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You could buy her a "Key to My Heart" - a silver key kept in a jewelry box with a sweet poem! This image is by Milton Glaser, and was a poster for tenth anniversary of Holocaust Museum.
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MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. For his six month anniversary with his girlfriend Kristen, 26-year-old student and New Yorker Danny made a huge collage of photos of the two of them (they've known each other since middle school). The flyer very quickly went viral -- we stumbled upon it on Reddit -- and Danny said that they've received over 1,000 photos since.
A psychologically troubled novelty supplier is nudged towards a romance with an English woman, all the while being extorted by a phone-sex line run by a crooked mattress salesman, and purchasing stunning amounts of pudding.
We were moving through some rough weather at our 6-month mark; nothing I thought catastrophic. Every relationship lives inside this reality: No matter how charming and wonderful and delicious a catch you surely are, your partner may still choose to leave you. However, when I work with couples, I’m always clear that I can’t know if our work will keep them together. When a relationship ends that you didn’t want to end, it can leave you utterly shattered, cruelly fated to endless sleepless nights agonizing over what went wrong. Rather than wallow in the sickening futility of it all, I’ve adopted this powerful healing practice: I’m finding the gifts in her leaving.

Thank you for helping me remember…that a woman choosing me does not make me more of a man, nor does her choosing to leave make me less of one. Thank you for reminding me…that my sense of self-worth and identity do not come from you or any woman.
Thank you for reminding me of the futility of fear…I see even more clearly now that when we shape our choices around fear, intimacy suffers.
Thank you for reminding me to never take for granted…the delicious gifts of beauty, sensuality, laughter, tenderness, playfulness, adventure and everything else I find delightful about being in the presence of a woman! Thank you on behalf of the next woman…who chooses to dance with me, for she will have a man even more surrendered to love, with a richer heart and an even bigger embrace in which she can dance her wild heart.
Thank you on behalf of the entire planet…because as this rips me open and expands my capacity to hold all of a woman in my love, my capacity to hold the entire world in my love expands, too.
Thank you for not insisting I change to please you…but instead recognizing that who you wanted me to be is not who I deeply desire to be.
Thank you for being so amazing…for holding me, crying with me, reassuring me on the day we said goodbye that life just too often doesn’t make any damn sense. Thank you for shattering the armor around my heart so thoroughly…or unleashing this agony so dreadful that I’ve too long been stuffing deep into my bones where it could only fester and surely one day rise to kill me.
Thank you for helping me feel such pain…that I may have more compassion for others in pain.
Thank you for being an exquisite, extraordinary woman…and giving me the profound thrill of being your dancing partner for this brief, infinitesimally minute flash of time in an infinitely vast and timeless universe. A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan Reeves has survived multiple dark nights of the soul, mystical encounters with pugnacious jungle medicines and many other untold wild and ill-advised adventures around the world that he's learned a great deal from.
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The only problem, he told the Huffington Post in an email, was that he didn't know how he was ever going to top it. The day before the couple's one-year anniversary, Danny and a group of friends plastered flyer below all over New York City.
He called the response "mind blowing" and said that he and Kristen have experienced a "roller coaster of feelings" in the aftermath. And suddenly, she left my world feeling like the Death Star just lasered it to rocky smithereens. All we can do is surrender and trust that life, and love, know what they are doing, even when we don’t. Your leaving stabbed me so deep that this thick, nasty buildup of poison can finally flow free from my body. Of all the possibilities of existence that I could have chosen to experience during those six months, I would not have chosen one goddamn thing different. On it, Danny declared, "I LOVE HER" and told the story of how he and Kristen met and fell in love (she friend zoned him for years). At first Kristen laughed at the photos people took making fun of Danny, but she was pretty psyched the evening of their anniversary when Matt Lauer (Kristen's celebrity crush mentioned in the flyer) tweeted the photo.
I even know in the deep, gritty cracks of my marrow that it doesn’t have to be this way because I’m a man who’s totally willing to grow. I see more clearly today where I can bring softness, kindness and compassion to my inner world, and therefore to the entire world.

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