it a little less soppy and maybe something that he will appreciate too. These little notes of love, and random notes of appreciation from Bread & Jam will help your man feel more loved. Mix Pixie offers a service that allows you to design and upload your own album cover, as well as choosing from their collection of 13million songs to add to your lover’s romantic mix CD. The Corkcicle is freaking awesome and perfect for any couple that enjoys a nice bottle of wine, particularly white. Whether you’ve got a Jacuzzi, a giant bath or a teensy tub, your partner can relax and enjoy this LUSH bomb. Even if you and your SO aren’t big fans of flavored vodkas, this could be a different option for you two to try on a lazy Sunday for brunch or for a late-night party. I think roses are overplayed so I was really excited when i came across this unique, air plant set. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Love hearts, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and lots and lots of pink things are not really the kind of gifts on a mans wish list.

We came across HelloFresh, who offer a solution by creating the recipes, buying the ingredients in the right portions, and then delivering it all to your door.
You can even design “his & hers” cases that make a picture when you join your phones together… aww! Oysters are a widely claimed aphrodisiac, so this cheekily named stout from the Flying Dog Brewery is sure to put a smile on your boyfriends face on Valentine’s Day.
And there will never be another time when it’s appropriate or cool to give your partner towels, so hop on it right now. You can insert your own message or pictures into the frames and hang them anywhere in your home–excellent for a beautiful, sweet surprise on the morning of February 14th. I am super into whites over reds, so this little piece keeping the bottle chilled while I relax and sip? And they just plain seem more considerate of a person’s personality, don’t they? This will take the time and hassle out of creating a lovely meal for your boyfriend leaving you more time to get yourself looking lovely for your romantic evening in. Those of you on a tighter budget can also rest easy, as Hello Fresh are offering you the chance to save ?20 (details can be found here)!
This means you can spend that extra money o more goodies for your lover… Or pocket it, buy some Toblerone, a cheap bottle of rose and rent Bridget Jones’ Diary 3 on Blu Ray when your boyfriend is out of town.

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